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 Xuefeng had to admit that his morning that day was very productive and fruitful. Not only did he discover the new way of his and Yiren's connection which they can exploit but he also learned the Queen's name which was Nuwa.

She liked it a lot when he began calling her by her name and he continued to do so to please her. Xuefeng would be leaving to train in the Wisdom Tree space in a bit, so he made sure to satisfy them both properly.

"Uff, Nuwa, you sucked me completely dry..." Xuefeng breathed out deeply while he lay down tired on the bed after coming for the third time this morning. They were exercising non-stop for at least three hours and he could only count on himself today.

He somehow felt awkward when he thought of asking Ling for help in this matter and decided to just try to work with his own abilities. She stayed silent and didn't volunteer to support him, so he could guess what her opinion was.

"Hehe, of course... Yiren and I wanted to have a taste of it with our mouths as well." Nuwa giggled as she gave the last round lick on the head before gathering the bits of thick liquid she had on her face and swallowing it with delight.

For Xuefeng's last burst, the girls decided to share it with each other and gave him double lip service. His action of rubbing their ears turned into a habit for them as Xuefeng made sure to please them too while they serviced him.

"Mom, you still have some left on your cheek, let me help you." Yiren suddenly called out when she realised that her share was already gone, so she decided to attack her mother.

"Hey! It's mine..." Nuwa shouted, but her daughter already threw herself at her and held onto her mother's head while licking her cheek. After she pushed her daughter away, she checked her cheek and realised it was already clean which made her pout.

"You will get it!" Nuwa cried out before she launched towards her daughter and started tickling her. Soon after they both rolled around on the bed, fighting with each other and laughing.

Xuefeng got nothing but positive energy from them, and this scene made him laugh as well. He joined them but then, they grouped up against him and he had no chance to resist.

"Ah, if only I could just stay like this here forever and cuddle with you in my arms..." Xuefeng sighed when they all finally calmed down and he hugged his two beautiful elves into his chest. He knew that there was a lot of killing in the near future planned for him, but with his women to cheer him up afterwards, he thought he could actually do it.

"You can stay here. You don't need to go back. We will take care of you..." Nuwa called out hearing his comment as she kissed him. She wouldn't mind if they could just stay together and do just what he wished for.

"Unfortunately, I have other responsibilities..." Xuefeng sighed before kissing them both on the heads and asked Queen, "Will you do me a favour and prepare what we talked about earlier?"

"Sure. But one hundred thousand spirit stones is for sure not enough. For starters, you will need at least a million, plus you need to provide a lot of Spirit Artefacts to let them know the value of it. If they find out how convenient Storage Artefacts are, they will for sure buy out the store." Hearing that Xuefeng mentioned a serious topic, Nuwa also turned serious and told him what needed to be done.

"Of course, we can't just fill the store with unlimited Spirit Artefacts or they will not be willing to pay much for something this common. We need to make them feel it is super rare. What about the price for Spirit Stones? We can make it one to one in each category. One low tiered Spirit Stone will cost one low tiered Fate Stone. We will do the same with high tiered ones. What do you think?" Nuwa continued with her thoughts, impressing Xuefeng as she went on.

"Well perfect. I would not be able to think of a better plan. Since when did you turn into a businesswoman?" Xuefeng asked as he rubbed Nuwa on the cheek.

"Heh, I already had everything planned and calculated years ago, but I never went along with it. It was too much work for me alone, but if you could help with the supplies, then I think it should be alright." Nuwa giggled as she explained herself.

"Well, for now, I guess you can just start preparing and choose a nice spot to make a shop. I will take care of the Spirit Stones and other stuff when I finish my training. We are not in a huge hurry so you can take your time." Xuefeng decided.

"What can I do for you?" Yiren suddenly asked as she didn't get any tasks.

"Well, didn't I tell you I will take you out with me? With our weird connection, I can't leave you alone here. Just in case I would get hurt, I need to be next to you to heal you afterwards. You can also help me during my travels." Xuefeng responded which made Yiren instantly explode with happiness.

"Yes! I will be good, I promise." Yiren exclaimed right after. She definitely preferred that over any other task he could give her.

"Hey, why does she get to go out and travel with you while I'm staying behind...?" Hearing them, Nuwa couldn't help but fight Xuefeng's unfairness.

Xuefeng expected that and skillfully convinced her, "Listen, I need someone here who can help me gather Fate Stones. You know you are the best person for this task as only you two are the only ones I can trust here. Don't worry, we will all go out together in the future."

"Fine..." Nuwa agreed before she thought of an idea and started pulling him out of the bed, towards the bathroom, "Let's take a shower together before you leave!"

He didn't mind that as he was still kind of sweaty after their morning activities. Without Ling rushing him to do anything, he spent more time with the ladies, playing around with them in the shower.

They ate breakfast that Nuwa prepared afterwards and Xuefeng couldn't help but compliment her the whole time. They didn't want to let him go, but in the end, Xuefeng decided that it was time for him to start his training.

With all knowledge about spells and arts Xuefeng had, all he needed was a long and solid practice. One could not become an expert without training and even Xuefeng with huge shortcuts thanks to Ling couldn't avoid that.

After arriving in the Wisdom Tree cave at the base of the Parent Tree, Xuefeng gave the ladies two kisses before he approached the Wisdom Tree. He didn't need to use the altar this time and instead, the tree just sucked him inside of itself. His body was being inside the tree while his mind was sucked into her space once again.