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 When the ecstasy started lessening, Xuefeng savoured Yiren's lips in a short but strong kiss, before he rolled to the side and breathed deeply once again, saying, "God damn, hu... Yiren that was the best..."

He had to admit that he didn't expect such experience just from a simple connection. They were sharing their emotions which in this case was mostly pleasure and it stacked on top of each other. Xuefeng was happy that the connection was special and it didn't stack indefinitely or else they wouldn't be able to last past the first minutes.

After such intense and satisfying intercourse, Xuefeng wondered if he should actually do anything with their connection or just leave it as it is. He would not mind if he could experience such moments every day.

"Hmmpf..." Just as he contemplated this, he heard the Queen snort. When he looked at her he saw her arms were wrapped under her chest and she looked to the side with her cheeks puffed.

'Fuck...' Only at that time did Xuefeng recall that he ignored the Queen when he felt extremely good from his act with Yiren and completely disregarded her for the next few minutes. At least that's what he thought she was mad about.

He quickly got his strengths back and reached out with his legs, moving closer to her only to envelop her body before looking at her warmly, saying, "My Queen... I'm sorry for ignoring you..."

He thought that this was the reason she was mad, but who would have thought that she would get even angrier at his apology and glare at him while calling out, "Idiot! I'm not talking to you..." before tilting her head to the side once again.

At this point, he was ultimately confused about what he did wrong. Usually, she would forgive him after he apologized but this time his words had a negative effect. He thought he could understand women very well but this situation proved that he didn't have such skills.

Seeing the Queen stayed stubborn no matter what he did, Xuefeng looked towards Yiren to search for support, but Yiren just giggled and avoided his gaze in which way she was clearly telling him that she won't help. He was alone to unravel the mysteries of his woman's mind.

"Hey... Sweety... Don't be mad... Tell me what did I do wrong so I can fix it..." Xuefeng tried one more time asking with a gentle smile on his face while rubbing Queen's cheeks. He also started kissing her on the neck, but that also didn't work. She acted as if she was waiting for him to do something or for him to say the words she was waiting for.

'Ling... help... You are also a woman. Why is she mad?' Having no options left, Xuefeng reached out to the only woman out there left, Ling.

'Do you want me to get mad at you as well?' She replied by asking coldly.

'Come on, pleeease! If you help me I will give you many hugs in exchange!' Xuefeng called out in desperation. Xuefeng could feel that the Queen was getting more annoyed with each second at him and he needed a quick help.

'I don't need your hugs... Idiot...' Ling said quietly before finally giving Xuefeng a hint, 'Just analyze what you said to her earlier that made her pout. I'm not going to help you more or you will never learn.'

'Hmm, last question... 'My Queen, I'm sorry for ignoring you' is what I said... What is wrong with that? She shouldn't be this mad for me ignoring her so the only left is... Me calling her my Queen! Fuck, I'm so dumb... Of course, she would be mad if I called her by her title all the time while being more intimate with Yiren...' Xuefeng thought about it for a second and finally realised what his mistake was this whole time.

He already discovered earlier that he didn't know Queen's name but somehow it slipped away from his mind. But that can't be only his fault, right? She never mentioned it to him in the first place.

'Thank you Ling! I will give you a great hug later!' Xuefeng called out happily in his mind before returning with his attention back to the Queen.

'... Idiot...' This was Ling's only reply but she didn't send it to Xuefeng and kept it to herself. She was actually looking forward to such a hug for a moment, which forced her to shake her head to stop her thoughts.

Xuefeng leaned over and planted a kiss on Queen's lips and asked, "Hey... How about I call you by your name as well?"

Only after he said that, did the Queen finally react and turn towards him while opening her eyes to look at him. She was still not happy as her smile didn't return to her face but at least he achieved some progress of gaining her attention.

"How are you going to call me?" The Queen asked, causing Xuefeng to not know what to say. She knew that he didn't know her name but she still teased him.

"Dear, will you tell me your name? I would love to be more intimate with you but you never told me your name." Xuefeng rubbed Queen's cheeks and asked with a gentle smile, trying not to make her angry once again. He knew it was kind of his fault for not asking earlier, but there was no method to turn back in time.

The Queen decided to punish him a bit and asked while glaring at him, "Oh, now you want to know my name? Why didn't you ask me all this time?"

"Okay, you can glare at me all you want, but that will not help. I am sorry that I didn't ask earlier but I just didn't find the right chance. You can't put the whole responsibility on me...'' Xuefeng knew it was partially his fault but that didn't mean he would accept the whole blame.

"Will you tell me now or you want me to wait in pain and embarrassment for a while longer?" Xuefeng asked in the end after giving the Queen a kiss.

The Queen finally smiled as she commented, "That's not a bad idea..." then she looked down and said quietly, "...You can call me Nuwa."

"Nuwa... Nuwa..." Xuefeng repeated the name out loud before he lifted her chin and called her by her name for the first time which caused her to blush.

"You don't need to call me this many times... One is enough... " The Queen complained shyly, having her name finally said by her lover, she then asked while looking at him in the eyes, "Do you like it?"

"I like it. I will call you Nuwa from now on." Xuefeng nodded and kissed her once again while deciding.

"Okay... I would love if you did..." Nuwa felt warm in her chest hearing her name repeated over and over by Xuefeng.

She reached out towards Xuefeng's friend who was still standing on attention and asked with a smirk while moving her hand up and down, "How about we celebrate?"

"Haha, you will not lose a chance, will you? Come here." Xuefeng laughed hearing her and slapped her butt before moving behind her. He knew this would happen so he already prepared himself. His staff was already very well lubricated with Yiren's love juices, so when he grabbed Queen's butt and aimed in between of her crevice, he slid right inside her without any problems.