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 When Xuefeng woke up, he was surprised to see that the ladies were still sleeping and not being naughty as usual. He thought they would as usual, attack his innocent soldier who was standing at attention every morning but instead, they were lying peacefully with their heads on his chest, both occupying their own half of his body.

Even if he wanted to move right now, he couldn't as their legs were wrapped around his thighs, causing him to be unable to move without waking them up. He was kind of let down, as he already got used to his morning bed activities and didn't want them to end. His lack of mood yesterday night was over and he wouldn't mind some skin to skin fun.

His libido was back to normal and having two naked beautiful elves laying on top of him didn't help to stop his urges. He started rubbing their backs gently, feeling their fair skin and began massaging lower and lower until he reached their perky bottoms. Fortunately for him, his arms were long enough to reach that far.

Xuefeng was even more shocked that after a few minutes of kneading their butts with his hands, they were still soundly asleep. He tried to be subtle and wake them up for some fun with gentle touches, but they didn't cooperate with him. Even after using more strength and squeezing to his heart content they were still acting the same.

'Are they pretending?' Xuefeng asked himself as that was the only thing that came to mind. They were never acting like this before so he decided to test them.

Xuefeng let go of their butts and kissed them on the forehead while rubbing their cheeks, waiting for any reaction. He smiled wickedly when he felt Yiren lean over his hand on instinct like she always does and when he saw a small curve at the end of her lips which she quickly retracted.

'Aha! I knew it. I don't know what game are you guys playing but I'm going to play along.' Xuefeng smiled playfully planning to take action when he suddenly felt Yiren move her finger on his chest. She started slowly drawing something with her nail and Xuefeng quickly realised that it was a symbol.

'Do... Me... First...' The symbols of three words Yiren has written were in the same language as the outside world uses allowing Xuefeng to read them, but then he asked himself confused, 'What are they playing...? Oh well, I guess I will just follow her commands.'

Xuefeng smiled evilly as he threw the quilt to the side, exposing their naked bodies before he gently flipped them to onto their backs so he can get out of their embrace. He knew that they were not sleeping so he didn't hesitate to do as he pleased.

He sat across Yiren's chest and sandwiched his erected friend between her ample bosom after he used his saliva to make it slide in and out nicely. To make his hands free, he picked up Yiren's hands and allowed her to hold her breasts in place, which enabled him to rub the Queen's peaks at the same time.

He wanted to satisfy both of them before he leaves to train inside Wisdom Tree space, as he didn't get to do so yesterday. Pulling Yiren's head towards him, the end of his staff started poking onto her lips which soon parted with her tongue beginning to lick around it.

At this point, there was no way they were both asleep and it was confirmed definitely when the Queen opened her eyes and cried out, "It's not fair when he knows we are not sleeping! You are cheating!"

"He chose me first anyway, hehe... Mhmm..." Yiren stopped sucking and giggled at her mother's reaction before she continued to lick with her tongue. Taking it deeper into her mouth while moving with her breasts on the shaft, she couldn't help but moan to tease her mother more.

"What game were you playing anyway?" Xuefeng asked curiously, seeing that the Queen was pouting.

"We were betting who you will pick first for your morning 'training'... But we were supposed to be pretending to be asleep the whole time but she cheated!" The Queen explained and before she looked at her daughter with a betrayed look.

"Haha, come here." Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh at their bet and pull the Queen into his arms to give her a juicy morning kiss. She was not the one to reject and quickly forgot about her daughter's betrayal while battling with Xuefeng's tongue.

After satisfying Queen for a moment, Xuefeng pulled out his staff from Yiren's mouth and moved down towards her waist, Xuefeng found the second entrance that he was interested in. He played around it a bit and feeling that she was already wet, he slid the whole thing inside her down to the base causing Yiren to cry out, "Aaaah, so deep..."

Xuefeng was surprised that he entered this easily but then he realised that with their connection, she felt the same pleasure as he did. Giving him nice lip service, she was actually pleasuring herself at the same time. While thrusting with his hips he turned towards the Queen who was watching them jealousy and said, "Listen, I have a job for you."

"What job?" The Queen asked excitedly, hearing she can do something for him.

"I want you to prepare a shop here in which you will start selling Spirit Stones and Spirit Artefacts in exchange for Fate Stones," Xuefeng went straight to the point. He already planned that earlier but didn't have sufficient capital. Now that he will be soon leaving the clan to hunt for some Fate Fragments, he can earn a lot of wealth through beast hunting as well.

"You know that you will have to provide an enormous amount of Spirit Stones for this to work?" The Queen asked seriously hearing his task. She knew how much as she herself was planning to do that years ago but her plan didn't work out.

"Yes, I know. I will be gathering a lot in the near future so you can already start preparations. We can start slowly and put a limit for each person to buy. I have more or less one hundred thousand low tiered Spirit Stones with me. But I will get more in the fut... Aahh..." Xuefeng assured here while telling her the details but suddenly he started to feel more and more pleasure and couldn't help but moan.

It was quite unusual for him to moan this early into their act, but it was too much for him to handle. Their connection was not only transmitting his emotions onto her but also Yiren's onto him. They both could feel double the pleasure, which was very unusual for him.

Yesterday in the pool when he was rubbing Yiren's ears, he could also feel her enjoyment, but it was not as intense for him to be overwhelmed. Recalling Queen's reaction when he started touching her pointy ears during their moment, Xuefeng wondered how that actually felt.

When that thought entered his mind he couldn't just let it escape and decided to test his theory out on Yiren. He turned towards the Queen who was ready to continue their conversation and said, "Wait a moment..." before he lied down on Yiren, kissing her.

She happily accepted his kiss without knowing what would happen next and wrapped her hands around his neck to keep him with her longer. She didn't think that Xuefeng would suddenly do something that made her eyes open wide and cry out in pleasure before losing breath for a while.

When Xuefeng began rubbing her ears, she was not the only one that went nuts but also he had problems. At first, he felt as if his brain exploded leaving the insides blank. Then, when he thought his thinking was back, he felt hot all around his body causing him to have troubles breathing. Only after did the insane pleasure kick in which was almost unbelievable.

"Ahh, more, more... Ahh..." Yiren cried out while taking large mouthfuls of air when Xuefeng pulled away from her mouth before she leaned over once more to taste his amazing kisses.

In connection to his constant thrusts with his hips, Xuefeng resumed rubbing her ears and received repeated waves of heat into his body. He danced with his tongue in her mouth with the last bits of his focus and in about three minutes later, he burst right inside of her without any warning.

"Fuck, hu... hu... It felt so good..." Xuefeng cursed as he lied down on top of Yiren breathing heavily. She was not any better than him as she also came at the same time he did.