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 "Hey, what is going on with you? You were out for more than five minutes. Did something happen?" The moment Xuefeng opened his eyes, he heard Queen grab him by the cheeks and ask while looking him in the eyes.

"It was nothing. Don't worry, I am fine. By the way, how come we back in the bedroom?" Xuefeng forced a smile showing that he was alright and looked around his surroundings realising they were already back in their room.

When one split his consciousness and leave his body, he needs to be sure that he has someone to take care of his body as he can't feel what is going on outside. Just like now, they must have picked him up and carried him into the bedroom.

"Then is alright. We were kind of worried as you were out for this long so we took you back. Don't worry, no one has seen you while we were walking back. We were careful to dodge everyone. No one has seen your manly friend..." The girls sighed in relief and assured him. The Queen was even more specific as she poked Xuefeng staff with a smile. From the way she looked at it, Queen looked like she wanted more of it.

"Cough, how about we eat something before we do anything?" Xuefeng retreated a bit deeper into the bed as he coughed awkwardly and asked. He somehow lost the mood for any games with the ladies after his visit to Ling space.

"Hehe, I knew you will say something like that so we passed by the kitchen and grabbed some food before we came here. Open your mouth..." The Queen reached out to the nightstand and picked a wooden tray full of snacks before she used chopsticks to pick one.

Just as Xuefeng opened his mouth, the Queen purposedly dropped the snack onto his chest, saying, "Oops... Don't worry, I will pick it up..." before she grabbed it with her teeth and used her mouth to deliver the meal. Of course, the situation led to a passionate kiss, but Xuefeng realised that something was missing and it was his fault.

He was missing his mind as his thoughts were still about Ling who was forever alone with no one she can lean on. Xuefeng knew that she was just pretending to be cold and calm while hiding her true feelings. The truth was that she wanted to experience love and all those emotions connected to it just like any other women but something was holding her back.

"There is something wrong with you right now. You are not telling us everything... What is on your mind?" If Xuefeng could notice that something was amiss then it would be strange if the Queen could not notice. Her senses were even sharper than his so she instantly realised that Xuefeng wasn't giving it his all.

"Nothing important... I lost the mood to play around tonight now. Can we just eat normally before going back to sleep? We can cuddle for a moment instead what do you think?" Xuefeng told the truth as he didn't think he would be able to focus fully on them tonight.

"Can we still feed you?" Yiren lay next to him and asked cutely with her own chopstick raised. She didn't mind that she would have to wait for her turn as long as she could stay next to Xuefeng and do things for him.

"Of course, I would love that from you. Mhmm, It's yummy." Seeing her begging eyes, there was no way Xuefeng could say no to her. He let her put a snack in his mouth and as usual, it was amazing in taste. The food from five-star restaurants on Earth or even Golden Phoenix near his clan couldn't compare at all to the food of elves.

"Have one too." Xuefeng picked one snack with his fingers and put it inside Yiren mouth. She ate it happily and just as Xuefeng started retracting his fingers, she caught his hands and started licking his two fingers too.

"Hmmpf..." Seeing this, the Queen could not wait to show her dissatisfaction and pouted, demanding a fair distribution of food. Xuefeng smiled at her reaction and gave her one as well. The Queen, of course, repeated her daughter's actions of licking as she didn't want to be any worse than her and Xuefeng couldn't help but cheer up from their efforts.

In the end, their whole feeding Xuefeng game turned out to be just him serving them as he got the least amounts of snacks. He did not mind that though as at least his mood returned and he could look at the situation he had with Ling from the other perspective. He wanted to help her fight her loneliness, but other than being with her and visiting her more often, he couldn't find any option he could do in the near future.

Unfortunately, if she didn't want his help, then the effort he made would be for nothing. After the ladies cuddled into his chest for sleep and he pulled her quilt on top them three, he decided on his future plans.

'Ling, I know you can hear me. Even if you tell me to not worry about you, I will still try to make your life more enjoyable. Even if you don't allow me to enter your space, I will grow stronger and reach Fate God stage, so you can join us in our travels. You will not be alone ever again.' Xuefeng thought in his mind and sent his message to Ling.

After not hearing any answer, Xuefeng didn't mind as he was sure that she heard him. He held onto the pair of mother and daughter even tighter, entering into dreamland with a sense of peace in his mind.

Inside Ling space, she was still sitting on her throne, but after hearing Xuefeng message, a rare smile once again appeared on her face. She wasn't disgusted as she was with her first Fate Holder promise as she knew Xuefeng was different.

"We shall see then... Hope you keep your promise..." Ling said to herself deep down happy with his statement.