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 "No! Don't go. Let's stay like this for a little while longer..." Before Xuefeng could stand up, Ling reached out to stop him and sat him down behind her so she could lean over his chest. For so many years, she was always alone, closed in her own space, without any physical touch with anyone and it was Xuefeng who made the first moves to break it.

She didn't like the perverted side of Xuefeng, but she couldn't say a bad word about him other than that. He was caring towards his women, like a true gentleman and she had to give him a big plus for that.

"I thought you didn't like it if someone touches you." Xuefeng listened to her and sat behind her on the stairs and wrapped his hands around her. She allowed him to do so and enjoyed his warmth. Even if they were in their spirit forms, with the help of Ling's space, Xuefeng could materialize as if it was his own body with all basic functions.

Ling found a most comfortable spot inside Xuefeng's arms and even tilted her head to the side to rub her cheeks on his chest before replying while trying to hide her smile, "I don't hate it..."

It was actually her first time feeling that someone actually cared for her and she wanted to stay like this for a moment before she returns to being her usual self. She knew that Xuefeng needed a strict trainer, else he would definitely slack, but she wanted to have at least this one minute of warmth as she had never gotten one in thousands of years.

The closest she has been so far in her existence was with Thunder Goddess which was treating her just like a dear friend, but even they didn't hug each other like this. Thunder Goddess respected her too much like a master to close their relationship this much.

"You know that I am complaining because I want you to succeed, right? I actually see the chances of you becoming a great person after observing how are you doing so far... Your path not only consists of cultivation but you are also destined as a Fate Holder to do some very important and dangerous things. If you are not strong enough by the time you enter the Heaven Realm, then you will end up just like Thunder Goddess..." Ling sighed and explained her previous behaviour while changing Xuefeng's hands only her belly instead.

Previously, she was holding her legs next to her chest but now she released them allowing Xuefeng to hug her wholeheartedly this time. He could feel her ample bosom gently falling on his forearm and her cold hands underneath his.

"I know... I'm sorry I lashed out at you but I just think like life with only training and cultivation in it is not fun at all. If you can't share your happiness with anyone then what's the point of the cultivation?" Xuefeng apologised as well but also added his personal opinion which Ling was thinking through for a while.

"Hmm, I guess there is some truth in what you said, but... You are not lucky enough to have such a life. There is one assassin still waiting to strike and kill you at any second and a lot of promises that you need to fulfil. Don't you think it will hard for you to do that if you are not training hard?" Ling turned to look at him and asked with an unusual gentle smile. Xuefeng was dazed for a moment not expecting her to look this pretty.

"You have a very nice smile..." Xuefeng called out, praising while staring at her. He didn't expect that this act would cause Ling's smile to disappear as if it was never there, with her everyday cold face returning.

Ling nudged him to release her from his arms as she said sternly with her old tone, "Let go of me, our conversation is done. We shouldn't have done anything like that in the first place. I already had the taste of your warmth and now I should be good for the next hundreds of years."

"Hey, what did I say wrong? I won't let you go until you tell me. Is me praising you this bad?" Xuefeng hugged Ling tighter and asked confused. She suddenly turned back to her old self without any warning and wanted him to think nothing out of it?

"I think you forgot whose this space is..." Ling called out before she vanished from his arms and appeared back on the throne, sitting with her legs on one another.

"Sigh..." Xuefeng stood up, sighing and looked towards her, demanding an explanation.

"We can't be together and we can't love each other. Your praises are unnecessary. I told you. It is a taboo of my race and I don't plan to be the one to break it. We are meant to serve mankind and even after you die, I will continue to do so. I live forever, but you don't..." Ling explained while turning her head away from him, not looking him in the eyes.

"Fine... You can send me away." Xuefeng answered frustrated. He definitely preferred the version of Ling who was cute and wanted his hugs, instead of a cold, strict Ling.

"Yes, your women are waiting for you. Have fun..." Ling nodded and waved her hand, sending him away before he could even hear her last word. Just as he disappeared, her cold neutral face turned into a sad one and a single teardrop fell on her cheek.

She quickly wiped it away and changed her position by hugging her legs with her head propped on her knees. Ling looked around the empty palace and sighed deeply.

"It is better this way... We can't be together..." Ling tried to convince herself that what she did was good for her, but every other second she was recalling his warm embrace and couldn't help but lose herself in her dreams.