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 Ling's eyes opened wide from surprise and she immediately pushed Xuefeng away before she proceeded to wipe her lips multiple times. Her face expression started changing from surprise through frustration, only to end up back in anger.

"Why did you do that!? You... You...!" Ling shouted loudly before she started poking Xuefeng on the chest with her finger, trying to think of a term to call his shamelessness. If she knew that her holder was such big of a pervert she would have never bother fighting with him like that.

"Hahaha, you called me a pervert so I just acted like you portrait me. By the way, I did not expect your lips to be this soft. What are you using to make them so tender?" Xuefeng laughed after seeing her angry reaction from his little teasing move and couldn't help but add more coal to the fire.

"Shameless! You are not allowed to do that ever again! Do you hear me?!" Ling reaction for his additional teasing words didn't change and she still angrily poked him with her finger as if she tried to create a hole there.

"Why? You are so beautiful... Can't I be your man? We will stay together forever anyway..." Feeling he can't get enough of her, Xuefeng held onto Ling's hand and continued his games with her. He was already in a playful mood so he didn't need to force himself.

As someone from Earth, he didn't have any concepts of spirits engraved in his mind, so when he first saw Ling for the first time, he was treating her as another human being from that time. Most Fate Fragment Holders have had a different attitude towards their fragments because they approached them more as a tool to get stronger, rather than a friend or partner.

Hearing his words and his warm touch on her hands, she blushed immediately, before crying out while crouching down on the floor with her hands covering her face, "Aaaargh, no, no, no... We can't! It's against the rules! It is a taboo of my race! Fate spirits can't feel love towards their holders... How did our conversation go in this direction..."

Ling's previous alpha position crumbled as she finally behaved more like the female she is rather than having an almighty queen aura around her. Ling was like a small mouse that was caught in the trap and didn't know how to save herself.

Years ago she was met with the same situation when a male holder tried to touch her but she didn't hesitate to beat him up immediately at that time, before kicking him out of her space. She wondered why she didn't repeat the same with Xuefeng when he kissed her or when he grabbed her hand. It was definitely not her normal reaction.

'What is going on with meeee...' Ling cried out in her mind not knowing what was happening.

The only explanation she could think of was because of Xuefeng's normal approach towards her. She never felt as if he was talking to something unrealistic like a spiritual being but rather a human, which she greatly appreciated. It didn't change her opinion that he was a pervert though.

"Why is it against the rules? Is this a taboo too? " Xuefeng crouched behind her and hugged her before asking playfully. He wanted to push her further seeing how differently she acted. If he was successful, she would never complain this much to him.

"Buuhuuu... You bully me again..! You are the same as he was..." Ling cried out as sat down while hugging her legs onto her chest. She was leaning over his chest but she didn't push him away anymore.

"Who is 'he' you are talking about? I thought that your previous holder was the Thunder Goddess." Xuefeng frowned hearing her compare him to someone else he didn't even know.

"... I only had two male holders... My first one and you... He was an even bigger pervert than you are and when he saw me, he wanted to provide me with enough Fate Qi for me to reach Fate God stage before... using my body for his needs as he wishes. It was the stage that was allowing spirits to materialize in the real world. I'm talking about acquiring a real body. When I absorbed more Fate Stones, I started recalling all those details and now I know why I stopped choosing male holders since that time..." Ling was hesitant for a moment but answered his question.

"Oh, he didn't succeed, right?" Xuefeng felt bad, hearing that Ling was comparing him to such a person. He would never do the same... and even if he did, he would definitely leave Ling a free will.

"No, fortunately, he was killed miles before his goal and I was freed. Since then I was only choosing female holders. It has been thousands of years already and you are my second... If Thunder Goddess didn't need a male to save her, I would definitely choose another female..." Ling shook her head and explained. She was already feeling warm from being in Xuefeng embrace for this long and she forgot that he was still holding onto her.

"Auch, you are hurting me... I also think it is good that you can become a human once we gather enough Fate Qi. Isn't that great? Don't you want that too?" Xuefeng pretended feeling pain from her words and asked.

Ling lowered her head even more, almost hiding it between her legs and said quietly, "I want it... but If I am going to be used just like you do your women then I would rather not... Aren't I just a tool to get stronger? Why even bother to talk to me nicely..."

She was in a complete opposite state to her usual cold self as if all this time she was hiding behind a mask. Her life was completely different than what Xuefeng thought as she was rarely treated like a human.

"I would never do anything to you if you were not willing. You are not a tool. All I can see is a beautiful woman who deserves a man who can take care of her, just like any other women." Xuefeng hugged Ling tighter and cheered her up without teasing her anymore.

"Then why are you rubbing my legs right now...?" Ling asked suddenly, as she lifted her head and looked at his hand that was lying on her thigh.

"Cough, cough... Just an accident..." Xuefeng coughed and took his hand away embarrassedly before standing up.