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 Meanwhile back in the Hot Pool inside the Elf Palace, Xuefeng and the ladies were out of the pool, wiping their bodies from the excess water. They could, of course, do so with the help of either Fire Qi, Air Qi or even Water Qi, by manipulating the water drops, but the ladies insisted on the manual work this time.

"Let me help you..." The Queen approached him with a pair of soft towels and without waiting for his answer she started wiping off of him. He was not new to such an experience but it was the first time the Queen was so attentive towards him. He didn't know why but he liked it anyway, so he didn't delve deeper and accepted her care.

"Your skin is so dry after staying in the water for so long. We will need to apply some natural oils on you tonight or it will turn tough and it will lose its tenderness. We elves are used to humidity and water so our skin is safe even after a few hours inside the water but yours seems to still be human. " The Queen touched his ridged skin in a worried expression as she meticulously wiped each drop.

Yiren also started helping her mother but didn't speak as she allowed her mother to have her moment with Xuefeng. She was happy that her mother was finally opening to Xuefeng. She was not selfish and wanted a situation where all three of them are happy together.

"Don't worry about me. I was just about to use my regeneration ability to repair my skin," Xuefeng called out feeling there was no need as he could just quickly fix it but the Queen stopped him by pulling his arm and cried, "No! You can't waste so much Fate Qi on such a trivial thing!"

The Queen forced Xuefeng to sit down and allow her to dry his hair as if a mother was taking care of her child. The only additional feature was that Queen's chest was glued onto his back giving an extra soft sensation.

"We can also give him a nice massage. Xuefeng worked really hard today. He deserves some relax as well." Yiren added from the side feeling Xuefeng arms.

"Yeah! I also thought that as well! Let's go upstairs and we will make you one right now!" The Queen instantly approved her daughter's idea and swiftly stood up, pulling Xuefeng's arm excitedly.

Before Xuefeng could reply, Ling sneered inside of his mind complaining, 'Pfft, work hard my ass... Who is having two naked beauties next to him while seriously training and even having sexual intercourse with them midway? Never heard of a pervert like that for as long as I have live...'

'Hey, I'm not a pervert! ... Even if only a little bit, I did my best to train this whole time. You always complain but never motivate me. We should be working as a team, but you only nag me...' Ling's remark didn't fly past Xuefeng's head and it actually triggered him, which made him fight back in his mind.

Xuefeng agreed to follow her training but that's what he was actually doing, but she was still adding unnecessary remarks that were not making him happy at all. When he reached the last point he suddenly thought of something else that might be the reason and asked her, '...Or maybe you are jealous? Should I give you similar, special attention as well?'

He didn't hear her answer, so he thought she gave up arguing with him, but then, he felt a strong suction force her the crystal, that was forcing him to split his mind and enter it.

"Wait for a moment..." Xuefeng threw a quick notification to the ladies before his eyes shut and he allowed himself to be pulled into Ling's space. When he opened his eyes, he realised he was already inside the palace he once visited earlier with Xiao Wen and her Fate fragment Lang.

Looking around, he spotted Ling sitting on her throne on the other side of the hall and saw her glaring at him without blinking. It was without saying that Xuefeng made her angry with his talk earlier, but he wasn't too scared to face her and walked forward towards her.

Walking through the hall, he noticed that the nice columns which were supporting the ceiling were much more finished but still had a lot of spots that had missing details. Xuefeng has never seen the symbols which Ling carved on them but he could feel a weird connection with the six of them as he walked.

He suspected that they were connected to the respective nine elements but he couldn't guess why Ling was making them. Checking her out from up close when he approached near, she was still a cold beauty, with the only exception of a frown appearing this time.

"Do you have anything to say?" Ling asked sternly as she stared at Xuefeng with her cold eyes. She was sitting with her legs placed one on top of another, with her white dress and style not changing from Xuefeng's last visit.

"Are you going to sit up there on the throne while talking to me? Should I call you Queen Ling, then?" Xuefeng folded his arms across his chest as he looked at Ling and asked sarcastically without going up the platform where the Throne was placed. He didn't like her high and mighty persona towards him, so he protested.

Ling's eyebrow twitched from his comment but in the end, she stood up, showing off her slender legs and walked down the stairs before halting in front of him. Their faces were barely twenty centimetres away from each other and Ling stared into Xuefeng eyes without blinking.

There was a hidden tension between them but Xuefeng didn't give up and stared back at her, slowly closing in towards her face. It wasn't a battle who could stare longer but a battle to assert dominance in their unusual relationship. As one of the top ten strongest Fate Fragments, Ling would be very rad to be the one in control.

After a few seconds, they were so close that their noses were almost touching, but Xuefeng didn't see Ling giving up, as if she wasn't bothered by his presence.

'You act tough huh? Let me show you how bold a pervert as you called me can be...' Xuefeng thought in his mind thinking of the daring plan and decided to put it into action.

They were so close to each other that it would be impossible for Ling to dodge if he wanted to do anything. Giving Ling one last look Xuefeng suddenly moved forward and closed the last centimetres that were dividing them. Their lips touched and finally, Ling showed some emotions on her face.