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 Of course, such a suggestion definitely wouldn't work on the already frustrated Seven Beasts and only could make him even more hostile. That's what exactly happened when giant Brown Bear heard Pio's calm words. He roared at him and once again charged at Pio's body before biting with its sharp teeth.

In the last moment instead of using its teeth, the bear decided to swallow Pio whole. He knew that the story would repeat itself otherwise. Unfortunately, Pio turned into stardust even before the danger arrived and Seven Beasts ate nothing else but stardust.

At the same time, before the bear finished his attack, Pio appeared once again behind him but this time he was not standing idle. Pio's two fingers shone and he immediately struck towards the bear hind leg joint. He barely tapped the hairy legs with the tips of his fingers, but it sounded as if a bullet was shot right through with blood and muscle fibre bursting out on the opposite end.

The Seven Beasts couldn't help but whimper from pain before running away a few meters. The body of a bear started shrinking and quickly turned back into the human version of a Seven Beasts. He cursed under his breath as he limped on his bloody leg and popped a healing pill into his mouth.

"Fuck...!" Seven Beasts looked at his leg and noticed a two-centimetre wide hole inside of his knee and could not help but curse again. To make the situation worse, he saw Pio vanishing once again and he knew that the jokes were over.

Earlier when he was issuing the challenge he didn't think that a kid who just arrived in the Central Region had such mastery over his ability already. Most new Fate Fragment Holders were still low on Fate Qi when they arrived here, so even if they had an overpowered ability, it would be hard for them to use it all the time.

Seven Beasts believed that if he can prolong the battle for as long as he can, Pio will be forced to cancel his ability. With such a large range of coverage, it was bound to waste a lot of his Fate Qi.

Seven Beasts was used to only fighting with his beasts transformations as they didn't use too much of his Fate Qi but against unknown rookie Pio, he had to use all he had. It was hard to absorb Elemental Qi but thinking that Pio could strike at any second he had to act immediately.

Before Pio could spawn next to him, he reached out with his hands and blew the stardust away from him. His last second thought turned out to be right on point as Pio could only create his body out of the Stardust he released in the air.

"Haha, I learned your fragment weakness! You can't win anymore!" Seeing that Pio appeared about ten meters away from him within the bits of stardust that he blew away, Seven Beasts couldn't help but cry out in laughter.

Not wasting any time, he started transforming once more without worrying about his injured leg. His arms started gaining feathers as they turned into huge black wings while his mouth changed into a short and sharp beak. In seconds, a huge black eagle appeared on the stage and didn't hesitate to fly into the air.

"Scriii, Scriii!" The eagle cried as it began making wind with its wings, pushing the dust even further away from their battle. Just as he wanted to cry again in a satisfied manner from his successful move, Pio reached out into the sky. The stardust that was being pushed away suddenly stopped and made a one hundred and eighty degrees turn, flying back towards Pio's hand before turning into a star-shaped crystal once again.

Pio already gave his opponent a chance to surrender and Seven Beasts didn't take it, so he wouldn't show mercy to him. If Pio showed weakness in the form of asking the man to surrender once again, he wouldn't find a feeling of peace anymore with hundreds of challenges waiting for him.

In this world, there was no such thing as being low key. If you didn't show your strength and hide, you will gain even more attention than if you were public about it.

Watching Pio put back the crystal into his forehead which turned back into a star-shaped mark, the black eagle cried once again happily before beginning to strike with long-ranged air attacks. With each swing of its wings, sharp air Qi blades were constantly being sent towards Pio who still didn't show any signs of losing his composure.

"Stars are light and light is everywhere..." Pio muttered under his breath before he once again turned into pearl-white stardust just as the Air Qi blades were about to land on him and he appeared in the sky just a meter above the black eagle.

Landing on its back, he aimed at both of its wings before blasting two bloody holes inside of them.

"Shrieeek!" The black eagle cried from the painful hit and without his wings supporting him in the air, they quickly started to fall only to crush to the ground.

"Crack!" After a loud bang with the sound of bones crushing, everyone saw Pio crouching on the Seven Beasts' body with his two fingers aimed at the back of Seven Beasts' head. The fall from this little bit of height wouldn't kill the sturdy body of the veteran, so the battle was technically not over, but when the referee saw the situation, he made the early decision.

"The battle is over! The winner is the Star Shaper Fragment rookie!" The referee called out happily, not a bit worried that the arena lost a lot of Fate Stones with Pio's win because of him.

Hearing the verdict, Pio stood up from the Seven Beasts back before walking up to the referee. He didn't even look a bit tired and no one would have believed he just ended a fight if they weren't watching.

"Boy, good job. Tell me, which ability you want to take away from him? You can choose from all seven transformation types..." The referee praised Pio before looking at the Seven Beast who was struggling to stand up from the ground and asked a question. Before he could end though, Pio stopped him and said, "I don't really care about those. How about Sir chooses the best one and give me more Fate Stones in exchange?"

"Haha, I like you! Let's do as you wish. I will add the bonus Fate Stones to your winnings." The Referee laughed and jumped from the platform outside the stage, straight next to the Seven Beasts.

"I guess, your new nickname should be called Six Beasts from now on, hehe." The Referee patted the defeated man, who barely stood up, on the shoulder as he teased him.

"Just do it..." The Seven Beasts called out as he gritted his teeth, cutting short the small talk with this evil man. He knew he can't escape from him, so he wanted to have this over with.

"Haha, then don't mind me if I do." The playful referee laughed for the last time before his face turned serious and his right-hand struck the Seven Beasts into his abdomen.