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 "The Water Element is special as it has similarities to, for example, the Earth Element or other elements like fire. You can either control the water while using your stored Water Qi or transform Water Qi into normal water as you do with the Fire Qi. Most Elements works in similar ways so it is not hard to figure that out" The Queen started explaining while still sitting on Xuefeng's lap as she refused to leave, claiming it as her spot.

Xuefeng could only smile at her change and listened to her as he wanted to focus on his training and not fool around. He didn't quite mind in what position they were in, as long as they were progressing with their training.

"If you create the water instead of manipulating the existing one, your attack will for sure be less powerful compared to doing it the other way. This is also why a Water Element user fighting near a water source, has a lot better chances of winning. He doesn't need to waste his Water Qi on the creation of the water as its already there and can focus on strengthening it instead. Did you get that?" The Queen continued, speaking slowly, worried that Xuefeng won't understand and even asked for confirmation.

"Yes my Queen, don't worry. I listen to you carefully. I actually have a question. So if I know all elements, I'm basically fine, wherever I fight?" Xuefeng nodded while poking Queen's nose playfully and asked, to confirm that he was listening.

"I was just about to tell you about it. Yes, it makes you much more powerful as you can use your surroundings to your advantage, but that does not mean that you can win every battle in the forest using only Earth Qi. You need to know which element you should use at what situations and predict the next moves of your opponent. Each fight can be decided in a few seconds if you make the right decision or a bad one." The Queen didn't mind his teasing and continued.

"Okay, I understand. I guess I need to learn both ways. Let's start with the first one. It works the same as with Fire Element, right?" Xuefeng asked as he signalled that he wanted to stand up with a few light pats on the Queen's butt.

"Yes, each Elemental Qi has their own characteristics and they are easily shaped into their respective equivalent in nature. Create a ball of water on top of your palm just like you are forming a fireball before shooting it out... Is something wrong?" The Queen agreed before she asked after Xuefeng started looking at her weirdly.

"You will have to stand up if you want me to do anything. With you, this close..." Xuefeng tried to explain but the Queen stopped him, saying as she stood up, "Yeah I know, I'm not stupid... I just wanted to stay closer to you for a little while longer..."

She pretended to be sad and only smiled again after Xuefeng gave her a kiss. To be fair to both of them, he also kissed Yiren after pulling her up from the water.

"Are you satisfied now?" Xuefeng looked at the Queen and asked with a smile. He already imagined the meeting of all of his four girlfriends. He would have to be very busy to be equal to everyone.

"Yes!" They both called out and without any further delays, Xuefeng began his practice. He reached out with his hand and just like with the fire element, he started releasing the Water Qi out of his palm.

Water had a much bigger density than fire, so Xuefeng had to use a lot more Water Qi just to create a small bubble of water on top of his hand and even more if he wanted to make it hover.

Making the water bubble wasn't a problem for him as it was following the same concept as the other but he was still worried about the consumption. He ended up using almost one-thirtieth of his Water Qi with just one ball.

"Is there a way to lower the consumption of Water Qi? I lost so much just to create this." Xuefeng called out to the ladies while showing them his creation.

"No, you can't. Did you think that cultivating is this easy?"  The Queen shook her head at Xuefeng's silly question and asked him, "Look, how do you think you can use this water bubble in an attack?"

"Can't I just shoot it forward with the help of the Air Qi and make it explode?" Xuefeng was confused by her question. He based it on the scene he recalled where two elves fought in the arena a while ago where one guy was flying and shooting water bullets at his opponent.

"Then try shooting at the wall and see how it goes." The Queen pointed at the wall and proposed with a smirk. Feeling that there was nothing wrong with her suggestion, Xuefeng decided to listen to hear.

Aiming with his hand towards the closest wall, he gathered a generous amount of Air Qi underneath the Water Bubble before he launched it forward. To his surprise, when he fired his Water Bubble, was didn't fly far. It was splashed everywhere as the bubble was not tough enough to survive the impact.

"See, it's not that easy to even form a single water bullet. Firstly, you need to be precise about the shape of it so it doesn't disintegrate in the air and secondly, you also need to choose the right amount of Water Qi to make it firm enough. There are many aspects that you need to take into consideration, but with enough practise you will be able to make those adjustments in the blink of an eye." The Queen smiled, explaining to Xuefeng her previous thoughts.

"Please teach me well!" Xuefeng bowed, accepting his inferiority. He was mostly doing it for fun, but the Queen liked the title of the teacher and was even more eager to work after that.

Xuefeng thought that with enough practice, he would be fine and they would move on to the cooler way of training with the usage of already existing water, but the Queen wanted to make each of his move perfect, which wasted a lot of time. In the end, he talked to her about it and she decided to just show him all the moves which Xuefeng could later train inside the Wisdom Tree space.

They went through various ones, starting from the water bullets and ending up on a water prison art which he almost failed to do because of the lack of Water Qi. Xuefeng could, of course, do all the same spells with the help of the water manipulation, but the ladies insisted that he need to learn the hard way in case there wasn't any water source next to him in the future.

Only after that, did the manipulation of nature came into the picture. It basically worked in a similar way as the Earth Element but it was a lot easier this time. The water had a much lower density than the wood so he didn't have a problem moving with his Qi around. With a short practice, he could totally integrate with the water around him and do all the spells from before, but on a bigger scale.

It took them around two hours to go through the whole process but he couldn't say that he didn't enjoy it. Which cultivator could say that he was taught Water Element spells by two beautiful female elves, naked in a big pool?