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 As Xuefeng slammed with his waist against Queen's butt, he rubbed her breasts passionately while pinching her erected nipples to add the pleasure. After noticing how fast his Spirit was absorbing and converting the Water Essence into Water Qi, he couldn't be more grateful, so that was the least he could do.

Xuefeng was embarrassed about the fact that almost all of his women were stronger than him and it was the opposite. He was proud to have such support. Of course, one side of him wanted to be the one to be the alpha in their relationship but he could achieve that without being more powerful than them.

Many cultivators had a stupid pride that didn't allow them to tie themselves with someone that was stronger than them and especially if they were female, but Xuefeng didn't have such problems. His mentality was shaped and based on Earth values, so in his opinion, it was completely normal for a female to be more successful than man.

If he could be much more prosperous in this life thanks to the help of his lovers, wouldn't that be a given to accept such a deal? For him, it was an obvious decision. One day he would definitely surpass them, but until then, Xuefeng wouldn't mind being shameless.

The Queen was leaning on Xuefeng's chest with her head supported on his shoulder while her tongue was crazily dancing inside Xuefeng's mouth. The Queen was already reaching her limits earlier and after Xuefeng started to solely focus on satisfying her, she was bound to not last too long.

The water level near the fountain was just enough for Xuefeng to penetrate her insides without drowning in water and even if Queen's relaxed butt cheeks were in a way, Xuefeng could still reach the deepest regions. Xuefeng liked the softness he felt each time he pressed his waist against them.

"Mhmm... Mhmm..." The Queen suddenly started moaning louder and even when Xuefeng was silencing her with passionate french kisses, he could still feel the tightness around his staff increasing. He let go of her lips allowing her love sounds to spread around the bathroom, as he continued to ravage her bottom with each thrust.

"Aaahh, don't stop, don't stop!" The Queen began screaming louder and louder as she matched his pushes to intensify her ecstasy moment even more. With her head laying all the way back on his shoulder, she held his head which was kissing her neck and cried out without worrying about her image.

Feeling her body shiver from the pleasure, Xuefeng didn't stop his assault even for a moment, thinking of giving her another present. He was also close to his second burst and the Queen deserved to have it all.

She was already after the critical moment but Xuefeng's thrusts only prolonged her experience and occasional moans still escaped from her mouth. Xuefeng reached out with his left hand and started rubbing her pointy ear which caused the Queen to open her eyes wide open. To Xuefeng's surprise, her body lost her power and she fell limply, only having the support of his hand and chest.

"Please, not my ears...Aaah, I just came... I'm too sensitive..." The Queen said weakly, and Xuefeng finally recalled it was the elves second sensitive spot. Of course, Xuefeng didn't listen to her pleas and continued to rub while sucking on her earlobe, feeling shivers from Queen's body.

Normally she wouldn't lose her powers like this, but after she came, her elf body was extremely sensitive. This elfish feature was kind of special for them as only if the person special to them would create such a result. If some stranger pulled the ear of an elf, they wouldn't feel any pleasure and instead some irritation.

Yiren who stood from the side knew this and smiled happily perceiving that the Queen finally accepted Xuefeng not only with her body but also with her heart.

"You want me to come inside you, don't you?" Xuefeng whispered seductively into Queen's ear, feeling that he was not too far from bursting out.

"Don't rub, ahh... please stop..." The Queen heard him, but her mind was already going blank and all she did was beg him weakly to stop teasing her anymore.

"I won't stop until you tell me..." Xuefeng bluffed her, as he was already on his limits and even if she didn't answer, he wouldn't pull out from her.

"I want it... Aaaahh..." The Queen responded with the last wisps of her strength, but before she could end, Xuefeng couldn't hold back anymore and exploded deep inside of her. She cried one last time as he held her tightly in his arms and started filling her up with his seeds completely.

Still holding her tightly, Xuefeng sat down on the edge seeing that the Queen couldn't stand properly anymore and leaned with her back against him, breathing heavily. She didn't want to admit it but she never felt this good in her life. With her face all red, she just lied down against his back, too embarrassed to face him. As the Queen, she never behaved this lewdly especially moaning loudly in a public bath where anyone could hear them.

Xuefeng enjoyed having the beauty in his arms, so he rubbed gently on Queen's chest and asked Ling the question that was bothering him for a while, 'Ling, how is it that Fire Essence and Lightning Essence are in the air but there is no sight of Water Essence?'

'It is because of the fact that not every water source has Water essence. Also, essences like to gather around each other, so they don't leave the water. Look at the Steam around you. There is almost no Water Essence inside the steam as all of it was left inside the water. Fire or Lightning Essences are in the air as there is no other place for them to gather.

'You will slowly get it yourself. This place is special as normally you wouldn't feel this much essence in the air. I have to be connected with Fate Stones appearing here all the time.' Ling explained.

'So the lakes in our world doesn't necessarily need to possess Water Essences?' Xuefeng asked curiously.

'If the Elemental Essence was everywhere, do you think it would be this hard to cultivate elements? Everyone would be a master with all nine elements. Unfortunately, it is hard to find Essences and even if you did, it would take a lot of time to absorb it. Here, it is a completely different story. The essences are not that scarce here like they are outside.' Ling explained further and this time, Xuefeng's uncertainties were clear.

"Are you better now?" Xuefeng asked as he planted a kiss on Queen's face.

"I am... I told you not to rub my ears..." The Queen pouted turning her head away from him.

"Did you like it?" Xuefeng reached out and rubbed her ears with both hands, but she didn't react as explosive as she did before.

"I do like it... Just for a little longer then..." The Queen first reaction was to move away but then she went back to leaning onto his back and allowed him to rub her a little more. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy it, but for elves, it was more like a husband and wife ritual where the man would rub his wife ears to bond with each other.

"I want it too..." Yiren sat next to them and rubbed with her cheek against Xuefeng's arm wanting a rub too. She also wanted to connect with Xuefeng and show that she herself also decided to be his.

Xuefeng didn't know all of these traditions but he was happy to accommodate her as well. If he knew, he would definitely be touched by them, but they wouldn't tell him such things.

"I'm sorry, I am tired right now but tonight I will be all yours." Xuefeng looked apologetically at Yiren as he didn't satisfy her needs as well.

"It is okay. As long as you take me with you when you go back outside, I don't mind it." Yiren said sweetly while leaning over his hand.

"Okay. I will take you with me this time. It is better to keep you near me as you never know if something happens and I will get injured. I will be able to heal you right away. But how are your fighting skills? I will be doing some dangerous stuff when I leave." Xuefeng agreed but had to ask for her skills. He didn't want her to be hurt in the process.

"Don't worry... My mother taught me how to defend myself." Yiren assured Xuefeng with a smile and he nodded in approval. The Queen showed him many arts and he knew she was an expert. Having Yiren with her mother skills would definitely help him in his future hunting.