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 "Ah... Ahh..." When Yiren finished explaining the techniques of absorbing the Water Essence, the Queen was already moaning without stopping as Xuefeng continued to pound her from behind.

Ling wasn't quite willing to cooperate this time, but with Xuefeng's pleading, in the end, she helped him integrate this new knowledge into his mind. She thought Xuefeng was crazy to even think of cultivating while making love with his woman and that he doesn't treat the cultivation with respect but Xuefeng was looking at it from a different perspective.

If you want to have fun but you also need to do something important, why not connect those two things and enjoy the effects. Especially since he didn't need to think too much about it and could multitask pretty easily.

When he scanned the new knowledge he gained, he noticed that it was somewhat similar to the Earth Element he learnt before. You had to be in contact with the elements to be able to absorb them, but only two elements he learnt so far weren't located in the air and those were Earth and Water Elements.

He could easily absorb Air, Lightning and Fire Essence as those three were everywhere in the air, expect Fire Essence which was still there but in a small quantity, but Water and Earth Essence had to be harvested from the source. For Water Element it was water while for Earth Element it was earth, plants, trees and basically everything connected to nature.

To absorb Earth Element Xuefeng had to touch the wood or the earth to suck its essence and same worked for Water Element. He was standing inside the water so it shouldn't be a problem to cultivate.

Earlier when he was absorbing Earth Essence, he didn't officially become a Spirit Lord as his dantian wasn't full at that moment, so it only filled the part that was missing but didn't reach the barrier. Now, if Xuefeng absorbed any more, he would finally become one and enter the middle stages of his mortal cultivation.

Being free for the next moment until Xuefeng fills his dantian with Water Qi, Xuefeng decided to entertain Yiren as well. When he turned towards her, he saw her already looking at him with cute, puppy eyes, waiting for Xuefeng to ask for her.

"Yiren, come here," Xuefeng called out warmly. Yiren was so kind and had such a good heart that he couldn't get enough of her.

While still testing the Queen's limits, Xuefeng pulled Yiren into his arms and tasted her lips while rubbing on her ample chest. Yiren was more than happy to accommodate him as that was exactly what she wanted. In the meantime, Xuefeng started gathering Water Essence through his legs before transforming it into Water Qi with the help of the Spirit and storing it in his dantian.

It was a long process as it was hard for him to focus on cultivation while also rhythmically slamming with his hips on to the Queen's bottom, but he didn't give up. After a moment, Xuefeng finally realised why Ling was that sceptical of his idea, but for him if there was even a little progress, why not take advantage of it and shorten your future training with it.

Of course, Xuefeng could ask Ling for help, allowing him to only focus on one thing, the more interesting one, but he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of being right. He preserved and continued with this method until finally there were some signs of success.

His dantian was already full even if he didn't fill all sections to the brim and the capacity started going up as he absorbed more Water Essence. When the barrier finally broke, Xuefeng noticed that something was changing.

His Spirit, instead of producing the Water Qi and releasing it into the dantain, started absorbing it for itself. It was out of his control, but he didn't stop the process as he was already informed earlier by Ling that those were the benefits he would receive after advancing.

'Let your Spirit absorb all other elements too. The more it absorbs the bigger it will get and the efficiency of producing that element will increase as well.' Ling suddenly appeared, advising him.

He didn't hesitate, doing as she said, and allowed his Spirit to draw the Qi freely from his dantian. In the next second, his eyes opened wide as he didn't expect his Spirit would be this greedy. His Qi was being swiftly sucked out of his dantian and even Ling, who came to the rescue, couldn't help to stop it.

Ling was also greatly surprised as she never came across such case and her decision was quick, without much lingering. She turned on all five Wisdom Tree miniatures and started using one high tier Fate Stones after another, producing all five types of Essence, before pumping it into Xuefeng's dantian.

Unfortunately, her efforts were not enough to satisfy the gluttonous Spirit. They did not know what was happening, but one thing was for sure certain. If they continued to provide Qi for the Spirit, it would only bring Xuefeng's more benefits. They could feel the Spirit constantly increasing in size, but at the same time the consumption also grew and the dantian level of Qi was decreasing with each second.

Searching for the solutions outside her own capabilities, Ling finally found the good source of QI that could help them. Xuefeng was fully aware of Ling's efforts but he was still continuing his previous acts of making love with the Queen and Yiren, so he decided to stop them.

Just as he thought of it, Ling called out to him, 'Don't stop! Make use of it. I alone am not enough to provide enough Essence for your Spirit transformation. I think it has to do something with your half-elf bloodline. I never came in contact with such intense Spirit transformation, and the only thing that is new to me are those elves. Ask your woman to give you some Qi. I already tested it, your Spirit absorbs both yours and my Qi, without telling them apart.'

'Okay.' Xuefeng nodded and looked towards the Queen trying to call out to her but then he realised, he actually didn't know her name yet. He used to call her the Queen all the time and never asked for her real name.

Xuefeng pulled away from Yiren and Instead of using Queen's unknown name, he just said out loud while stopping his movements to get her attention, "I'm in need of a lot of Qi as my spirit is transforming after I advanced to the next stage. Can you ladies help me?"

"Oh, here." Yiren was the first to react and kissed him hurriedly. She started sending her own Qi through the kiss, emptying each element from the inside of her dantian. Even with Yiren's contribution, Xuefeng's Spirit didn't look like it wanted to stop growing. It was already ten times the size of the original and the tempo of the increase was still peaking, not slowing down at all.

The Queen heard Xuefeng clearly and without saying a word, she started sending Qi through his staff that was still inside of her. Because he stopped moving with his hips, the Queen began moving on her own as she happened to be so close to reaching her limits.

'We are fine. It doesn't seem like her dantain has the end... I stopped using Fate Stones to create the Essences, but the Spirit seems to be fine. She alone is enough instead of all of us.' Ling commented based on her observations.

'Uff, then it is fine. How much larger it is compared to the original?' Xuefeng asked, curiously as he couldn't measure it himself.

'It's almost twenty-five times larger and I can see it slowing down. It should probably reach thirty times before stopping. Pretty impressive. The standard is five to ten during a normal transformation so you should be considered as a monster level.

'Nice! I guess being an elf has some good benefits.' Xuefeng was satisfied with those results.

'You should thank your ladies though. Without them, we wouldn't get anywhere near. Our Qi would end around fifteen times increase.' Ling proposed when the Spirit finally finished swallowing Qi and instead started producing it.

"Thank you, my dear. You helped a lot." Xuefeng kissed Yiren who was right next to him and received a smile in return as if her help was an obvious decision.

Xuefeng also reached out to pick up the Queen and while hugging her from behind he thanked her, saying, "You too. I'm grateful."

"Hu, you better be. You took more than half of my Qi. Now give me a reward..." The Queen breathed heavily, as she said so.

"As you wish," Xuefeng nodded with a smile and without changing his position, he proceeded to give her what she wanted.