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 "Of course I want some..." The Queen didn't hesitate and licked Yiren's finger clean, but she still glared at her daughter afterwards for teasing her like this.

"Oh, you want more?" Yiren asked as she gathered the last bits on her finger causing her mother's eyes to shine but then she put it in her own mouth, smiling playfully.

"Humpf, Xuefeng I want it too. Put it inside me already..." The Queen uttered in frustration before she spread her legs and called out to the busy Xuefeng. The tone the Queen said it was as if she was ordering him, so when Xuefeng heard it, he looked up at her with a weird expression.

The Queen quickly realised what she just said or, even more, the way she said it and quickly tried to reverse the situation, but it was too late already. Due to being teased by her daughter, the Queen forgot herself for a moment and called out as if Xuefeng was a servant or a guard.

"Are you asking me or commanding me? I thought we were in lovers relationship, not in a master-servant one." Xuefeng asked as he didn't like the way she spoke, and wasn't scared to tell her that.

"No, no, no, I was just..." The Queen tried to correct herself but Xuefeng already picked Yiren by the hand and walked away, saying, "Let's go enjoy ourselves somewhere else."

Yiren hesitated for a moment but followed Xuefeng's pull while glancing worriedly at her mother by turning her head. They might be jealous of each other from time to time but they were not enemies with one another, and they wished that both of them were happy. It would be hard to replicate such mother-daughter relationship like they had.

"Nooo, I'm sorry..." Realising it was her mistake, the Queen didn't hesitate to apologize hurriedly and immediately jumped inside the water to hug Xuefeng from behind, who had walked a few steps away already. She held him tightly with her chest pressing against his back, but Xuefeng didn't say anything, waiting for a proper apology.

"You know that I care about you. Don't get upset, please..." The Queen called out warmly as she rubbed her cheek against his back like a little kitten, trying to win him over.

"Actually, I don't get the feeling from you that this is the case. I never heard a single confession from you telling me you love me or how much you care about me. You just expect me to do things without even asking me if I want to do it as if it's obvious that I need to listen to you." Xuefeng let out his feelings without turning back and they hit the Queen hard when she heard them.

The Queen didn't think that she was like that, but when she recalled all of their previous encounters, she actually did not remember her saying anything of this sort. It was kind of a scary discovery as she wasn't aware of that earlier.

"Hey... I didn't tell you this but you are the first man that I actually like... I don't know if what I'm feeling is love, but I do not wish to separate from you... My inner me wants to stay with you all the time and do all the things with you... I also enjoy your company which I would not say about any other male I met so far."

"Does that mean that I love you? I don't actually know if that's what I'm feeling right now, but if it is... then I guess I love you... sob..." The Queen finally expressed her feelings and in the end, even tears were spilt from her eyes. She also felt like she was a lot lighter than before as if the weights on her heart were lifted.

Xuefeng would have to be weird if such a confession didn't move him even a little bit. The nail in the coffin was the sound of her sobbing which caused him to lose against her. He never liked when a woman cried and it could even be considered his weakness, but there was nothing he could do about it.

"Don't cry... Now I know how you feel about me. I just don't want to be your man who you only have fun with. I want to be a man who supports you in every way and take care of you. Can I be a man like that?" Xuefeng turned around and hugged her into his arms after wiping her eyes from tears.

"Yes... You said it yourself... You are my king and I am your Queen..." The Queen nodded as she laid on his chest and allowed him to hug her.

"Sob, sob..." Yiren who was standing by the side also started crying after seeing such a romantic scene and she hugged them as well.

They stood like this for a moment until Xuefeng felt a warm hand enter the water and grab his already tired staff before proceeding to slide up and down on the shaft, trying to revive it.

"I am still horny right now, doesn't matter what we just said. I still want it inside of me right now." the Queen called out as she returned to her normal calm self.

"Can you say, please?" Xuefeng smiled and asked playfully.

"Ha, don't expect you can be the boss even if you are my King. The Queen is still above the King as she rules him from the shadows. Got it?" The Queen grabbed his chin, establishing her dominance. Their relationship moved a step further but she still didn't want to drop the boss role.

"Oh really?" Xuefeng found that interesting, and was a little bit disappointed that the Queen didn't stay in her character of a cute and gentle kitten and returned to being a tigress. He was still satisfied with the improvement.

"Yeah, and don't expect me to repeat what I told you a moment ago. You heard it once, it's enough. See it's up once again. It means that you want me." The Queen nodded, and kissed him before she looked down at the erected staff who was back, up and ready for action.

"What if it is up not because of you but because of my sweet Yiren?" Xuefeng decided to push her a little bit further kissing Yiren with a casual remark but overcalculated the situation as the Queen was still the one holding only his precious friend.

"Ah, ah, okay! You win!" Xuefeng gave up resisting after feeling the tightening grip on his balls and called out in panic.

"Good," the Queen smiled and pulled Xuefeng towards the fountain in the middle of the pool before bending over the edge and calling out impatient, "I am waiting..."

Xuefeng approached Queen's butt and while placing one foot on the edge, he asked Yiren, "Yiren, how about you tell me the cultivation technique for Water Qi while I teach your mother a lesson?"

"Okay! But I want it too afterwards..." Yiren nodded, placing one small condition which Xuefeng already knew she wanted.

"Don't worry, I didn't forget about you." Xuefeng rubbed Yiren's cheek before he turned towards the dish that was already waiting in front of him and with a quick aim, he slid right inside her.