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 Inside Xuefeng dantian, his spirit no longer the size it was before. It was 10 times bigger and because of that, it was refining 10 times more, Spirit Essence. The small vortex connected to his dantian was slowly turning into a small tornado.

Seeing what was happening, Liu Xiaobei eyes lit up. He turned towards the closest Shadow Guard and commanded. "Take the kids and everyone below Spirit King Stage out of the building. Now!"

He nodded and vanished. He then appeared near a random kid and they both disappeared. Seconds later, the rest of the free Shadow Guards came to the rescue. It took them a moment to send everyone from the hall into the garden.

Even the daughters of Clan Leaders were taken away. Seeing the situation, they didn't complain.

In another minute, the Sky-Blue shell around Xuefeng body started finally darkening.

The crowd who was cultivating outside the Clan Territory also felt that something was wrong. Many people felt that the Spirit Essence was thinning, and they couldn't continue cultivating.

"Look at the Liu Clan! There is a giant tornado sucking all the Spirit Essence in the air!" Someone finally found out and cried.

"Is this another phenomenon?"

"Well, maybe. For now, it's just a tornado made of dense Spirit Essence. You can even see it with a naked eye!"

"Hah, I already broke through, if another phenomenon comes, I might improve even further... Wait, look at the sky! Purple clouds are forming!" The lucky cultivator who advanced a stage was the first to spot the change.

"Another Heaven Phenomenon, Liu Clan is blessed. Everyone! Let's prepare to cultivate!" A young man in a white robe sat down happily in a preparation.

Everyone followed suit, but in the end, they didn't get what they expected. There was supposed to be boundless Purple Spirit Essence in the air, but they didn't get anything.

Every bit was being sucked into a tornado above the Spirit Awakening Hall. It turned completely purple from all the purple clouds.

Inside the hall, Shadow Guard members left to protect Xuefeng were catching destroyed parts of the ceiling before they hit their Young Master. Because of the Purple Heaven Phenomenon, the amount of Spirit Essence increased, and the hall couldn't withstand the pressure anymore. The hole above the stage was now much bigger.

On the main table, only Spirit Kings cultivators were left. As Zhen Ping advanced into Spirit King stage, he was also allowed to stay. His Eyes were currently red from jealousy.

'How can did bastard get a purple talent! He was supposed to be a red one. How did this happen?!' He screamed in his mind.

When he glanced at Zhen Shan and saw her interested expression, his hatred for Xuefeng multiplied. He was in love with her since he saw her face on her 15 birthday. They had different mothers, so he never considered her as his sister. He wanted her as a lover.

'If I can't have her, no one can!' He decided in his heart.

This time the Purple Heaven Phenomenon ended before it even started.

Because the Purple Spirit Essence was much more condensed than even a Spirit Awakening Liquid, Xuefeng advanced into a Black Talent before he even finished absorbing it all.

Above the hall, the whole firmament darkened. The sun disappeared as black clouds filled the sky to the horizon. The purple colour was quickly consumed by them. This time, they weren't that calm as their predecessors were. Eye-catching thunderbolts started illuminating the city.

'Xuefeng, because of his increase in talent, we attracted Heavenly Tribulation instead of normal Heaven Phenomenon. I can't help you anymore. You have to use your soul and will to withstand it.' Fate Fragment came out of Xuefeng body and threw him away from her space.

His pupils turned back into his original blue and the suction completely disappeared. His mind also returned to his body.

He looked at his surroundings and saw an almost empty hall. About forty dark silhouettes were standing around him.


A thunderbolt sounded in the sky.

'Haha, you finally angered the heavens. You could have stopped at the Purple Talent, but you wanted more.' Emperor smirked in his mind but was still surprised that he managed to do it.

'I need to investigate. If there is a method to increase your talent like that, I need to know.' He decided. When he looked at his daughter, he suddenly thought of an idea.

"He is going to undergo a Heavens Tribulation!" Mu Lan cried as she dashed towards the stage.

Liu followed suit, in his hand a shiny blue sword appeared.

Unfortunately, before they reached the stage, the first Thunderbolt stuck.


Xuefeng looked at the sky and screamed. How could you be calm, when a giant lightning is striking you.

He first thought that he will fry like a chicken on the grill, but the pain didn't arrive. He only felt a little tingling all around his body.

"Noooooooooooooo... what, he is fine?" Mu Lan cried as her son was struck, but in the next second when the lightning disappeared, she saw her son still standing as if nothing happened. She stopped stupefied. Shadow guards who were all around him were pushed by the after-shock, but he was fine.

Meanwhile, another lightning fell from the black clouds. This time, Xuefeng felt like a million ants were crawling on his skin.

"That's all? Hahaha, if you want to strike me down, it will take a lot more than that!" He laughed into the sky. After the heavens failed for the second time, he was getting much more confident.

After the tingling subsided, he could feel extra refreshed, as if the thunderbolts were an energetic tonic.

"Come on! Shoot at me with all you got!" He got excited as he shouted.

Hearing his yelling, everyone left in the hall thought in their minds that he was a madman. Even Shadow Guards who were some distance away from him got injured from just from the aftershock.

His parents came near the stage and stood near Elder Ming. With a mutual understanding, they decided to not interfere with the situation their minds couldn't even apprehend. The Heavenly Tribulation, that everyone fears, looked like nothing in front of their son.

In the clouds, as if the heavens listened to him, two flashes of lightning started to form.

"Oh no, it's at least Six Lightning Tribulation! Can he make it?" Mu Lan asked worriedly.

"What can I do, I can't even handle one..." Liu Xiaobei pride dropped as he watched his son.

This time, when the two Thunderbolts crushed into Xuefeng body he finally felt pain. Although it was short, he felt as if someone stabbed him in the heart with a needle. The pain quickly subsided.

He remembered the Fate Fragment saying that he must use his soul and fill to withstand the Tribulation. That two bolts of lightning didn't destroy his confidence, they strengthened it.

"Is that all you have? It only tickled me a little bit!" He challenged the Heavens again.

"Madman, clearly a madman." Even the Emperor was shocked beyond belief.

While people in the hall were waiting for the next thunderbolts to strike, the crowd outside was wild. There were many who thought that it's actually Black Heaven Phenomenon, but they got surprised by a Heavenly Tribulation.

They were even more curious about which youngster it was aimed at. Everyone was silently watching the one in the lifetime Tribulation and waiting for the news. In the future, they could proudly say the witnessed the whole event with their own eyes.

The last two thunderbolts that formed, where much bigger than their predecessors. Their col-our also changed from white into bloody red.

Xuefeng gulped as he stared at the sky but then shook his head. 'No, I can't get distracted. I already died once. I can't let that happen to me again.'

His face changed into a determined one as he once again shouted "I'm ready! Let's finish it already! Come!"

The Heavens answered to his challenge sending two bloody red Lightning Bolts.