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 "I want to!" Yiren was much faster than her mother in making up her decision, and she was first to take off her outfit. They were both wearing their standard elfish clothes as there was no special occasion today, so all Yiren need to do was to pull off the crystal which was connecting her dress pieces and it would fall off, straight to the ground.

The female elves didn't have the habit of wearing anything beneath their dresses other than their panties, so when the dress dropped off her body, Xuefeng was greeted by her round bust, right away. Yiren was already quite comfortable with Xuefeng and she didn't hesitate as she began to drop her panties while sticking out her butt at him.

Swimming closer to the edge, Xuefeng watched the scene from the best angle. Yiren slowly lowered her panties while shaking her bum left and right, before glancing playfully at Xuefeng as she allowed them to drop on the ground.

The Queen looked at her daughter acting all sexily to Xuefeng and didn't know what to say. One part of her wanted to join her, but another wanted to put Xuefeng in his place. She was a supporter of having full control, but Xuefeng was depriving her of it, time and time again.

Instead of going towards the stairs that lead into the pool, Yiren used Xuefeng's help to jump inside lightly and hugged him right after. The water in the pool wasn't deep as it only up to one's waist, but they could still sit down to enjoy themselves.

Xuefeng moved behind Yiren and while hugging her from behind, he looked at the Queen and asked seductively, "So? Do you want to join us? We are only left with Water Element and I won't be leaving to train in the Wisdom Tree space until tomorrow, so we might as well relax for a short moment."

"...Of course, I'm joining. You made me horny with your touches and now you dare to ask if I want to join you?" The Queen rolled her eyes at Xuefeng's question and replied while taking off her clothes. With one small pinch on the crystal, her whole dress fell to the ground in a similar way as her daughter's dress.

She glided with her hands up from her legs to the tips of her chest to showcase her great curves. Xuefeng felt blessed having such beauties and couldn't help but praise them both,

"Very pretty. You both are one of a kind," while kissing the one he had in his arms.

Yiren happily accepted his kiss as she leaned on his chest with her head laying on his shoulder and caressed him by the hair to hold his head in place.

After the kiss, Xuefeng looked back at the Queen and to his surprise, he saw her on all fours, crawling near the edge of the pool with her butt stuck out towards him. Turning her head to Xuefeng, she asked with a cheeky smile, "How about you help me take them off?"

If anyone saw how their strict Queen acted right now, they would be greatly shocked. For them, the Queen and the Princess were the pride of their race. They were pure and innocent with only one time when they needed to bear the child to prolong the royal line.

"I would never reject such proposition..." Xuefeng nodded as he watched her perky bottom covered in sexy lace panties and his desires started waking up, one by one. He couldn't give up such temptation so he glanced apologetically at Yiren as he let go of her and approached the edge.

Yiren looked at her mother with slight jealousy as she swam next to Xuefeng being regretful that she didn't think of such an idea herself. The Queen was moving her bottom around, increasing the temptation to the limit but when Xuefeng was finally near to give it a solid grip, she suddenly moved it away from his hand, teasing him.

"Haha, I thought you want it?" The Queen laughed and asked with an evil grin while wiggling her butt in front of his face once again. When she saw the betrayed expression on Xuefeng's face, she felt satisfied with her revenge.

Xuefeng only answered with a smirk and accepted her challenge. The next time he tried, he reached out a lot faster, but she still dodged his hands skillfully. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't dodge infinitely. The Queen was only moving forward and backwards with her lower body, without changing her knees position, so when Xuefeng got out of the pool with one leg, she was caught lying on her belly.

"You can't run away from me..." Xuefeng commented as he slapped her ass before grasping it firmly. Of course, the Queen only wanted to tease him a bit, so when he finally got her, she only laughed and allowed him to do as he pleased.

"You might be my Queen... but I am your King!" Xuefeng called out with a grin as he flipped her on the back and pulled down Queen's panties with a swift movement. Connecting her legs together, Xuefeng pulled them upwards and finally dived down for a snack.

"Aaah, yes... I waited a week for that..." The Queen looked serious on the outside, but when Xuefeng plunged his tongue inside of her, the true desires she usually hides, escaped from their hiding place as she moaned loudly with her eyes open.

As Xuefeng let go of her legs to focus on licking and sucking on her cherry bean, the Queen wrapped them around his neck, holding him in place. Even if he wanted to run away, she would not let that happen until she was satisfied.

Yiren, who was left alone pouted on the side and watched her selfish mother steal her boyfriend until she spotted something interesting, that gained her attention. She saw Xuefeng's staff already standing high and ready and couldn't help but grin, thinking, 'You are getting his lips... but I will get something even better.'

Xuefeng was slowly sliding back while dragging the Queen with him, so he can stay in the water while eating her out by the edge. He could not see Yiren who quietly dived into the water and nimbly sneaked in between Xuefeng and her mother.

She didn't have problems staying underwater for a few minutes times as with an Elemental Qi, she could gather the oxygen that was in the water and use it to breathe instead.

"Mhmm..." Xuefeng exclaimed, finally feeling that something was attacking his precious friend and tried to pull away on reflex but the Queen, having the time of her life, didn't let go of him.

Only after something soft touched the erected head, did he realise what was going on. He was quite familiar with such sensation and relaxed allowing Yiren to pleasure him as well. Yiren first played with it for a bit before she sucked on it just like Xuefeng taught her.

Teasing the tip of its head, she sucked while moving in and out until she started pushing it further inside with her tongue licking the base. She also didn't have any contact with Xuefeng for a while and she craved for his attention and love. When Xuefeng started enjoying himself, she also felt good inside but she expected it already. Due to their connection, she already knew this is going to happen.

Leaning to the wall of the pool with her back, Yiren started accepting Xuefeng as a whole as he pushed with his hips in a rhythmic manner. Pleasuring Xuefeng underwater was pretty hard for her in the first minutes as she had to make a good seal with her lips around his staff so she doesn't swallow any water but after some time she got pretty used to it and skillfully operated around it.

From time to time she would resurface to breathe fresh air before she continued her playful act. After all, the air contained in the water was not enough for her in the long run. Doing a great job, Yiren made Xuefeng reach his limits very fast for his standard but it could be blamed on the hot water which was adding to his pleasure.

Instead of swallowing everything inside her throat, she wanted to taste her favourite liquid, so she once again broke the surface. The water was only reaching up to his waist, so when she pulled it out of her mouth, it cropped up just in time to spray her whole face with his seeds. She moved it up and down trying to get as many as possible before she sucked on the tip to get the last bits.

With the transfer of emotions from Xuefeng, Yiren felt as if she was the one who came and it made her enjoy this moment even more.

The Queen was sometimes looking around and was surprised of not seeing Yiren around but with Xuefeng doing amazing work, she didn't think anything about it until she finally saw her all covered in a shiny liquid. She immediately realised what she was doing and why Xuefeng was moving around a lot.

"Hehe, first," Yiren giggled as she gathered Xuefeng's liquid from her face onto her finger before licking it in delight. She had to admit that she missed this taste and feeling.

Seeing her mother's look, she laughed even more and gathered some of the liquid before reaching out with her hand close to her mother lips, saying, "It is okay. I can share. Do you want some?"