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 When the Queen led them both out of the top room which belonged to Yiren, down towards the main lobby before heading even deeper into the palace, Yiren already had an idea of where her mother was taking them.

The Royal Elf Family palace was much bigger than Xuefeng originally thought. To his surprise, nearly the whole Parent Tree was transformed into one big home, down to the very bottom, almost reaching the Wisdom Tree cavern.

Almost all staff of the palace lived here, in the lower parts of the Parent Tree and unless they had a partner from outside of the circle, their family lived with them too. Most staff were actually elves with a high bloodline purity and they preferred to tie themselves into a relationship with someone from the palace too.

Unfortunately for them, there were much more female elves in the palace, compared to the male elves, causing many women to be single. The Queen publicly was against the polygamy, so there was no situation where the male elf had multiple wives in the palace. Some searched for a partner outside, but the majority still prefered to be single instead of marrying someone with poor bloodline.

As they walked down towards their destination, Xuefeng noticed many females were making flirtatious glances at Xuefeng in secret. First, they would greet their Queen and the Princess before their eyes were glued at him, with a look of hunger as if they wanted to eat him alive.

When Xuefeng imagined himself having hundred or more women within his own palace like this, he couldn't help but shudder. He could not even handle the ones he had right now, let alone a hundred more.

They walked for a few minutes inside the narrow corridors until they finally stopped in front of the two big doors with the steam coming out of the cracks and a lot of female chatter escaping from the inside. The Queen turned around to Xuefeng and said, "We are here. You should probably know what place it might be, right?"

"Is this some kind of a public bath?" Xuefeng asked hearing the giggles of the women inside and it was the only thing he could think of. Just as he asked, the door opened and he saw a naked beauty he already knew, Tangwei. She was hugging the towel in between her chest peaks, walking out completely exposed when she spotted them and froze.

"Good evening, my Queen. Hi, Yiren, Xuefeng." Tangwei didn't feel shocked but just surprised and quickly recovered as she greeted them accordingly. She smiled to the Queen, hugged Yiren and kissed Xuefeng on his cheek as a greeting, not bothered by the fact that her naked body was just seen by Xuefeng.

Her hair was still wet and fresh from her bath a moment ago so she made Xuefeng's shoulders wet and allowed him to breathe a great aroma.

"Tangwei would you mind clearing the bathroom for us? We want to practice here for a while." the Queen asked Tangwei while looking at Xuefeng with a sharp gaze. Seeing the Queen acting like that, he made sure to keep his eyesight up on the eye level to avoid looking at Tangwei's body.

"No problem. Most girls are already done, they are just playing around." Tangwei replied and went back to the bathroom, moving with her rear from left to right with each step. At that time, Xuefeng finally couldn't resist and looked downwards, just in the time to see the last few steps of Tangwei before the door closed.

He could almost see her buttcheeks spread just enough to glance at her special place when the Queen appeared next to him and elbowed him in his side.

"Cough, what? I'm a man. If I see a naked girl before me I won't look away. It doesn't mean that I will touch her, right?" Xuefeng coughed before defending himself from her silent accusations.

The Queen looked at him in confusion, saying in wonder, "I do not know what are you talking about. I didn't ask you to explain yourself to me or anything. There was a bug on you, so I tried to kill it, but it ran away," before a smile finally appeared on her lips.

"Tsk, then I won't say anything." Xuefeng snickered before he thought, 'We will see who is the last person to laugh soon...'

After an about a minute, the doors opened once more and they could see multiple palace servant elf girls walking out completely naked with only a small towel which they hugged on their chests. Xuefeng realised it wasn't just Tangwei who was this bold, but every female elf was like this.

"Good evening, my Queen, Princess." They bowed to the Queen and Yiren as they walked out and after checking Xuefeng out, they bypassed them, entering into other corridor leading to their quarters.

"Good, mhmm... evening ladies." The Queen wanted to greet them back but suddenly, she felt Xuefeng clutch his hand onto her butt causing her to let off a quiet moan, breaking her speech.

The Queen maintained the smile on the face, acting as if nothing happened and thinking that Xuefeng was done playing with her, she continued her greeting, "Have a great, Ahh... night."

She didn't think that Xuefeng will continue his teasing, causing her to moan once again.

He was right behind her so the servant ladies didn't see what Xuefeng was doing with his hand and thought that the Queen was acting weird. Of course, they didn't dare to point it out and accepted the greeting. They wouldn't expect that Xuefeng was doing such things to their Queen, so they didn't even bother looking down at Queen's bottom.

While the girls were leaving public bath, Xuefeng began to tease her crevice with the finger after his hand sneaked inside of her dress. The Queen was anxious about exposing their relationship so she couldn't stop him while everyone was looking and he gladly took that chance to continue taking advantage of her.

His fingers even entered inside of her, creating a wet mess and only after everyone was out and Tangwei departed with everyone did the Queen grab his hand.

"Crack!" Xuefeng's wrist bones broke under the Queen's pressure but he was still able to keep a smile on his face, satisfied from his silly revenge.

"We will have problems if others learn about our relationship... Don't you know that?" The Queen asked pretending to be angry while still holding onto his hand.

"Why can't they learn about us? Just tell everyone that I turned into an elf and that we are all together. You are the Queen. Who can stop you?" Xuefeng smiled, getting rid of Queen's grasp which she loosened and moved past her, entering into the bathroom.

"Right... I'm the Queen..." The Queen repeated the sentence out loud and felt her daughter's warmth on top of her hand.

Yiren gave her a loving smile and she returned it before they both entered inside the bathroom after Xuefeng.

'You were supposed to take your training seriously but you are playing around once again.' Ling complained.

'I know... It just happens. Can't do anything about it. I will learn the water element now and tomorrow morning I will start my training inside the Wisdom Tree space okay?' Xuefeng sighed, shrugging his shoulders and proposed a deal.

'Fine. But I expect you to find and eliminate at least one fate fragment holder in the next week. If you promise me that you can play all you want today.' Ling agreed but gave conditions which Xuefeng accepted. They were supposed to hunt for other abilities anyway and Xuefeng knew he couldn't run away from killing in this life.

He finally entered the main hall of the bathroom and couldn't help but nod in satisfaction. He certainly didn't expect them to have such a big pool right in the middle of their Parent Tree. It was almost thirty meters in diameter with a fountain in the middle which was spurting hot, steamy water into the pool.

From the edge, he could see that the pool wasn't deep but it was enough for a nice and comfortable bath. The moment he saw this place Xuefeng knew where he will have his baths from now on.

Just as he squatted to touch the water and test the temperature, he was pushed by the Queen with a slight push of her foot. When he dropped to the water he had to admit It was definitely beyond hotter than what he expected. Fortunately, thanks to his endurance he could still manage it.

Xuefeng took off his clothes immediately and asked without getting mad at her while swimming around on his back, "Are you going to join me? The water is so nice here."