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 'Damn, Ling, can you remind me later, that when I finally get stronger than her, I need to slap her butt at least one hundred times?' Xuefeng cursed in his mind as he stood up and watched his unruly Queen stare at him with a victorious smirk.

'Heh, sure, but you are not going to beat her in the near future. I do not think that anyone in this world can beat her.' Ling chuckled, hearing Xuefeng's statement.

'What? She is that strong? What makes you say so?' Xuefeng was quite shocked hearing about this news from Ling. He never expected that one of his lovers would actually be this powerful.

"Yes, if we only count normal cultivators with Fate Fragments Holders excluded then Xiao Feng is supposed to be the strongest in the world, right? Well, I think that the Queen is much tougher than him. I wouldn't be surprised if she could defeat him with one move.' Ling speculated, shocking Xuefeng once again.

The mad look he used to give her not a long ago changed into the one of admiration. He could not say that he didn't like having the strongest women as his girlfriend.

'Can you guess what her current stage is at?' Xuefeng asked as he stood up. He wanted to scold the Queen for her bad behaviour but now those plans were put on hold after he heard Ling's hypothesis.

'If I were forced to guess, I would say she is comparable to a cultivator in a God Stage or even higher. From the earlier showcase of her skills, I can tell that she not only has a huge quantity of Qi but also her precision is top notch. Let's not forget about her special ability similar to telekinesis that Royal Elfs possesses.' Ling said after thinking about all the possibilities.

'Wait, I don't even know all stages of the cultivation. What are the stages above the Spirit Saint?' Xuefeng asked curiously. He didn't think he would need to know about those stages this fast, so he had not researched about it yet.

'After Spirit Saint stage you have Spirit Sage and a Spirit Monarch stage. Basically, the whole mortal Spirit Cultivation is split into three sections. From Spirit Master to Spirit King, then Spirit Lord to Spirit Emperor and lastly Spirit Saint to Spirit Monarch. After breaking through from one section to another, you will gain a significant boost to your strength.

'When you reach the Spirit Lord stage, your spirit will increase in size and your Spirit Awareness will also gain a boost. After you reach Spirit Saint, you basically gain the ability to fly. You already have both of those with the help of Elemental Cultivation and me, but it's still an increase in strength.' Ling explained as Xuefeng slowly approached the Queen.

'What about this God stage? It is after the Spirit Monarch one, right?' Xuefeng asked as he stopped in front of the Queen looking at her curiously. She was still waiting for his reaction with a smile.

'Yes. After Spirit Monarch stage which Xiao Feng is in, there is a God stage. If you reach that one, you will be forced to ascend into Heaven Realm. From that point onward, you are not a mortal anymore. Your lifespan will be increased and the cultivation will change diametrically, but It's useless to explain it to you now. You have to first reach that stage and I will tell you at that time.' Ling confirmed and described a little bit further before ending her lecture.

'Okay, I get it now. Thanks for your teachings.' Xuefeng got a headache when he realised how long the cultivation road is ahead of him.

"Is something wrong? You are so quiet..." The Queen asked seeing Xuefeng was blankly staring at her. The pressure was raising for her as she thought that he expected her to apologise, which she didn't want to do. She would never admit a mistake if she thought that she was right.

"Nothing, you girls are just really pretty. Can't I gaze at you for a moment?" Xuefeng smiled as he reached out to caress their cheeks with each hand. Yiren was beaming with happiness and only the Queen was confused.

"Wait, there must be something wrong with you... Is this my Xuefeng?" The Queen touched Xuefeng's face before she circled around him, checking if she didn't mistake him for someone else.

"You are not going to scold me?" The Queen asked hesitantly.

"Did you do something wrong for me to scold you?" Xuefeng replied with a question.

"You will not threaten to slap me on my butt?" The Queen asked once again.

"Do I need to threaten you to touch your butt?" Xuefeng asked as he grabbed her by the waist before sliding down towards her buttcheek, giving it a light slap and a solid squeeze. He maintained eye contact with her the whole time while smiling warmly, causing her brain to almost overheat.

"No... I want you to touch it..." The Queen said slowly, following the direction he was leading her.

"Listen to me, both of you. It's not like I don't want to kiss you. It is the opposite. I crave to kiss and hug you whenever I am near you. That's why I need to hold myself back or I will slack with my training once again. How can I resist such beauty..." Xuefeng hugged them both into his embrace and explained his struggles, reaching straight into their hearts.

"You know that I want to get stronger to protect everyone I care about, and you two are also my women which I want to guard. I already got attacked once, causing Yiren to get hurt. I definitely don't want to repeat that." Xuefeng continued hugging them even closer, showing his love.

"How about I go out with you when you travel and no one will be able to touch you? Maybe you don't know this but I'm strong enough to beat anyone in this world. You won't need to worry about... Auu, what was that for?" the Queen proposed after hearing his story, but Xuefeng did not allow her to end and slapped her firm butt, this time using some strength.

"Tell me, who is your man?" Xuefeng asked sternly.

"You." The Queen answered without hesitation.

"Then you should know that it's a man's responsibility to protect what he holds dear to his heart. Would you love a man who just hides behind you like a coward and makes use of your strength to live an easy life under your protection...? Exactly, you wouldn't. I will one day become more powerful than you and it will be my job to shield you. If you think of me as your man then never say something like that ever again." Xuefeng reprimanded the Queen in the calm tone making her realise her mistake.

In the end, he managed to hear from the Queen the words that are rarely spoken out of her mouth, "I'm sorry..."

"It's okay. Are we going to continue our training without any disturbance? I want to be the pillar of support for you guys. To do that I need to train seriously. The faster we end my training, the quicker we can switch to something more pleasant." Xuefeng kissed them both lightly before finally continuing with their training.

This time the ladies didn't have any problems and were even much more enthusiastic for the work. Sometimes all you need to do to solve your issue is a simple conversation.