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 "What do you mean it was not you?! Lier! It was your idea, to begin with!" The old man defence immediately followed up afraid that the Father will actually believe his fake partner.

"Silence. I do not know what you are talking about but why the attack on Xuefeng wasn't reported to me?" The Father stopped their argument with one word and asked sternly.

"Wait, what? Xuefeng got injured?" Both of them stopped arguing and asked at the same time, looking surprised.

"Oh, great. You don't even know anything. What is the use of you two here then? How about I send you two back to the Middle Heaven instead?" The Father raised his eyebrow not even shocked at this point and asked them with a sigh.

"Nooo, we love it here! Father, you told us to observe Xuefeng and his friends and that's what we were doing. Xuefeng was safe in his clan, training with his lover Xiao Tianshi every day, so we started observing Wuying for a moment instead. We were just about to go back to check on Xuefeng when we received your call." The middle-aged man was the first to react and explained truthfully. He also secretly sighed in relief when he learned that father did not call them in another matter.

"Why do you bother to look at other women. Xuefeng is the most important!" Little Meng called out puffing her cheeks as she glared at the middle-aged man. She did not care about other women and only her Xuefeng was her objective.

She didn't know that her act of trying to look angry made her even cuter than she was before, but they didn't want to die so they stopped themselves from commenting.

"But even if something happens, we can't interfere into the world under Heaven's Realm, right? Father, you asked us to watch him, but can we actually help him if he needs it?" The middle-aged man said innocently, providing a point to their discussion. When the old man heard him, he almost choked but quickly covered it with a cough. In his mind, there was only one word describing his partner, "Shameless."

"Hmm, true. What do you think Little Meng? Should the Heavens favour one human over another? We made a promise to stay neutral. Even if he is the Fate Law Holder, we can't meddle into their matters. If Ascended Fate Law Holders learns about this, they would definitely call us unfair. What do you want us to do?" The Father agreed, explaining the importance of Heaven's fairness and asked Little Meng for her opinion.

Little Meng changed the look on her face and finally turned serious. Her demeanour of an ancient being showed up and she called out with the power emanating from her voice, "As a mother to all Fate Laws, I'm the one who calls the shots. I don't care what others think. I want Xuefeng as my next holder and I will wait until he is ready. Don't ask me what to do. Just make sure he is safe until he is strong enough to hold the weight of my power. My preparations will go all for nothing if he suddenly dies."

Her voice created an invisible force that anchored on the men's spirits and only the Father was alright under its siege. The duo of the old and middle-aged men couldn't withstand the pressure and paled a bit trying to defend against it. Only when she was done talking did they breathed in relief.

"Little Meng, you are so cute when you are getting serious. There, there. Are you better now?" The Father who was completely unaffected, walked up to the rabbit hoodie teen and patted her gently on the head, before proposing a deal, "How about this, we will warn him when he is in danger, but it will be his job to survive it, okay?"

"Fine..." Little Meng nodded while accepting the pats on the head. The Father knew that those were her favourite.

"You two, go back and continue your job. You heard Little Meng?" The Father turned towards the duo and commanded.

"Yes." They both nodded, feeling relieved that they can stay outside the Middle Heaven for much longer.

"Xuefeng is in my space at the moment, so I will take care of him for now. You can find something to do for yourselves in the meantime. I'm going. Xuefeng might come to meet with me soon." Little Meng said sweetly before she opened a portal for herself and disappeared without saying goodbye.

When the duo also left, arriving back inside the Blood Inheritance they looked at each other and wiped the imaginary sweat from their foreheads.

"Uff, that was close. I thought we are goners. Let's wait in the Liu Clan until Xuefeng comes back." The middle-aged man said and the old man responded with a nod, not commenting on their close call situation.

When Father was left alone, he chuckled as he sat back down to his game, saying, "Oh this Xuefeng, what a lucky guy."


"Okay so with this one art we are done with the Fire Element, right? What will you teach me next?" Xuefeng asked after he shot three fireballs consecutively into the air from the balcony. The Fire Qi looked much different from his Black Slayer Flames but it was easier to handle and he could do whatever he wanted with it.

Only now did Xuefeng realised the benefits of becoming a Royal Half-Elf. He did not need to waste his fate stones and instead just absorbed the Fire Essence directly from the air. Earlier it was much harder to absorb but now when he tried for the first time after his race change, the essence was flowing into him without any problems.

It was, of course, much slower compared to the efficiency of the miniature Wisdom Trees, but he could at least save some Fate Stones, which were very precious.

Xuefeng could still be considered a Spirit King based on the quantity of his Qi but after he filled another sector in his dantian with Fire Qi, he was already very close to the breaching the Spirit Lord stage barrier.

Xuefeng also decided that when he goes back, he needs to slowly increase his Spirit Qi level as well. Right now, he couldn't cast many high consumption spells as his dantian was lacking Qi.

From the Queen, Xuefeng learned that Elemental Qi is much more flexible than Spirit Qi because he can form it into any spell you want. For example, if you want a bigger fireball, just add more Qi and done. There is no need for Elemental Qi manuals to be created unless you want to show others your ideas just as the academies do. Without manuals, you can always learn the art by just looking at someone doing them and blatantly copying.

With Spirit Arts, it's different as they are much more complex and most things that need to be done are hidden from the viewer's eyes. Xuefeng preferred this form of learning compared to the Spirit Arts one. He could ask others like Xiao Wen to show him some of her cool arts.

"Yes, I already showed you every Fire Art that I know. Can you even remember all of them?" The Queen asked doubtfully seeing how confident Xuefeng was. He asked her to show him all of her arts and she did, in the number of almost ten.

"Yeah, don't worry. I have a very good memory." Xuefeng smiled confidently but then he heard Ling comment inside his mind, 'No you don't. It's me who is doing all the work...'

'Shhh...' Xuefeng hushed her in his mind while keeping a smile and said to the ladies, "How about we move to the next element?"

The Queen looked at his daughter and they both smiled at each other, folding their hands across their chest, before staring at Xuefeng with evil smiles.

"What are you doing?" Xuefeng asked, feeling that they plan something was off.

"We want payment for our services. As for the form, we can accept kisses in exchange. You agree with me Yiren?" The Queen demanded.

"Yes, we want kisses!" Yiren called out happily.

"When did you both plan it?" Xuefeng asked curiously as his mouth curved into a smirk. He didn't hear them discuss about it since he came it.

"We don't need to plan it as we both know what we want." Yiren said as she walked forward and hugged Xuefeng arm between her chest.

"Okay, but only one and we are going back to training." Xuefeng couldn't help but bargain the price.

'No, we want at least five." The Queen demanded as she hugged into Xuefeng chest allowing him to embrace her.

"Let's close it within 3 then... Mhmm... That's one." Xuefeng gave her the last deal and gave her a quick three seconds kiss before he called out with a smile.

"Hey, that's cheating." The Queen accused Xuefeng but he didn't listen as he was already in the process of kissing Yiren.

When she saw the trick Xuefeng used on her mother, she acted smarter and used her tongue within her first kiss to increase the time and it worked, but not for long. Xuefeng danced around with her for a few rounds before he slipped away.

Turning back towards the Queen, he didn't need to wait before he was attacked by her. This time, she used her free hand to hold onto his head, to force him to kiss her for a little bit longer, but Xuefeng suddenly slapped her on her butt, squeezing forcefully and caused her to loosen the hold on him.

"That's two," Xuefeng said with a smile before he switched back to Yiren. She didn't try to trick him anymore and just enjoyed the kiss. To her surprise, Xuefeng gave a deep and long kiss with many actions, causing the Queen to pout.

"You still want to use tricks? Look how nice Yiren is. Nice girlfriends get longer kisses." Xuefeng asked with a smirk, trying to fix her behaviour but he didn't expect the Queen would suddenly push him to the ground and sit down on him while pinning his arms before starting her third kiss.

This time he couldn't escape from her in any way and for the next ten minutes, the Queen was selfishly enjoying playing around with his warm tongue. Only after she was satisfied did she let go of his arms.

"If you want to tease me you first have to be stronger than me. Sweety, I'm sorry I took so long. You can claim your third kiss." The Queen whispered as she caressed his cheek before she stood up and said to Yiren who was sitting next to them waiting.

Yiren leaned over, giving Xuefeng a peck kiss on the lips and said with a smile, "Don't worry. I like short kisses too."