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 "She really did it... I thought she will struggle for a bit but she killed it swiftly and cleanly. I really like her. Should I give her the Ranged Manipulation Blood Art? Or maybe Shackles of Doom..." the middle-aged man watched as Wuying pulled out her daggers from the Lizard's skull and could not help but get excited.

"Aren't you going too far? These are not meant to appear under Heaven's Realm! How about giving her something less dangerous than that?" The old man slapped his forehead and scolded his partner. He was worried that the father will punish both of them for his companion's recklessness.

"Hehe, too late. She will get both. Buhahaha!" The middle-aged man giggled as his hands turned golden and he started forming an orb before sending it towards Wuying. When she caught it, he started to laugh maniacally causing the old man to sigh deeply.

"Not only she will receive the Blood Essence Liquid which will increase her affinity to Blood Element but also her pool of arts gained a significant extension. If she does not reach great heights in her life then I will eat my shoes. You definitely created a monster." The old man said as he watched Wuying absorb the golden orb before entering the cave with the reward for clearing the Blood Inheritance.

"Why are you complaining so much. It was you who first started to bend the rules when you allowed that Tianshi chick to keep her memories and now you are scolding me." The middle-aged man rolled his eyes and asked fed up.

"Bah, you can't compare them both. It is like comparing something like stealing a bun to robbing the whole caravan. But okay, let's say we are even now." The old man gave up trying to convince his partner.

"Heh, anyway what are we doing now? Are we switching back to observing Xuefeng? It is much more exciting to watch the girls though..." The middle-aged man smirked thinking he won and asked about their next plans.

"We should as it was our main task after all. It would be bad if something happened to..." The old man decided quickly, but before he could finish talking, he felt as if something entered into his head and he heard a familiar voice inside his head calling out to him in a stern voice, 'What are you two doing? I thought I made myself clear? Meet me at my place right now.'

The old man instantly stiffened and replied in his mind, 'Yes father, we are going back right away.'

Only after his response did he feel that the presence inside of his head disappeared at once. The old man looked at his partner to check if he got the same information and saw him shaking, with his smile frozen on his face.

"Damn, we are screwed! What are we going to do?!" The middle-aged man panicked, thinking that he was busted for his actions from a moment ago.

"It was all your fault! Now we will face punishment because of you. Let's go, father is waiting..." The old man blamed his companion and opened a portal for them, not wasting any time.

The middle-aged man looked at the old man who already walked into the portal and reluctantly followed after him.

The moment they disappeared, was at the same time when Wuying was done absorbing both the Golden Orb and Blood Essence Liquid. Wuying was still in shock when she read the descriptions of Blood Arts she got as a reward. She was sure that in Xiao Wen explanation, the reward for clearing the Blood Inheritance was only the Blood Essence Liquid and she never mentioned such high-quality Blood Arts.

"Xuefeng will definitely be in shock when I show him my new skills," Wuying said with a smile, beaming with confidence and entered the portal leading to the outside of the Inheritance Grounds.

The first thing she heard after leaving was Xiao Wen voice but not in the way she expected. Instead of waiting patiently for her and congratulating for finally passing the trials, Xiao Wen was yelling at one guy as she pummeled his face with her fist.

Xiao Wen punched the guy who was talking pervertedly about her in secret before she lifted him up by the shirt and questioned, "What did you say about my butt?! Can you repeat, please? I do not think everyone heard you."

"I-I'm sorry, please leave me alone!" The unlucky guy begged for mercy, regretting everything he said. He looked for help towards his friends but every each one of them avoided his gaze, causing him to fall into despair even deeper.

"Your friends will not help you right now! What did you say that you are going to do to me?! Tell everyone!" Xiao Wen free hand burned with fire and she once again yelled at the youngster who dared to talk bad things about her.

"I... I said that I want to..." The youngster stuttered for a bit as he began to say and in the end, he couldn't finish the sentence.

"Louder and clearer! Make everyone hear you or else I will burn something precious from your body. Hehe." Xiao Wen lifted him up higher and the fire on her left hand burned even stronger than before as she glanced at the man crotch.

"Please don't! I will say it! I said I want to ravage your sexy butt with my long meat!" Under Xiao Wen pressure, the man finally told everyone what he said and everyone shook their head, knowing what is going to happen next.

"Miss Xiao! Please have mercy on our young master. He is still young and is our clan's hope. I hope you can spare him today, please." An elder of the youngster finally came to the scene and begged for mercy on behalf of his Young Master.

"I guess you are lucky today..." Xiao Wen said to the young man, starting to lower him down to the ground contrary to everyone expectations. They were anticipating some nice action and got disappointed seeing that the mighty Xiao Wen actually gave up.

"Thank you, Miss Xiao. Our clan will definitely send an apology to..." "Aaaaargh" The elder bowed to Xiao Wen, praising her decision but he didn't expect that in the next moment he would hear a sound of a punch and the wild cry of his Young Master.

"... That I decided to leave you alone after only one punch. If there is a next time, it will be your head that will break." Xiao Wen finished her sentence before she threw the youngster towards his elder, leaving a warning.

"Damn..." Everyone in the crown called out under their breaths, cancelling their previous statements. In the end, Xiao Wen did not change at all.

The Elder extinguished the flames on his young master's crotch before he dragged him away from Xiao Wen as he cried from the pain. Looking at his young master precious area, burned and crushed completely, the elder could only sigh. His clan certainly would not try to ask for a reimbursement from the Xiao Family.

"Wen, I'm back." Seeing that Xiao Wen was done, Wuying approached her with a sweet smile. She didn't look like a girl who had been killing beasts for the last week without any long breaks.

"Oh, welcome back! I just came not long ago and look at those bastards. All men are perverts! I see you finally succeeded. Let's go, we will talk on the way." Xiao Wen hugged Wuying lovingly and pulled her away from the crowd.

As they walked away, many wondered who the beauty that appeared to be Xiao Wen's friend was and as they understood from their conversation, had actually passed the Blood Inheritance Trials. Some even asked their servants to investigate and regretted that they didn't observe the new girl for a little longer.

"Yeah, most of them are but Xuefeng is an exception. He is a gentleman." Wuying nodded but defended her own man.

"True. I don't imagine him ever say such stuff." Xiao Wen thought for a moment but couldn't imagine Xuefeng saying any perverted stuff like that. She giggled and asked playfully, "How about you give him to me then? I will take good care of him. Hehe."

"Nope, he is mine!" Wuying disagreed immediately and tickled Xiao Wen on her side as revenge.

"Haha, I'm joking! Are we going to eat something before we set off back to your clan?" Xiao Wen asked after she laughed.

"Sure." Wuying nodded, actually feeling a bit of hunger from all of her recent fighting.

"Okay follow me. I will show you the best restaurant in the capital." Xiao Wen said with a smile as she pulled Wuying by the hand but in her mind, she was asking herself a question, 'Was I really joking...?'


"What are your worries, Little Meng? You only come here when something is bothering you." The man everyone calls a Father asked, seeing a cute little bunny appear inside his space once again.

"I asked you to observe Xuefeng but where were your lackeys when he got hurt?" Little Meng pouted as she looked angrily at the man.

"He got hurt? Why don't I know anything? What are you two doing? I thought I made myself clear? Meet me at my place right now." The Father frowned and called out loudly into the air.

"Don't ask me, ask them..." Little Meng zipped up her hoodie and folded her hands across her chest while moving with her hoodie rabbit ears left and right.

It took a moment for them to arrive and the first thing what the middle-aged man did was pointing at the old man and crying out, "It wasn't me! It was him!"