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 'Fuck, even if I can accept the fact she doesn't want me anymore, that brat still fucked one of my daughters, my ex-lover and even wants to take another one of my daughters! He is definitely not getting away unpunished...' While Xiao Feng was hugging his wife, in his mind he already returned to his old self and blamed everything that happened on Xuefeng. If Xuefeng didn't seduce the Queen, she would still only think about him.

"What are we going to do if the assassin comes back? It will take me a while to reach a realm that can allow me to beat him." Liu Xiaobei asked when Xiao Feng and his wife finally separated.

"He should not come back for the time being as he is afraid that I am still here. He is too cautious for that. Wen should be back with that Wuying girl by then, so she can protect him until we think of a solution. But let me be clear. I won't let him touch my daughter unless he becomes strong enough to protect her. Tell him that unless he wins the Azure Dragon Empire tournament, he shouldn't appear in front of my eyes." Xiao Feng answered with his demeanour already back to normal.

"Dad~! You are not going to say who I am supposed to be with or not. It's my decision!" Tianshi shouted at her father while holding Xuefeng's token tightly in her hand.

"Well, if your man did not steal other people's women, Xuefeng would be free to date you. Not my bad he can't keep his friend in his pants. Thank god, he didn't yet touch you. Yi said you slept in different rooms the whole time." Xiao Feng bantered with his daughter before sighing in relief, when he realised that Xuefeng still didn't take everything from him.

Unfortunately, when he said it, Tianshi blushed, making it look as if she was guilty. Xiao Feng didn't miss that detail and his anger rose. Not only was he cucked by losing the Queen but also lost two of his daughters to Xuefeng. What was even more laughable was that he offered Wen to Xuefeng in exchange to meet the Queen.

Tianshi shook her head trying to get rid of her blush and said determined, "I'm old enough to decide my own path. Xuefeng is the only man on my mind and there won't be another one."

"Feng, I thought you were over it already? Just let the young do what they want. When you were young, you were not a saint either." Xiao Yiying came to the rescue and stood on Tianshi's side while trying to change her husband's attitude, but he did not listen anymore.

"What do you mean 'I was not a saint either'. Compared to him, I couldn't be more of an angel. I waited until marriage to connect with you and he didn't even wait one week!" Xiao Feng argued with his wife before he announced, "We are going home!" brushing off their words of objection.

Xiao Feng walked towards Liu Xiaobei and said after giving him a bear hug, "I hope you pass my message to your son when he comes back. If he wants my daughters he needs to fight for the privilege."

"Okay. Take care." Liu Xiaobei nodded, returning the hug.

Recalling what Xuefeng said to her, Tianshi hugged the token and put it into her ring. She sighed and called out to Xuefeng's parents, "Goodbye Uncle, Auntie. Hope we will see each other soon."

Mu Lan hugged Tianshi when she walked past her and gave her a piece of advice, "Don't worry, you two will quickly meet once again. Life is not a bed of roses. Sometimes you will face an obstacle but you can overcome it if you put enough effort into it."

"Thanks, Auntie..." Tianshi smiled at her and walked towards the door. There was nothing left for her other than to believe in Xuefeng's words and work hard so she wouldn't become a burden for him.

"Are you going to do something?" Mu Lan asked her husband after Xiao Family left.

"Nope. Nothing at all. It's his mess that he himself got into, so I'm not going to clean after him. He should learn upon his mistakes and be responsible for his actions. If he can somehow pull this off then awesome, if not, he will learn it the hard way." Liu Xiaobei sighed and shook his head. He was rooting for his son, but if he wins or loses the battle, depends solely on himself.

"Mhmm, I also think its the right choice. Who asked him to court so many ladies..." Mu Lan nodded, agreeing.


While Xuefeng was flying with the Queen towards the nearest lake, the same one that he used to back from the Holy Land, Wuying was facing the last battle she had to overcome to pass the Blood Inheritance Trials. She had already been stuck in this round for a few days but finally reached the final challenge.

Blood Inheritance was mostly focused on battle and killing, compared to other element inheritances which centred around trials testing wisdom, capability or just cleverness.

"Do you think she will make it? Maybe we should help her a little bit more?" The middle-aged man bit on his nails and while watching Wuying approach the last monster, he asked the old man worried.

"No, we already helped enough. If Father learns that we are intervening so much in the mortal world, he will not be happy. He only asked us to observe them and report about their achievements. Anyway, she can do it on her own. Look at her eyes." The old man disagreed immediately and assured his partner.

They were hovering above the battlefield and even if Wuying looked in the sky, she couldn't see them, but they had the best spots as viewers. When the middle-aged man looked at Wuying's eyes, he saw great determination and will for victory, finally understanding what the old man was saying.

Wuying was walking through multiple corpses of various beasts which bled out continuously while the blood flowed towards Wuying's legs only to be absorbed by her. After her dantian filled up, Wuying didn't stop absorbing but used the Blood Art she learned not long ago.

Multiple strings of Blood Qi started gathering outside of her skin as she continued to absorb more. This art had three functions. It acted as another storage for Blood Qi, it could provide her with some protection while acting as armour and it also had great attacking potential.

She didn't stop until her whole skin was covered in crimson, shimmering armour. It was constantly moving as if she was covered by thousands of red snakes. Finally being ready for her battle, Wuying looked towards the giant lizard that was sleeping next to a boulder and dashed at it swiftly with her daggers ready.

She already fought with that Lizard and knew that it would wake up if she crossed the fifty meters line away from it. The Lizard would immediately wake up and throw itself at her with its sharp teeth. For now, it didn't look that great and powerful in its sleeping position but when standing up, it could easily reach around twenty-meters in height.

Just as she had experienced a few times before, when she ran into the Lizard range, it woke up instantly and rose up onto its two legs. Its chest pushed out forward as it charged at Wuying while swinging with its spiked tail. It roared as a greeting, showing the collection of sharp teeth and attacked.

Unfortunately for the beast, Wuying was already prepared and had a plan in her mind. She had already faced this Lizard a few times before, and its attacks were too predictable. With her Blood Art, she had a much bigger chance to finally beat it.

'Xuefeng, after I leave from here, you are not going to get rid of me anymore...' Wuying thought as she ran towards the Lizard and began her final battle.


Xuefeng landed next to the Queen near the shore of the familiar lake and asked, "Can you finally tell me what is going on? What happened to Yiren and why is it my fault?"

"Well, maybe it is not entirely your fault but if you didn't get hurt, there wouldn't be any problems. We will slowly figure out what to do with it later. For now, you need to heal her injuries before it's too late. You can use your token and enter after me." The Queen said before she walked into the lake.

"Wait, I don't have the token with me anymore. I gave it to Tianshi, so I can visit her later. We will have to use the one you have." Xuefeng stopped her, admitting honestly.

The Queen turned around looking at him with a curious gaze and asked, "Oh, you really care about her, do you?"

"You wouldn't understand... She was my first love and I will always love her." Xuefeng didn't lie to her, telling her his true feelings.

"Okay. Come here, you need to hold me tightly if we want this to work." The Queen nodded with a smile and reached out with her hand to Xuefeng. She already knew about his feelings so she wasn't surprised by his confession.

"Hug me tighter." The Queen held onto his waist as they walked deeper into the lake and called out when the water was up to their necks. Xuefeng didn't know how it would work as he never tried the reverse function of this token, so he listened to her, hugging her closer.

"I might have some others tokens but I don't know what you will give me in exchange for it. Also, if you give it to another person, I will not give you another one. Remember that." The Queen pulled out her own token and warned Xuefeng before activating it.

They weren't that far from the shore but a blue portal appeared under their feet and they were sucked into it, much to Xuefeng surprise. What he saw next was just endless darkness but he could still feel the warm touch from the Queen which calmed him down.