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 "Ah, wait. Why so suddenly. What happened?" Xuefeng stood up, massaging his butt from the fall to the floor and called out to the Queen.

"We will talk on the way. Yiren got hurt because of you and we need your help to heal her... I will be waiting outside." The Queen didn't give him much information and when she saw Tianshi looking at Xuefeng with a sad gaze, she gave them some space by heading out of the room.

"Wait! Do you remember me?" Just when the Queen was about to leave, Xiao Feng called out to her, halting her footsteps. His face returned to normal now after he thought through the situation.

It has been a long time since the last time they met and there was a chance that the Queen already forgot about him. After twenty-five years it was possible that she was just lacking a physical touch of a man and when a young Xuefeng appeared, she benefited from his presence.

Xiao Feng first looked at his wife who was watching the situation from the side but he was still hoping that maybe he can remind the Queen of himself with that call and witness her recalling him. She was his first love and he couldn't just forget about her even though he started his new family.

Unfortunately, when the Queen turned around and looked at Xiao Feng, he was hit by the question that he would never forget, "And who might you be?"

At the moment Xiao Feng felt as if something inside of his chest broke and his lungs contained not air but a poison that prevented him from breathing. He faced the Queen staring at her questioning gaze, confirming that she actually has no idea, and finally realised that his whole life he was actually living in an illusion.

"Honey, are you okay? Do you know her?" At that time, Xiao Yiying, who noticed her husband's weird behaviour, approached him and asked, turning his head towards her.

She could see Xiao Feng's eyes were turning red as she didn't like this.

"Oh, now I recall it. There is only one person from the outside world other than Xuefeng that I met and it's the father of my daughter. You must be that Xiao Feng, right?" Just when Xiao Feng was distracted by his wife and returned to real life, he was drawn into the illusion once again by the Queen.

"Yes! It's me! I knew you will remember me! How have you been?" Xiao Feng was ecstatic when heard that question and actually turned back towards the Queen, brushing his wife to the side, not even replying to her. Xiao Yiying was shocked for the moment, but she collected herself and observed the situation repeating what she learned over the years.

Her motto was, 'First observe what situation you are in then adapt and overcome it later.' and it ended up being a correct strategy in most scenarios.

"Sigh... I could be better. You know, I had to raise my daughter alone for so many years and it wasn't that easy. Come here. Let me see you up close." The Queen sighed as she faked a pained expression before reaching out to Xiao Feng with her hand.

Xuefeng who was watching the situation from the side, already knew that he was in deep shit right now and the Queen wouldn't change it back for him. He suspected that she did that on purpose because he didn't visit them earlier.

Xuefeng walked through the bed to sit on the edge next to Tianshi and asked, reaching out for her hand, "Is your hand alright? Let me help you."

Tianshi completely ignored the Queen's issue as she already knew their meeting would happen one day and gave her injured hand to Xuefeng for healing while asking something that actually concerned her, "Did you hear what my father said?"

"Yes... And I think it should be better if you go back..." Xuefeng nodded and actually agreed with her father's idea which made Tianshi look at him in shock.

"What? You are not getting rid of me!" Tianshi rejected his decision immediately.

"Listen. I'm not strong enough to protect you yet. I just don't want to lose you once again. Here, take this. I will be able to find you wherever you are in the world as long as you have it. Can you listen to me? I will visit you frequently and when I get strong enough to protect you, I will take you away." Xuefeng healed her hand after untying the bandage before looking her straight into the eyes and explaining his reasons.

He also gave her his token he got from the Queen that could allow him to track her later on. Xuefeng believed that the Queen had more tokens so he could have another one for himself.

"But..." Tianshi tried to say no but Xuefeng kissed her, sealing her lips and forcing her to agree. He already decided what to do after realising that he was not that big of a deal in this world yet. If he couldn't even protect his loved ones then how does he even deserve them?

"Remember to keep the token with you at all times. So I will be able to find you." Xuefeng reminded for the last time and looked back towards the Queen, checking what kind of situation he was in. What he saw made him terrified.

The Queen felt his stare and gave him a wink before she proceeded with her plan.

Earlier when she asked Xiao Feng to come to her, he gladly did, appearing next to her in the blink of an eye, with an excited smile on his face. He looked like he suddenly became a few years younger.

"My dear, did you miss me?" The Queen asked as she patted Xiao Feng on the head before rubbing his ear.

"Yes! It's been so many years that I thought we will never meet again. You look just as pretty as the moment I saw you for the first time." Xiao Feng nodded happily, complimenting her.

"Oh, you are too much but thank you." The Queen blushed cutely, thanking him and leaned over while showing off her ample bosom, asking, "What would you say if I told you that I can bring you back with me and we could stay together once again?"

It was at that moment the Queen saw Xuefeng kissing Tianshi and out of jealousy, decided to give him a lesson. When they exchanged gazes, Xuefeng knew that he was screwed.

"I..." Xiao Feng hesitated, thinking about the offer but then the Queen leaned over once more, closing the gap to about ten centimetres away from his face and said in a sad tone, "I guess you don't want me anymore... To think that I hoped to repeat our long-lasting session once again..."

"I will go! I would never reject you..." Xiao Feng finally agreed, seeing her sad expression which gave pain to his heart. Unfortunately, when he leaned forward to kiss her, The Queen placed her hand in between them, pushing him away.

The Queen turned towards Xiao Yiying who was observing the situation calmly and asked while pointing at Xiao Feng's crotch, "You see this? Men only want one thing. If they get a chance, they will take it even if they hesitate for a moment. That's why I chose to have a man who can at least satisfy me... It must have been hard with this little sword of his, right?"

"Okay, enough. We are leaving. Mom, Dad, I will explain everything when I come back." Hearing what the Queen was saying, Xuefeng had to bring her out of here. He still wanted to live in his life for a few tens of years.

"Have fun." Liu Xiaobei smiled and called out in amusement. He looked at that Queen's curves and couldn't help but be jealous, but then he felt a pinch on his skin that made him stop looking.

"What?" Xiao Feng asked himself stunned after Xuefeng already pulled the Queen out of the room. He actually believed the Queen and also at the same time wanted to believe that she was telling the truth.

Xiao Yiying sighed and hugged her husband from behind saying, "Honey... You still have me, remember? I'm not going anywhere. She doesn't understand how great you are. Forget about her."

She knew what the Queen was doing and actually appreciated it. Her husband was never in love with her as he had this blockade on his heart which she could not unlock but with the help of the Queen, she had the chance of doing it.

Xiao Feng felt the warm hands of his wife wrapping around him and finally realised how stupid he was for such a long time. He already had a polished diamond near him this whole time and he was still chasing after an old shiny rock.

"Sigh... I'm sorry... I got carried away." Xiao Feng's mind became clear once again as he turned around and hugged his wife.

"It's okay. Everyone makes mistakes." Xiao Yiying forgave him as she entered into his embrace and walked into her new home in his heart.

Outside in the sky, Xuefeng already had his wings on the back and was flying after the Queen out of the city. He was speechless recalling her behaviour but she just shrugged, brushing his complains away.

"Do you want to get me killed? You can't just say stuff like that..." Xuefeng called out to her but before he could say any more, the Queen turned around abruptly and threw herself at him, connecting her lips with his. They hovered high in the sky, kissing in the light of the sun.

"Hehe, You are blabbering so much but you didn't give me my welcome kiss. I had to take it myself. Let's move, Yiren is waiting." The Queen said as she giggled and flew forward.

"Gosh, what mess did I fall into?" Xuefeng didn't want to imagine what his future father-in-law was thinking right now so he just followed her, deciding to worry about it later.