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 Not only Manager Wu, but soon others noticed that something was wrong. The glow around Xuefeng stopped disappearing and instead started increasing. First, they could feel the light breeze on their faces, then in the next moment, their hair was flipping in all directions.

Shadow Guards who were the closest to Xuefeng had trouble standing as the suction force was too strong. They had to use their Spirit Qi to stabilize their bodies. Elder Ming gathered the kids behind him and deployed a small shield around them.

When all the Spirit Essence in the hall was sucked dry, strong current started to come from the hole in the ceiling. The Spirit Essence was so dense that a normal person could see it with a naked eye.

'Yes! More, more!' Xuefeng called excitedly in his mind.

At this point, he refined so much Spirit Essence that he unknowingly filled the small space in his dantian. When his Spirit Qi reached the faint barrier, it smashed it without any force needed. The moment it did, Xuefeng shuddered and he could feel like something inside of him unlocked.

He tried to check it out with his mind and surprisingly it worked. His surroundings changed, and he appeared in front of a clone of himself. It was shining with a golden light and shooting Sky Blue Mist from its mouth.

'Did I arrive inside of my dantian? Wait, this golden light is somewhat familiar...' He moved closer to his spirit and placed his hand on its shoulder to feel it. Feeling the familiar warmth from it, he finally realised what is it.

"Fate Law!"

Instantly as he called out, a sudden suction force sucked him inside of the spirit.

He didn't panic as he was inside of his body. It's not like anything can happen to him here.

He checked out his body, but he was fine. He appeared in a completely white space that looked boundless. In front of him, a golden orb was hovering with its light illuminating the space.

'Hello, Cultivator.' A profound voice suddenly sounded inside his head.

It gave quite a scare to Xuefeng as he pointed to himself and asked, "You talking to me?"

'It's not like there is anyone else here.' A voice sounded again. This time he could discern that it was a female voice.

"Who are you?" He asked towards the orb as it was the only thing here.

'I'm a Fate Law. You were chosen by the heavens to be the Ruler of Fate. Do you agree to change your destiny and become the future owner of the Fate Law?' The Female voice asked. This time it was even less profound and sounded like a mature lady.

'If you agree, I will help you get a better Spirit Talent and aid you in your future adventures.' She added.

"Uhm, I guess I might as well agree. You don't sound as if you want to hurt me." Xuefeng decided. The whole situation was very suspicious to him, but if he can increase his talent even more, then his future will be much brighter.

'Then quickly, place your hand on the orb. We will make a contract.' A voice of a teenage girl said urgently.

"Okay..." Hearing the ever-changing voice, he thought it was weird but still placed his hand on the orb. He felt a sharp pain in his chest that soon vanished.

At that moment, the huge orb hovering in the air started to decrease in diameter. It turned smaller and smaller until it was only the size of a baseball ball. It landed on his hand as if exhausted.

'Uff, finally done. It was so hard to keep my original size for a moment. At least I got a decent host this time.' A tired teenage girl voice muttered to itself.

"Did I get tricked?" Xuefeng asked himself stupefied.

'Oh, I'm sorry. I had no choice. Actually, I didn't lie much. The truth is I'm not a Fate Law, yet. I'm still a Fate Fragment, but if you gather a lot of Fate Fragments for me to absorb, I can regain my original form and become a Fate Law.' A golden ball girl explained.

"So, how many Fate Fragments I need to find?" Xuefeng breathed a sigh of relief. If it's only finding some fragments, then he can do it.

'Well, I don't know, I guess like few thousand?' The fragment voice grew quiet when she said the number but Xuefeng still heard it.

"What? Did you just say a few thousand?" He asked dumbfounded. From his guts, he could feel that those fragments don't grow on trees. Few thousand would be a lot.

'Well, don't worry, some hosts possess a lot of fragments. You will only need to kill like few hundred cultivators...' Her voice was quiet as a mouse as she talked. She was embarrassed at her own weakness.

"Oh, so now I even need to kill others to get their fragments. Is there something else I need to know? What if I don't gather any Fate Fragments?" Xuefeng asked irritated.

'Well, according to our contract, I will have to consume your soul, so I have the strength to find another host.' She said with her voice restless.

For the first time in this world, Xuefeng was left completely speechless.

"Okay, we will talk about it later. Now, you promised me to increase my talent. Time to keep your part of the deal." He threw the Fate Law problems aside, so he can take care of the current ones.

'No problem, just let me control your body and I will take care of everything. Don't resist.' She said as a golden ball sank into his body. He felt that he can't move but he didn't resist.


While they were talking, about 3 minutes passed outside. In the hall, everyone was watching stupefied at the Xuefeng whose cultivation suddenly reached Spirit Master.

"Is he cultivating now? He reached Spirit Master in a moment." One of the Clan Leaders asked curiously.

"I guess he used the leftovers of Spirit Awakening Liquid to increase his talent and break-through into Spirit Master at the same time. It's definitely a miracle." Another one analysed.

"When the liquid was not enough, he started gathering Spirit Essence from the air. Truly a genius." Lu Clan Leader complemented.

"Still, his Spirit Talent is only sky blue. With it, he will become a Spirit King but only with some good opportunity can he attack the Spirit Lord Stage." Emperor Shang made a fake sigh. Even he only had a Sky-Blue Talent. Even he, as an Emperor, had troubles finding such opportunities. He already asked the Kingdom for a Rank 4 Breakthrough pill, but it still didn't arrive.

"Why is he still absorbing Spirit Essence? Do you think he can still increase his talent?" Mu Lan whispered into his husband ear.

"I don't think so. If it is so easy to increase your talent, why no one else tried. It's already good enough that he managed to get a Sky-Blue Talent." Liu Xiaobei thought for a moment and said.

When they both already lost hope, they heard a sentence from a corner of the table. "It's not the end."

Everyone looked at Manager Wu with questioning look for saying such sentence.

"Just watch." She pointed towards the stage.

They looked back at Xuefeng, whose eyes were opened. To their surprise, they were gold in colour and emitted a faint light.