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 Xiao Feng looked at the expert cultivators that he hired to protect his daughter with a grim expression and asked them, "Can you tell me why I even have you guys here? Not only did you let the assassin break your defences, but you even let him escape after he almost killed Xuefeng. How are you going to explain my precious son-in-law getting hurt?"

"Master, please forgive us!" No one would believe their own eyes if someone saw so many mighty Saint Experts kneeling in front of one man. There were about ten of them and all of them were responsible for the Young Princess' protection, which was the job they had failed horribly. They couldn't say that the Assassin was just too strong for them as that would only dig their grave even deeper.

When Xiao Feng arrived at the scene, he saw the bloody body of Xuefeng still looking like that of a hedgehog. He was surprised that he could still find signs of life from him. What was even more remarkable was that each time a dagger was pulled out of his body, the tissues were healing almost immediately.

Xiao Feng's eyes turned sharper at that time as he finally realised some stuff that he was missing. Xiao Wen thought that she could keep her father in the dark, but it would be impossible if a person as famous as him, didn't know secrets like this.

He knew that there was a mysterious group of people who were even stronger than him, and his daughter was also part of it. They had unseen abilities that gave them inhumane strength and powers. With them in the picture, his title as the strongest under the heavens would be a great embarrassment for him.

'So he is also one of them... Wen probably knew about it and that's why she was in support of her sister's relationship with him. Interesting...' He thought before they brought Xuefeng to the Liu Clan's territory.

Xuefeng was already fully healed and cleaned from all the daggers, lying on the bed in a new set of clothes, but he still remained unconscious. Tianshi was sitting by his side, tightly holding Xuefeng's hand while having her other hand bandaged. She only received some minor cuts but if left unattended, they would lead to some problems.

They were inside the guest courtyard of the Xiao Family and Liu Xiaobei was already standing with his wife behind Tianshi as they got informed about the incident. Obviously, his mother's eyes were red from crying but seeing him all healthy now, it eased her emotions. Tianshi's mother was also with them, sitting at the edge of the bed, waiting for her husband.

Xiao Feng looked at his family's cultivators and commanded, "Your opponent was much stronger than you think, so I will spare your lives this time. His name is Thousand Blades and you all probably know him already. He is a famous assassin who is at the Spirit Sage Stage with many tricks up in his sleeve. Listen up! I want you all to increase your patrols and tighten the defences around the Liu Clan until I say otherwise! If Thousand Blades learns that his job is undone, he will surely again. If I see the same mishap again, you know how your lives are going to end. Is everything clear?!"

"Yes, Sir!" Everyone called out.

"Then get your asses back to the job!" Xiao Feng cursed at them while pointing at the doors.

"Yes, Sir!" Hearing Xiao Feng's commands, they left after shouting out loud.

"Master, do you have any instructions for me? Should we ask to place a bounty on the assassin?" Elder Yang asked after he was the only one left from the cultivators in the side room.

Xiao Feng rubbed his chin as he said, "No, that will provoke him more and make him desperate. Let's leave him alone for the time being. We should focus more on the one who ordered the attack on Xuefeng."

"Who would dare to strike at us?" Elder Yang did not understand who would be so daring enough to attack a family like theirs.

"The answer is no one. But there is one person that is extremely stupid. Tang Taizong was the one who hired the assassin. If I knew he was like this I would have never tried to give my daughter's hand to this filthy bastard." Xiao Feng cursed. There was no reason Thousand Blades would lie as he was standing on the edge at that time. It wasn't that hard to imagine anyway, so Xiao Feng believed him.

"Should we do something against the Tang Family?" Elder Yang asked, feeling that great war of two big families was about to start.

"Yes, tell everyone to halt business with Tang Family. If they ask for a reason, tell them to make something up... Or wait, let's pass the message when we will be going back. We can't give them time to prepare or sneak attack while I am gone. Let's wait for now." Xiao Feng finally decided.

"Alright, I will prepare myself to pass the commands, Master." Elder Yang said before he bowed and left.

Xiao Feng returned back to the main room and when he saw that Xuefeng was still asleep with Tianshi filled with sadness, he sighed, walking inside.

"I already closed the clan. No one is going to learn about this situation for a while. Did you catch that guy?" Liu Xiaobei walked up to Xiao Feng and asked curiously. He wasn't worried about Xuefeng as he saw how fast he was healing by himself. He speculated that he was still healing that's why he was asleep.

"No, he managed to escape, but I got the name of a person responsible for hiring him. It's the brat who Tianshi rejected, but he is still chasing after her. We will take care of it, don't worry. When Xuefeng wakes up, we will take Tianshi and return to the Central Region..." Xiao Feng informed his future in-law, passing on his future plans but before he could end, Tianshi shouted, overhearing their conversation, "I'm not going anywhere! I'm staying where Xuefeng is!"

"Sweetheart, we are not forbidding you to be with him. It's just that it is not safe for you to be around Xuefeng for the time being. He is not strong enough to protect you..." Xiao Yiying called out to her daughter trying to explain but her reasoning didn't get to Tianshi.

"He shielded me, placing his life on the line! What more can I ask for? Your experts can not even do that much!" Tianshi tightened her grip on Xuefeng's hand and defended him.

"Tianshi, you don't understand..." Xiao Yiying called out to her one more time but suddenly was interrupted by the disturbance outside the courtyard.

"Boom! Thud!" They heard multiple explosions and a crash as if a body just dropped to the ground at a high speed.

"What is going on outside?" Liu Xiaobei asked with a frown as he instinctively, as the leader of the clan walked towards the doors, but halted when the doors opened abruptly and a Saint expert was thrown inside, sliding on the floor.

He landed next to Xiao Feng feet and called out, "Master, we failed you yet again... S-she is too strong! We can't beat her!"

"Who is it?" Xiao Feng asked confused as he looked through the doors and saw many of his experts lying on the ground in pain. When he looked at the lady approaching the room, he staggered, losing strength in his legs, almost falling to the floor.

"My Queen..." Xiao Feng whispered out of breath. The lady who appeared out of nowhere and beat up his experts was exactly what he would the least expect. With shiny wings on her back, she walked confidently as if nothing could stop her from reaching her goal.

"Where is Xuefeng and what did you do to him?!" The Queen said outside the room but when she finally entered after retracting her wings and saw him lying on the bed sleeping, the Queen realised that she might have overreacted a bit.

"Hehe, my bad. You must be his family, right?" The Queen approached the bed with the imperial demeanour and asked Mu Lan, without bothering to give Xiao Feng a glance. For her, everyone here was too weak to face her anyway, so she wasn't bothered if she was wrong and faced their attack.

"Yes, and who are you? Are you from that hidden land Xuefeng left not long ago?" Mu Lan asked with a smile, connecting the dots based on the Queen's appearance. She looked just like how Xuefeng explained their features. From the Queen's earlier outburst Mu Lan didn't think that the Queen was a bad person so she wasn't hostile.

"Oh, yes... I am also his lover." The Queen answered as she approached the bed and caressed Xuefeng's cheek. The first part of the question made everyone sigh in relief but the second one made them freeze. Especially one person. It was Xiao Feng whose face suddenly turned ugly.

The Queen turned towards Tianshi who didn't look that surprised and asked with a cheeky smile, "You seem to be calm, did Xuefeng tell you everything already? You must be his girlfriend, right?"

"Yes, he did..." Tianshi answered collected, staring at the Queen straight in the eyes. They looked at each other for a moment but neither sides refused to lose.

"Okay. Thank you for taking care of him. Now excuse me for what I'm about to do." The Queen nodded at Tianshi's collection before rubbing Xuefeng's stomach as if to find a good spot.

"What do you want to..." Tianshi asked, but it was too late as the Queen raised her hand and smashed it lightly onto Xuefeng's stomach, crying "Wake up you bastard. I don't have all day to wait!"

"Cough, cough! Why so rough..." The Queen's hit caused Xuefeng to wake up momentarily as he sat up coughing while hugging his belly.

"Yiren needs you right now. We are going." The Queen commanded and pulled him out of the bed without asking for others opinion.