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 At the same time inside the palace of the Holy Land, the Queen and her daughter were eating dinner, cooked by the Queen's mother. She noticed that Yiren was stressed lately, so she decided to prepare dinner for them. She knew that Yiren was missing Xuefeng, but she kept it to herself and patiently waited for his return.

"Don't worry sweetheart. He will definitely come back to us soon. Xuefeng does not look like a person who would leave their lovers behind. Even if he doesn't, you can always be the one to take the initiative and look for him right?" The auntie patted her granddaughter gently on the head, watching as she slowly ate her meal.

"If he doesn't, then I'm going to find him and beat his ass.There's no way I'm letting him go!" The Queen munched on the crispy snack and grumbled. The Queen was also longing for Xuefeng's touch and love, but she acted differently from the others. She was the kind of person who would not just allow her lover to leave her alone.

"Cough..." The Queen heard the cough and suddenly felt a warm liquid on her face. She touched her face and found out it was blood. After looking at the table and her daughter she finally realised the origin of it, and cried "Yiren! What happened!?"

Instead of answering, Yiren coughed out two more mouthfuls of blood before falling from the side of the chair, weakly.

The Queen was next to her so she managed to catch her into her arms and instantly filled her daughter with her Qi to check what is going on.

"Mom!" Unfortunately, even with her knowledge, she didn't know what is going on. The Queen called out for her mother who was already running towards them from the kitchen.

When she checked Yiren's body, she didn't find anything that was the cause of her bleeding organs. She was not injured in any way from the outside but still started bleeding. If something was wrong with her earlier she would notice it herself, so it had to be something else.

"I also have no idea, did she tell you something? If it's not a physical wound, then I'm guessing it has to be caused by an injury in the soul." Her Auntie placed her hand on Yiren's pale cheeks, sending her own Qi inside of Yiren but did not get any results as well. Yiren had already passed out from the pain so they were unable to ask Yiren of her situation.

"Soul? How could she injure her soul out of nowhe... Wait, I think I know! Follow me!" The Queen thought out loud at her mother's suggestion and finally recalled something. She picked Yiren and flew swiftly away from the palace heading down towards the Wisdom Tree cave. Auntie naturally spread her wings and followed her.

They quickly bypassed the guards without answering any questions and entered inside. The Queen placed Yiren on the altar and cried out to the Wisdom Tree, "Goddess Mingshu, please help us save Yiren!"

Yiren was already getting colder due to the blood loss, so Wisdom Tree was their only solution for the time being until they found a way to heal her. She was worried that the Wisdom Tree wouldn't reply but then she saw the Tree extending its branches and covering Yiren's entire body.

Leaves started to fall from the crown and merge together, turning into a golden light which then sunk into Yiren's body. It took a moment before Yiren finally regained some colour on her face.

'What happened?' Little Ming asked curiously inside their minds.

"Goddess, Yiren suddenly started to cough blood and passed out. We suspect it's the injury of the soul. I recalled that I asked you to connect Xuefeng and Yiren by blood. Did you maybe connect their souls too in the process?" The Queen explained what happened and asked worriedly. It just came into her mind as the only possible reason for such a thing to happen.

'Yes... This means that something must have happened to Xuefeng!' Little Ming who was always acting composed in front of them suddenly raised her voice when she realised that Xuefeng could be in danger.

'I will take care of your daughter. Go to the outside world and bring Xuefeng back here. He should be safe, else Yiren would be dead already.' Little Ming called out hurriedly.

"Yes! I will bring him back." The Queen agreed and left after caressing Yiren on the cheek for the last time. She didn't blame the Goddess for connecting Xuefeng and Yiren's souls together as it was probably the requirement for Xuefeng to turn into a half-elf.

When the Queen gazed at her mother, the auntie nodded at her as she listened to their conversation and said, "Go and bring him to safety."

"I'm off then... Xuefeng you bastard. If you dare die, I will kill you..." The Queen said before she dashed out of the cave muttering as she dashed at high speed.


"Young Princess, are you okay?!" The Saint Expert knelt on one knee asking worriedly. If something happened to her, they wouldn't be able to live anymore.

"I'm okay! Help Xuefeng! Pull out the daggers!" Tianshi cried out in hysteria to the guard as she held Xuefeng's body above her, not bothered by the pain from the cuts on her hands. The daggers had a weird light on them that was vibrating on the edges that were cutting Xuefeng's and her flesh consciously. She couldn't imagine how much pain he had to go through.

"But Young Princess, he will completely bleed out if we do..." The cultivator looked at Xuefeng's body with skeptical gazes, thinking that he was already a goner with this many daggers impaling him and tried to inform her, but Tianshi didn't let him finish, yelling at him with her eyes red from tears. "Pull out the daggers!!!"

"Yes..." The Saint Cultivator couldn't help but nod and execute the order.

He started to slowly pull out the daggers from Xuefeng body one by one before throwing them to the side. He was surprised that they started disappearing just as they hit the ground, turning into a gold mist. When he looked back at Xuefeng, The Saint Expert was even more shocked seeing the holes after the daggers seal up swiftly, leaving the spot clean as if it was untouched.

At this point, a female expert arrived and helped Tianshi get out from under Xuefeng's body as she held him instead of her. When Tianshi looked at her, it turned out to be Yi, who had a grim expression on her face.

"Young Princess, what happened?" Yi asked with her eyes in pain, seeing Xuefeng's muscles twitch each time another dagger was being pulled out of his back.

"Someone tried to assassinate him... Why would anyone want to kill Xuefeng? He wasn't an enemy to anyone...Unless..." Tianshi replied, not understanding the whole situation before one person came into his mind.

"Yeah... I guess Young Princess already guessed." Yi nodded at Tianshi, confirming her suspicions. She had a feeling that they were talking about the same person.

"I hope this bastard dies..." Tianshi imagined the face of Tang Taizong and cursed him.

It wasn't that hard for them to figure out that it was Taizong who tried to assassinate Xuefeng, as he was the only one actively trying to court Tianshi and they knew how evil he could get. If he learned information regarding Xuefeng, he would definitely act such a matter.

"Don't worry Young Princess. Master is probably already on the way to hunt the assassin who hurt Xuefeng. Nothing stands a chance in front of justice." Yi tried to calm Tianshi down and looked back at Xuefeng, whose back was already half clean from the daggers.

Just as Yi said, Xiao Feng was actually already chasing Thousand Blades. He managed to escape out of the city, losing his tail of Saint Cultivators but he didn't expect that the master of Xiao Family would be here personally.

"Bam!" Another hammer strike landed on the Thousand Blades body, blasting him into the ground and creating a long trail with his body. Xiao Feng didn't have troubles finding him after his escape, as they weren't even on the same league. When he learned what happened, he instantly released his Spirit Qi and scanned each being in tens of Li away.

Even his invisibility was unable able to hide him from Xiao Feng's hammers. Thousand Blades sat up weakly and watched as Xiao Feng neared him.

"Who asked you to kill my son-in-law." Xiao Feng aimed his hammer at Thousand Blades and asked with a tone that screamed with unlikeness to asking a question twice.

"Hehe, cough... Do you see this ball? I can leave this place whenever I want. What makes you think that I will rat on my client." Thousand Blades coughed out blood as he laughed and pulled out a black ball full of nothingness. He was a man of steel so his mind wouldn't be swayed this easily by Xiao Feng's demonstration of strength.

"If you don't tell me, I will just put a few million bounty on your head. I want to see where you are going to hide!" Xiao Feng simply blackmailed using human greed against him.

"Okay, it was that young brat from Tang Family... Shit!" Hearing Xiao Feng reply, Thousand Blades gave up resisting, telling him what he wanted. It would be hard for him to live in this world with such a bounty on his head. He didn't, however, expect that Xiao Feng would throw his hammer at him, right after Xiao Feng learned the truth, which forced him to use the black artefact to disappear.

"That's for endangering my daughter." Xiao Feng called out with a sneer and vanished after picking up his weapon. He knew that it wasn't possible to track Thousand Blades anymore as he used a Thousand Li Artefact. It simply allowed one to teleport in a random direction in distance of a Thousand Li.