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 "Good morning, sleepy~!" Tianshi called out seeing that Xuefeng opened his eyes. She started to call him that as he used to sleep like a baby with her in his embrace. In the last few days, however, their roles were reversed and it was she who acted as a body pillow.

"Hey..." Xuefeng wiped his eyes with one hand to see clearer and looked at Tianshi's pretty face. He hugged her tighter, feeling the soft skin on his cheeks and leaned for a kiss on the lips. Tianshi was happy to accommodate him and accepted it.

They kissed for a while with slow and sensual moves of their lips, enjoying each touch. They flipped to the side with Tianshi landing at the bottom and started adding tongue to their lazy battle. Feeling that Xuefeng's staff was strong as ever on the mornings, Tianshi reached out with her free hand and started stroking it up and down, signalizing to Xuefeng what she actually wanted from him.

Recently she noticed that her skin was getting much smoother after each of their night activities and she couldn't help but ask Xuefeng about it. When she learned the truth from him, that his liquid can actually act as a nutrient for the body, her sex drive increased diametrically the same day and Xuefeng could expect at least two sexy times with her each day.

It seemed like she wanted to look prettier with this strategy, but her likewise important reason was the enjoyment she got from those moments. From her second and third time, it was only getting better and better. Now, she thought it was natural for them to be together like that.

"Mhmm..." Tianshi moaned in pleasure after she aimed Xuefeng's staff inside of her and he slowly pushed forward while still playing with her tongue. Tianshi wrapped her legs around his back and used her legs to help him with his movements.

"I want it in my mouth..." Tianshi whispered into his ears to remind him earlier. She learned from him that she can absorb his seeds but she preferred to swallow them instead as they tasted good anyway.

Xuefeng was moving steadily with his hips but because it was early in the morning, it took him some time before he reached his limit. Every morning was the same for his first load, Tianshi needed to wait for some time. She already achieved the peak of her pleasure and was waiting for him.

Xuefeng pulled out and neared Tianshi's face before feeling her soft lips touching the head of his staff. He felt her wet tongue tease it all around and a subtle suction that she applied.

As he finally burst, shooting his liquid into her mouth, she started moving up and down on the shaft with her hand, sucking the last drop from him. After she was done licking, Xuefeng dropped next to her and breathed deeply a few times. He just woke up, but once again had to pass through a morning battle.

"Thanks," Tianshi said, as she lied on his chest again.

"No problem." Xuefeng patted her on the head and asked, "Do you think that our clothes are ready? Do you want to check with me today?"

"Sure! We can go after breakfast." Tianshi nodded, agreeing before her face changed as she recalled something and asked, "...Xuefeng? Will you leave to visit that Holy Land of elves soon?"

"What? You want me to leave so early?" Xuefeng asked back, teasing her.

Tianshi hit him in the chest, causing him to laugh and explained her reasons, "You know what I'm asking! Of course, I want you to stay with me longer, but I know you need to train the rest of the elements. I'm not that selfish."

"I will probably go tomorrow. After quickly learning all the arts, I will come back. Maybe I will bring your oldest sister with me?" Xuefeng answered honestly this time.

"As long as you will be back soon..." Tianshi didn't mind other things, thinking only about his quick return.

They lay like that for a few moments more until they finally heard the footsteps outside their room. Tianshi stood up and went to the bathroom to get ready while Xuefeng wore his pants and opened the door. It was Yi who had brought them breakfast for the last couple of days.

It was originally the twin's duty, but after they were sent away by Tianshi, a Siant Expert took the job.

Yi passed the wooden tray with food over to Xuefeng and asked sweetly. "Good morning, Young Master. Is Young Princess awake?"

"Good morning. Thanks for the food. Tianshi is getting ready." Xuefeng answered with a smile. He didn't have anything against those twins, other than their attitude. Yi was much kinder to him compared to Yu.

"Master is asking when Young Master will depart," Yi asked fulfilling his servant duty.

"Tell him that it should be tomorrow if nothing unexpected happens. I can't delay my training any longer." Xuefeng informed.

Yi nodded before she turned into her casual self and asked friendly in an easygoing tone. "Yes, I will pass the message... can I ask if you will train today?"

"Yeah, we can train together when I come back from the city." Xuefeng nodded with a smile.

"Alright. I can't wait. I will take my leave." Yi smiled hearing his answer and left. The training with Xuefeng was the time that she was looking forward to each day.

After Xuefeng and Tianshi got ready and ate, they left the courtyard and walked out of the Liu Clan territory the traditional way, instead of flying.

"Good morning Young Master! Maybe a hot bun for breakfast?" The food seller called out seeing the familiar face was walking past him.

"Maybe later as we just ate. Have a nice day." Xuefeng heard him and replied out of politeness. He then walked towards the inner part of the city while holding Tianshi by the hand. The Saint Experts were protecting them as usual with a few patrolling the sky and at least four walking with them.

They were mostly tasked with moving the crowd away from them. It was a protection procedure they took to avoid any troubles. Most residents already got used to such treatments, so they didn't complain and whenever they saw their outfits on the streets, they would let them pass. Even with four cultivators protecting them, they were still allowed some space so they didn't feel uncomfortable with their presence.

"See? I told you I know Liu Clan Young Master. He often comes to buy my hot buns from me." The food seller smirked and turned to the man next to him, bragging once again. The man had a cloak on his face with only his smile visible but he still turned his head towards Xuefeng's party as if he could see through this hood anyway.

"Yes, I never doubted you. I'm going. No need for change." Thousand Blades said in a husky voice before he threw a high tier Spirit Stone at the food seller, and left. He followed Xuefeng's party right away, as he didn't want to waste too much time anymore.

Since morning he was doing his research and realised from all the information that he had gathered that Xiao Feng was actually staying in the Liu Clan in person. Seeing Xiao Tianshi walking carefree in the city while holding hands with his target, he knew that there might be some problems, but he still decided to take action.

Seeing only a few saint experts gave him the confidence of having a successful kill and run situation hence why he decided to go for the kill.

"Are you curious about what that tailor could think of? Maybe not only we will have nice designs but also some other cool features." Xuefeng asked his girlfriend as they slowly walked towards the store. They still had about one hundred meters walk till their destination.

"Will you tell me what else you asked him to do when you went back inside last time?" Tianshi asked curiously as she recalled his previous behaviour.

"Haha, It will be a secret. Don't worry, you will like it." Xuefeng laughed, not telling her anything about what he had planned.

"Tsk, I will see in a moment then." Tianshi sneered, giving up on persuading him and decided to wait those few more minutes.

"Yes, it's not that far al..." 'Watch out!' Just as Xuefeng wanted to reply to her, Xuefeng heard Ling alarm call and he dodged to the side with Tianshi in his arms before rolling on the ground.

"Bam!" At the place they were standing just a moment before, a black grenade exploded, but instead of a shockwave with a ball of flames, a bright red light enveloped them and they became trapped inside a small bubble. It had barely ten meters in diameter and when Xuefeng looked around, he only saw one person wearing a black cloak inside of it with them.

Seeing Xuefeng and Tianshi stuck inside a red bubble, the Saint Experts started attacking it furiously creating many cracks on its surface.

"Who are you!" Xuefeng cried out, not expecting to fall victim to an assassination attempt. From how sturdy the barrier was, he could see that they didn't stand a chance against that person.

"You don't need to know. Just die!" Thousand Blades called out and threw his daggers towards Xuefeng without wasting any more time. The dagger covered in a sharp light quickly multiplied into thousands of replicas which didn't lose their momentum at all.

Xuefeng acted quickly, covering his back in the armour of thick lighting before he covered Tianshi with his body. Her safety was his first priority and looking at his current situation he didn't have any other option to get out of this attack.

"Aaaahh!!!" Xuefeng shrieked from pain when the daggers hit him. They went right past his lighting armour and struck the Elfish one underneath his clothes, but it also was pierced through.

"Bam!" At the same moment, the barrier blocking the Xiao Family cultivations broke apart and Thousand Blades had no choice but to run first. Turning invisible he flew into the sky, but he was quickly followed by the others.

Tianshi who closed her eyes finally opened them, but what she saw made her choke. She saw Xuefeng's body filled with holes all over his body with thousands of blades pierced through him and sticking on the other side. Even though he was coughing out blood, he was still persisting, afraid to drop onto Tianshi and hurt her by accident.

"...Cough, cough~! Are you okay...?" Xuefeng coughed out blood a couple of times to the side and asked weakly with his arms shaking. He looked like he was about to die, which caused Tianshi to tears to burst out in streams.

"Xuefeng! Help!" Tianshi cried out, holding Xuefeng from falling and shouted for help. Some cultivators already heard the help signal and were landing next to them.

"I'm fine... Just pull out... the daggers..." Xuefeng said weakly, with his eyelids feeling heavy, before he finally dropped limply, passing out.