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 Tianshi lied down next to him and took the letter from him, saying, "Let me read instead.", before she proceeded to open the letter with her head on his chest. She was much more comfortable around him after their first intimate time.

"Sure." Xuefeng caressed her already dry, black hair agreeing without problems as he didn't have anything to hide from her anymore.

"It is definitely from a woman, just smell it... Oh, it was even handwritten." Tianshi allowed Xuefeng to smell the letter before she opened it and pulled out a single page with neat writing.

"Hey Xuefeng, it's me, Zhen Shan..." Tianshi started reading before glancing at Xuefeng face for any reaction.

Xuefeng wasn't quite surprised and said, interested. "Oh, so it is from Princess Shan. Read more."

"... I hope you didn't forget about our promise yet. I wanted to meet with you once again just before my departure to the White Lotus Sect, but the situation in the palace didn't allow me such luxury. The Sacred Sword Kingdom Prince which I told you about, came to our palace and wanted to, "Redeem" me as his wife. He was talking as if I was a toy he can casually buy it in the store..." Tianshi continued reading the letter but stopped in the middle asking. "Is this the Prince you are supposed to defeat?"

"Yes, she said he was harassing her and wanted to force her into marriage with him. I promised I would help." Xuefeng admitted.

"Good. Such bastards don't deserve to live. I don't mind if you get rid of him for her, forever." Tianshi nodded. She could sympathize with Princess Shan as she was also almost forced into marriage. And even on Earth, it was her father who was in control of her relationship decisions.

"You don't mind if I start to kill people?" Xuefeng asked, surprised at his girlfriend's decisiveness.

"You already killed before and you are still your old self, the one I love. And that Prince is not a person but a beast. You don't need to mind killing beasts. We are not on Earth anymore Xuefeng. Cultivators kill each other all the time." Tianshi said as she kissed him on the lips before reminding him of their current situation.

Xuefeng sighed realising that Tianshi was even faster to adapt in this world than him. He kissed her lightly on the head and promised. "Yeah, I know. I will get stronger and protect you."

"We will see who can protect who in the end. One day I will beat you up." Tianshi smirked before she looked back into the letter. Xuefeng only smiled at her unachievable dream.

"... When you receive this letter, I should be already safe inside the White Lotus Sect and out of his reach. As long as I remain inside its grounds, there shouldn't be a problem for the time being. He can't force me out, but the tournament is nearing and if you want to help me, you need to train hard.

"I heard that he already mastered his second element and is aiming for the third. If you don't know anything about the elements, let me summarize it for you... Okay, she lists out a few points you need to know while studying elements but you should know them already, right?" Tianshi asked after reading the second part of Princess Shan's letter. Tianshi was quite astonished that this Princess would care so much about Xuefeng.

"Yeah, if it was before, those points would have some important information for me. But not anymore." Xuefeng nodded, before reaching out with his free hand and creating a miniature tornado on his hand to show off his skills.

"... I hope that this can help you boost your skills. Mastering elements are important, so make sure you investigate into it... I miss you... Hope to see you soon... Your best, Zhen Shan. Wow, she even placed a kiss at the bottom. Care to explain? Is there something I don't know?" Tianshi opened the last part of the letter and went through it before stopping with her face losing her smile. She slowly read the last pieces, touching the kiss mark on the letter and asked Xuefeng with an evil grin.

"Listen... We barely did anything. We might have kissed a few times, but that's pretty much it." Xuefeng slapped his forehead and explained himself.

Seeing that Tianshi was not satisfied with his answer he leaned over and kissed her cherry lips, commenting with a cheeky smile afterwards, "I prefer these lips for sure."

"You are sleeping on the floor tonight!" Unfortunately, Tianshi wasn't bought by his sweet talking and commanded while pointing at the floor.

"No! I'm sleeping with you tonight!" Xuefeng disagreed immediately and hugged her tightly before covering them with the quilt. Being held hostage by Xuefeng, she had no choice but to surrender.


The first thing in the morning of the next day, Xuefeng wrote a return letter to Princess Shan, explaining vaguely why he was so late and that he will definitely work harder to get stronger in the future. Xuefeng assured her that before he reports into the Sacred Institute, he will come to the White Lotus Sect to visit her.

He asked his father to send it in his place as he didn't know how it was done in this world. It turned out that most people were using couriers sent by the Trade Union as they were the safest. Not many people were brave enough to go against them and even if someone was willing to take the risk, there were measures that Trade Union took that were too hard to run away from.

Each courier had the mark on them that acted as a safeguard. If the courier was attacked and killed, the mark would be placed on the killer and he would be easily tracked down later.

Xuefeng also gave the storage artefact that he took from the man that died in front of the Nightmare cave and asked his father to return it to the man's wife, after giving him the details.

After that issue he recalled was resolved, Xuefeng's next few days became quite monotonous but it doesn't mean that they were boring. He enjoyed each moment he was spending with Tianshi and didn't want those days to end. Unfortunately, Xuefeng knew that he couldn't just stay in his clan with Tianshi till they get old, living a normal life. He wasn't a normal person anymore and Ling's existence was reminding him about it every day.

In those five days, Xuefeng was teaching Tianshi multiple Air Element Arts that he learned from Yiren, with the Air Qi Wings included. And he perfected his sword skills while training with Yi and other Saint Experts. Noticing that Tianshi wasn't that in love with sword fighting, he allowed her to focus only on mastering the arts he taught her.

Nearing the fifth day of their training Xuefeng could face at least five of those experts at the same time, but he knew that if they used their cultivation strength, he wouldn't stand a chance.

Around the morning of the seventh day, since Xuefeng reunited with Tianshi, a new visitor appeared in the Aurora country which they weren't aware of.

"Uff, I'm finally here. To think that I agreed to hunt a brat in such a far away country. I must have been blinded by money for a moment." The Thousand Blades looked at his surroundings while glancing at his map and confirmed his position, breathing in relief. The long hours of waiting in his small flying ship almost made him insane.

He didn't have a comfortable and enormous warship like Xiao Feng as they were not something he could buy. Even if he had the money it was impossible to get it anyway. Xiao Family as kings of Spirit Artefacts made it themselves and only sell small types like the one he had, which could only fit at most two people.

Thousand Blades was flying high in the sky to avoid anyone and just when he was above Phoenix city, he placed his hand on the body of the flying ship. It suddenly started to vanish from the sky and soon even his body was invisible. He flew towards the ground unnoticed and landed outside of the city.

When he landed, he put his flying ship into the storage ring before appearing once again. Being invisible all the time was a huge Qi burden for him. Hiding inside the bushes, he slowly released his Spirit Awareness into the city to check the situation in the city, even if he knew there was no way there is someone stronger than him in this city.

He had an opinion that it was better to always check before acting, in case there was a problem, and in this case, it turned out that he was right. His Spirit Awareness didn't even travel ten meters and he already spotted another cultivator's presence. Noticing that it was a saint expert's Spirit Awareness, he could escape as he was one stage stronger but that didn't make him less worried.

'How is it possible that there is a saint cultivator in such a country?' Thousand Blade asked himself in his mind annoyed before he closed his eyes and created a small bird out of his Qi. Releasing it into the air, he flew it above the city to scan it.

'Fuck, why are there so many saint experts of Xiao Family patrolling in the sky. Now I get why the pay was so high. I need to kill someone connected to the Xiao Family. Fuck that Tang brat. After I'm done I will definitely pay him a visit.' Realising what the situation was like, he cursed. Everyone knew that he took the job so he can't just cancel it now. His one hundred percent success ratio would be at risk.

Just as he was troubled about what to do next, he heard someone walking towards him and talking to himself out loud, "I finally found it! To think that it took me three months to get here. Hahaha, Wen, my perfect lady, I'm coming for you! Wait, why is there a person hiding in the bu..."

It turned out it was Murong that had been wandering for the last three months, trying to reach the Phoenix City. When Thousand Blades realised he was noticed, he didn't ask questions but shoot his dagger at him. The dagger multiplied in midair into tens of similar ones and all of them hit Murong before he could react.


"Aaah, damn you! I will be baaaaaaaack~!" Instead of passing right through him, Murong turned golden and the daggers exploded with a blast and sent him flying hundreds of meters into the sky.

"What the fuck?" The Thousand Blades asked himself dumbfounded seeing his attack couldn't kill a weak brat. But then turned around and looked into the sky noticing something else.

"Shit, they heard me." He cursed seeing Saint Experts going after him, hearing the explosion. He pulled out his dagger which was blown into the tree and turned invisible, quickly running away afterwards.