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 The sky above her was blood red and the ground was coloured crimson by a stinky liquid which flowed from thousands of human and beasts' corpses. They were lying motionless and most of them were lacking a head or had a hole in their chests where a heart was supposed to be.

The only person alive in the whole vicinity was a brown hair lady of blue eyes with a pretty square face. Even if the droplets of blood were dripping from her cheeks, she still preserved her beauty.

It was someone who Xuefeng knew very well, her name was Wuying. She was currently in the Blood Inheritance Grounds, attempting her last try in finally beating it. Just like last time, she repeated her feat of reaching the 8th trial, the Bloody Desert. She started to call it like that as it really was nothing more than endless desert.

"Congratulations challenger, you passed the 8th trial. Enter the portal to move into the next floor." As Wuying walked through the corpses with two shiny, blood daggers in her hands, she heard a voice in her mind.

Wuying pointed with her hand towards the ground and suddenly the blood which was beneath her naked feet started to move. The Blood Essence within the blood was being sucked through the skin until she filled her dantian to the brim once again.

"To think that I would get such a useful art as a bonus. Heavens really want me to get the inheritance. Xuefeng, just you wait... I will get strong enough to stay proudly by your side..." Wuying vowed herself and walked into the portal which appeared not too far away from her.

A moment after her disappearance, a vortex appeared in the sky and two men went out of it, hovering in the sky. One was old and another one looked middle-aged.

"To think that father pulled us out of the middle heaven just so we could spy on those kids." The middle-aged man sighed looking towards the portal.

"Huh? Now you are complaining? Why are you giving this girl other arts then? It's not even from this inheritance. Are you going to give her a whole set of blood arts from Heaven Realm or what?" the old man rolled his eyes at his partner shamelessness and asked.

"Hey! This girl also needs some help. Look how much she loves him. The one you helped is already in a good position. If we don't help this one, it will be over for her." The middle-aged man defended himself recalling the reunion scene they witnessed not long ago at the Liu Clan.

"Okay, okay. Father didn't specify what we need to do. We only have to report to him what they are doing." The old man threw his hands in the air giving up.

"Right! Let's go and see if Wuying can pass the 9th trial." The middle-aged man exclaimed and entered the vortex.

The old man shook his head with a smile and followed after him. At least their days weren't that boring anymore.


At the same time in the Liu Clan, while Wuying was struggling on the next trial, Xuefeng just came out of the bathroom in a towel by his waist and a grin on his face. He was kicked out by Tianshi who was too embarrassed to clean herself in his presence and blamed him for that.

Xuefeng blowdried his hair with the Air Qi while he walked towards the bed when he suddenly heard the sounds from the garden as he passed the doors. He opened the doors after fixing the towel and saw that one of the twins was still training her sword. Xuefeng observed for a moment as she was still unaware of his observation and couldn't help but nod in approval.

"Nice! You improved the mistakes you made during our sparring." Xuefeng called out behind her as he approached. Yi was Tianshi's maid so it wasn't a problem for him if he only had a towel on his body at that time. Hearing his voice, Yi stopped training, putting the sword down and relaxed, turning around.

"Young Master! Why are you naked!" Aquamarine-eyed Yi didn't expect what she saw at all. She instantly turned back into her original position and cried out, blushing. She didn't know why she found it extremely embarrassing when she has already seen many men during training, but when she saw Xuefeng's muscles, her heart exploded.

"Haha, what, I have a towel, isn't that alright?" Xuefeng laughed seeing her unexpected reaction and called out innocently.

"It's not alright... Here, wear this... " Yi denied, as for her, the towel around his waist only intensified her wild imagination. She pulled out a robe from her ring and threw it past his shoulders, covering his chest. Only after that could she turn around and take another look at him.

Xuefeng didn't say anything more but she still felt like she couldn't get a word out of her mouth. Giving him one last look, she bowed and said, "I wasn't supposed to stay here this long, I will go back to my room...", before sneaking away towards the guest room they were staying at.

"And what's up with her?" Xuefeng felt she acted weird, knowing her profession and skills but didn't delve deeper into why. He hid the robe back into his ring, planning to return it to Yi later and walked back towards his room.

'You already had your fun, right? When do you plan to train and hunt for other fate fragments?' Ling suddenly broke his thoughts as she entered into his mind and asked.

'I will spend some time with Tianshi before I start thinking about what I want to do next. I also need to secure a steady supply of Fate Stones and Spirit Stones. It's not like I'm not doing anything.' Xuefeng thought for a moment and said, justifying his slow progress.

'Without other abilities, you are too weak to hold this much Fate Qi. I am yet to absorb them as you would be targeted very soon if I did. The more Fate Qi you have, the easier it is to track you down. Remember, you are not alone in this game. At the moment you are the prey that everyone is looking for and it won't be long until someone catches you. To become a predator, you have to work for it.' Ling explained with her cold voice and Xuefeng almost felt as if she was scolding him.

'I know... I will.' Xuefeng nodded and walked into the room. It was also the time Tianshi left the bathroom.

Their eyes meet and he sent her a smile, but Tianshi was still a little mad at him for tricking her earlier, so she walked towards the bed and started changing the sheets in silence. She didn't want anyone else to clean after her mess.

"Does it hurt? I thought I was gentle." Xuefeng asked and he started to help her.

"It is not, but that doesn't mean that you can act on your own like that... Next time just talk to me first about stuff like this... Okay?" Tianshi blamed him ones again before she finally sighed, giving him a chance for forgiveness.

"Yes!" Xuefeng called out as he jumped onto the bed. He looked at Tianshi while pulling out the letter he stored earlier, asking "How about we read it now?"

"Sure!" Tianshi mood finally improved when she saw the letter as her curiosity won.