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 "Mhmm..." Tianshi wrapped her legs around Xuefeng's back, helping him with his pushes as they kissed passionately. During his first few thrusts, she felt a bit of pain but with each following one, it was lessening and later disappeared. Tianshi was very grateful for his special care and gentleness.

He took her safety as his priority in all of his actions and that's what she loved about him. Laying on top of her, Xuefeng showered his girlfriend with multiple kissed while holding both of her hands, pinning her down to the bed. He was already experienced and was confident that he can make Tianshi cry for more.

"Mhm... Mhm... Mhm..." Even with Xuefeng's tongue acting like a suppressor, Tianshi's moans could still escape from her mouth as he pounded, sliding deep inside of her. She was much tighter compared to his other companions he has been with, but with her juices continuously flowing out, he didn't have to worry about it.

Suddenly, Xuefeng slowed down his advances and even his kisses subsided. Tianshi quickly noticed that something was wrong and opened her eyes. She saw Xuefeng's eyes watering as if something emotional just hit him.

"What's wrong?" She asked worriedly.

"I don't know, I was somehow overwhelmed by emotions. It must be because I was finally able to connect with you, for which I have been waiting for so long." Xuefeng smiled at her through his tears, explaining his feelings.

He was having the time of his life when out of nowhere, his brain was flooded with multiple deep emotions. He felt longing, sadness, helplessness and a bunch of other emotions mixed with each other which forced him immobile. Xuefeng didn't actually know why, so he connected it with his current situation.

Seeing him cry with a smile of his face, it affected Tianshi as well and she couldn't help but follow his footsteps.

"It's all your fault... I also wanted to be with you... Don't worry, no one will separate us anymore..." Tianshi blamed him for her tears and kissed him, putting all of her emotions into it.

Xuefeng let go of her hands and held onto her face, looking into her eyes passionately. He gently resumed his hips movements as he kissed her lightly on the lips. Between each kiss, he glanced into her eyes while wiping her tears away. With others, Xuefeng wanted to be rough and make them his, but with Tianshi, she was already in his heart. He preferred to have a slow and memorable experience that they will never forget.

Sliding his hands underneath her, Xuefeng lifted her and placed on his lap. With the help of his hands, he started moving with her bottom up and down while also giving it a few twists to the side. Tianshi wrapped her hands around his neck and assisted him, supporting her weight on him.

Even if they acted in a slow pace, in the end, it was much more rewarding and they felt their connection deepen even more. After Tianshi got a hang of it, she started changing positions to try everything she knew with him. The most popular position she knew was just right for the situation they were in.

She pushed him to the bed taking control over the situation and began to move with her butt on her own. Pulling away from his lips, she left numerous hickeys on his neck while running with her hard nipples in circles on his chest.

"Oh, god~... why it's so big... It reaches so deep, filling me completely..." After she sat down, trying another pose, she suddenly exclaimed, crying into the ceiling when Xuefeng's staff entered inside of her down to the base, touching her womb.

Tianshi allowed it to fill her wholly, approaching the end with each movement before she withdrew it, to the point it almost dropped out of her and teased her entrance. She measured how deep it could reach by sliding her finger on her belly, eventually ending up near her belly button.

"Ahh... Ahh... Let me play..." When Tianshi leaned back and supported herself with her hands, making a bow shape with her body, Xuefeng started to move his waist with sudden thrusts, ruining her harmony. Even if it brought her waves of pleasure, she couldn't help but call out unhappily.

"Then try the reverse position. Let me enjoy your perfect butt." Xuefeng grinned and said shamelessly.

"Like this?" Tianshi got intrigued by his idea and switched to the other side, now sticking her butt towards him with her legs alongside his waist.

Xuefeng smacked her butt, expressing his satisfaction and said with a smile, "Great, I love it! You can move how you want now..."

Tianshi rolled her eyes with a helpless smile, allowing him to do anything he wanted and just focused on pleasuring him. After a couple of movements, Xuefeng started to slowly push her back downwards, making her only work with her round butt.

He was also working on her butt as she moved, squeezing and gently slapping it from time to time. Unfortunately, with her firm muscles, it was tight and he couldn't enjoy the whole experience. Figuring out a simple solution, he lifted Tianshi's legs upwards, allowing him to sneakily appear behind her and thrust on his own.

His actions pushed Tianshi forward and she soon lay prone on the bed as he pounded inside her from behind. Xuefeng had to admit that this was his favourite position as not only could he reach where he wanted, he could also squeeze her buttcheeks which were loose, without any tension in them. Even if the texture didn't change, they looked much plumper than before and he could knead them as he wished.

After Xuefeng started assaulting Tianshi with the new pace, she buried her head into the quilt as to suppress her moans. Xuefeng's teasing side appeared and he couldn't help but play with her even more.

Each time he thrust inside of her, Xuefeng would pull out before sliding on her cleanly shaved crack, while also squeezing his staff with her butt, adding to the pleasure. He made sure to tease her second hole with the tip as he slid back towards her crevice. She wasn't aware of Xuefeng's preparations as she wouldn't even think he would do that.

He already made sure to clean her in the bath earlier but he didn't think about it at that time. After spreading her love juices in between her buttcheeks, Xuefeng returned inside her and started preparing the last element as he increased the frequency of his movements.

"Ah... Ahh... Xuefeng... Ahh, ahh... If you go like this, I will... Ahh..." Feeling the pleasure raising, Tianshi turned her head trying to warn Xuefeng, but the constant moans which escaped from her mouth didn't allow her to finish the sentence. Seeing that she was close to her limits Xuefeng grinned and continued to complete his work.

With Xuefeng's pressure, it didn't take long for her to finally surrender and explode with pleasure. Even if she suppressed all of the moans with the quilt, he could still feel the shivers that ran through her body.

Pulling out he could see some love juices flowing out but he didn't stop, he continued to tease her by pulling out, sliding in between her buttcheeks and played around her second hole.

Tianshi was totally unaware, feeling the moment of ecstasy which Xuefeng took advantage of. With enough love juices, he started slowly loosening her second hole, pushing inside. While she thought he was still entering the same way, he found another place for himself.

"Xuefeng..." Tianshi asked after a moment when she finally noticed that something was off. Normally Xuefeng couldn't fit his whole staff inside of her but now she could feel it was definitely longer than normal.

"Shh, it's okay. I will be done soon." Xuefeng leaned over, whispering sweetly into her ear. With enough lube in the form of her love juices, he could easily slide into her, without her feeling any discomfort. He expected her objections but so far she was taking it bravely. Xuefeng always wanted to try how it would feel even once but if he had to compare he would still choose her delicate garden instead.

'At least I can come inside her without any warning, hehe.' Xuefeng giggled in his mind as he gave Tianshi another thrust.

"Wait... are you in my butt...? Noo, it's dirty there!" Tianshi felt her bottom with her hand and realised what he was doing, causing her to cry out. She tried to stand up, but with Xuefeng lying on top of her, it was impossible.

"There is no place in your body that is dirty... Also, without protection in this world, it is safer this way... What if I forgot to pull out thinking about how beautiful you are?" Xuefeng said gently adding a little lie to convince her and it worked. She stopped struggling and thought through his words.

What if they suddenly had a kid? Wouldn't that be a huge burden for them right now? They were not even married. Tianshi didn't even want to think about what would happen if her father learned about her having a child.

"Okay... But only this once... It actually doesn't feel as bad as I thought..." Tianshi agreed and helped by spreading her buttcheeks.

"You are the best! I am almost at my limit anyway..." Xuefeng praised and pushed even deeper, pressing on her with his whole body weight.

"If you are at your limit you can still come outs... Aaah, you had to do it, right...?" Hearing him, she tried to remind him, but it was too late as Xuefeng spurted with his load right at that moment.

"Haha, my girlfriend knows me the best!" Xuefeng leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek before pulling away from her.

"Gosh, now we need to clean ourselves again..." Tianshi saw her legs and butt covered with love juices and sighed, but when she saw Xuefeng's grin, she called, "No!", fully knowing his thoughts.