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 While Xuefeng and Tianshi had their intimate moment, it was a night at a different place and a woman who was very close to Xuefeng recently was having a hard time while lying under her quilt.

"Aaah... Mhmm... What is going on..." An elf with long golden hair spread randomly in every direction, moaned consciously with her hand in between her thighs. She didn't know what was going on with her body.

At first, she was only hot all over and she felt very excited for no reason, which forced her awake, but later when she thought that this feeling will lessen, it intensified even more.

She felt hot in the region between her legs and couldn't help but rub it with her fingers just like Xuefeng showed her. Her breath quickly became irregular and her brain blank. Her love juices were flowing out constantly and she couldn't stop it.

"Aaaaah..." It only took her a few minutes to reach her limits and finally, she came, crying out in pleasure. She also covered her mouth with a pillow so her moans wouldn't be heard by anyone in the palace.

She had many questions she wanted answers for, but the most important was 'What just happened?'. All those emotions came crashing at her without any warning or reason. Even with Xuefeng, she never came this fast and needed his gentle attention for at least triple of that time.

'Is it cause I'm missing Xuefeng's touch? Am I addicted to his love?' Yiren thought, looking at the mess she created, as she finally started to breathe normally. The whole bed sheets were wet from her love juices and she had to change them if she wanted to fall asleep once again.

Just as she changed her bedsheets and lied down under her quilt, ready for sleep, she felt the same feeling once again.

"Mhmm... Not again... Ahhh..." She moaned instantly as the fire returned, burning her body from the inside. She was already done with the previous wave and another one hit her, paralyzing her body.

"Xuefeng... I miss you..." She called out before she was overwhelmed by pleasure.


Xuefeng sat behind Tianshi, with her in his arms and enjoyed the moment of finally being in the process of fulfilling his dream. He always imagined how would their intimate moment look like and he certainly missed the mark by a lot.

"Look, your hair is so nice, but you have to take care of them. Remember to always wash them every day." Thinking that their bathtub games were over, Tianshi turned into an exemplary girlfriend and started washing his hair, teaching him how to take care of himself.

"Why? I have you. Won't you take care of your boyfriend?" Xuefeng shook his head to get rid of the water on his face and smiled, teasing her.

"Phi, this was just a one time reward. You will have to earn it if you want more." Tianshi snickered and folded her arms under her perky breasts, pushing them up.

"Oh, if its a special case then I better make the best out of it. Don't think we are already done." Xuefeng grinned and reached out to grab her again.

"Haha... Ah, noo... Mhmm..." Tianshi laughed playfully, dodging Xuefeng's hand and ran to the other end of the bath, but she couldn't run away from him in such a small bathtub. He caught her swiftly and began leaving multiple kisses on her neck before covering her lips.

"Someone needs to clean you too. I volunteer as tribute!" Xuefeng left a sweet taste of his tongue in her mouth after he separated and picked Tianshi's shampoo. Pouring a decent amount on his hands, he called out with a quote from a famous western movie and attacked.

"You tickle me... I will wash my hair by myself then..." Feeling his warm hands rubbing all around her body, she actually didn't feel that shy anymore. For her, they already broke the final barrier and she could allow him this much. Seeing that he was much more focused on her chest rather than her hair, she rolled her eyes and started washing them herself.

Xuefeng was satisfied with this arrangement and continued stroking her with a grin on his face.

When Tianshi was finally done and tried to stand up, Xuefeng stopped her, launching the second part of the whole operation.

"Can you help me clean here too?" Xuefeng stood up, showing her the familiar manhood which she had the opportunity to touch earlier.

"Wasn't the previous one enough?" Tianshi asked realising what he wanted.

Instead of saying anything, Xuefeng reached out, grabbing Tianshi's right hand and placed it on his growing staff. Tianshi didn't resist as she didn't have a bad impression from her previous experience with it. She could even say that she kind of enjoyed it.

Giving it a few gentle strokes, Xuefeng's soldier quickly returned to duty. Tianshi stared at it, carefully caressing the head and after a small hesitation, she continued from where she left off by swallowing the whole head inside her mouth.

"Ahh... Your tongue is amazing..." Xuefeng praised her, feeling good when she teased him with the tip of her tongue. Trying to help her, Xuefeng started moving with his hips, slowly pushing it deeper but Tianshi moved her head back. He instantly realised that she preferred to play with her tongue instead.

In the end, Xuefeng's goal wasn't to have her pleasure him with her mouth again. He wanted more as the same occasion wouldn't come again in the near future knowing her.

"Stand up for a moment," Xuefeng called out to Tianshi who was still playing around and without pulling away, she looked at him with a questioning gaze. First, he wanted her to do it, then he wants something else.

"Just stand up, it won't run away..." Xuefeng smiled, teasing her.

"Okay..." Tianshi finally let go after giving her plaything the last lick and stood up. She didn't expect that Xuefeng would just hug her from behind while kissing her neck and grabbing onto her breasts to fondle with them. She was quite upset from being pulled away just for that but then realised his overall plan.

"Xuefeng...?" Tianshi shut her thighs together and asked with her voice panicked. While hugging her into his chest, Xuefeng sneakily slid his erected shaft in between of her thighs. Even after she closed them together, her legs were slippery enough for it to break through. She could even see it on the other side as if saying 'Hello, I'm back!' to her.

"Don't worry... I will not put it in unless you want me to..." Xuefeng grazed her earlobe with his lips and whispered seductively. When he started pulling out with his hips, his member adjusted in the spot near her entrance, gliding on it as it moved.

"Ah..." Having the pathway already created, when Xuefeng pushed forward once again, it didn't meet any resistance. The only change was Tianshi's cry when Xuefeng slammed with his waist against her bottom. After the first time, there was a second, the third and each time Tianshi couldn't help but let out a small moan.

Xuefeng was going in and out rhythmically with a steady strength while also rubbing and squeezing her nipples. She was already aroused from his earlier touches, so the combo she received was hard for her to take. It didn't take long for her legs to lose power as they started to shiver from pleasure and she had to support herself by the edge of the bathtub with her arms.

From the viewer's perspective, their act looked like Xuefeng was taking her from behind as he gave her bottom a few gentle slaps, but in reality, he was just teasing her.

"Ah... If you go any further... Ah... I'm losing it already..." Xuefeng brought the situation to the point where Tianshi couldn't hold anymore, calling out to him while moaning excessively. Realising it was the right time, Xuefeng suddenly pulled away and picked her up, walking out of the bath.

Kicking the doors from into his room, he approached the bed, throwing her on top of it, before quickly climbing after her. The water was still dripping from their bodies, wetting the whole bed but he didn't care.

"Should I stop...?" Xuefeng questioned as he played, circling around her cherry with his staff. He knew from her expression that she wanted him but was worried to take the last step.

Xuefeng smiled and decided to continue teasing her. He leaned over, kissing her deeply and asked again after she regained her breath, "Tell me... Do you want me?"

"I want you..." Tianshi finally picked her choice and whispered. She couldn't resist his temptations anymore.

Giving her another kiss as a reward he aimed with his staff, loosening her entrance a bit, before slowly pushing it inside her. She was already very relaxed from his previous foreplay but she still felt a slight pain. It was also much bigger than she expected. She felt like it was reaching up to her belly.

"Is it all in...?" Tianshi asked weakly after Xuefeng stopped distracting her with kisses.

"That's only the tip..." Xuefeng answered with a straight face causing her to panic.

"What? It's not going to fit...! Idiot..." Tianshi exclaimed but realised he was joking from his smile and hit him on the forehead with hers.

"Haha... It doesn't hurt anymore?" Xuefeng laughed and asked caressing her cheek.

"It stopped..." Tianshi finally realised what he was doing. He wanted to distract her so she wouldn't feel too much pain. When she thought about it, she suddenly felt like crying.

"Wait, why are you crying...?" Xuefeng wiped her tears away and asked worriedly.

"I'm just happy... I love you..." Tianshi smiled through her tears of happiness and kissing him after confessing.

"I love you too," Xuefeng replied and started to slowly move with his hips.