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 Underneath her dress, there was nothing else other than her soft skin and her delicate underwear. She was extremely shy as it was the first time they broke the last barrier. They could never return to the way they were before. From now on, she could only move forward without looking back.

Her panties were made out of two triangular stripes from a thin material connected to a bunch of strings that she tied into two ribbons on both sides of her waist. Her bra had matching colours to her panties and looked similar to modern nighttime crop tops. She probably searched a lot to get something similar to what she was used to on earth, trying to get a bikini look.

After she heard Xuefeng's confession, she felt warmth in her heart and her brain was pushing her to drop all resistance against him, advising to follow her desires. When Xuefeng kissed her passionately once again without losing his gentleness and sensitive touch, Tianshi sensed that she wouldn't be able to resist his attacks for too long.

His arms held her in his embrace as his hands roamed all around her back and round bottom. There was nothing blocking him anymore from experiencing the complete contact and Xuefeng made sure to take the full advantage of it.

Kneading a bun with each hand, Xuefeng started moving with his fingers closer towards her sensitive spots, trying to arouse her even more. Because of his constant movements, her delicate panties started to untie and soon fell off to the ground.

"Mhmm...!" Tianshi exclaimed, opening her eyes to glare at him, but didn't move away from him and their tongues didn't stop dancing with each other. Seeing that he was enjoying himself she closed them back, allowing him to do as he pleased.

Just as his fingers began approaching her watering crevice, Xuefeng suddenly retracted his hands and lifted her upwards by her butt and placed her on his lap after sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

His hands reached upwards, sliding on her back and he pulled away from her lips, giving her small kisses on the way towards her neck. Just after he passed her neck leaving a trail of warmth and started closing towards her chest, his hands pulled two stings on her back.

"Wait... Mhmm..." Before she could react, her bra top fell off and Xuefeng, already prepared, attacked her nipples without hesitation. He sucked on her left nipple while kneading on the right one with his hand. When he ran his tongue in circles while also poking gently with his fingers, she couldn't help but moan.

"... Haha, you look like a baby right now..." Tianshi held him by the head and pressed it against her chest. She giggled seeing him suck so earnestly.

"I thought we are going to have a bath..." Tianshi asked, feeling hot inside her chest. She was already aroused from his earlier actions but after he got hold on her round sisters, Tianshi started to actually feel pleasure.

"I didn't see any water in the bath, so I had to settle for a delicious cake right in front of me," Xuefeng said lewdly as his mouth pulled away from her chest and arrived in front of her face. Teasing her with the tips of his lips, she yielded to her desire and kissed him.

One of his hands which was gently massaging her breast the whole time suddenly started sliding downwards on her belly by walking with his fingers. The tension was raising the lower his fingers walked and it finally peaked when his pointing finger started to rub on the small bean at the entrance of her sealed cave.

"Mhmm... I can fill the bath with the water for us..." Tianshi's brain was working on the highest gear thinking what was about to happen and finally couldn't handle the pressure, pulling away from Xuefeng. Feeling embarrassed she found an excuse for her behaviour.

'Did I just panic...? Tianshi, pull yourself together... You always wanted this, why are you chickening now...' Tianshi began to blame herself as she pulled a sack with water which she started pouring towards the bath. It had great capacity and was specially made to store thousands of litres of fresh water, for drinking or bathing.

Hiding underneath her onyx-black hair, Tianshi looked towards Xuefeng's pants and seeing the high tent, she recalled her mother's advice which she heard today in the Liu Clan Leader private study.

She said: "Remember, men, are very simple. They only want one thing and that is to satisfy their desires. If you see him aroused and just leave him like this, he won't ask you for help next time. He will look for someone else instead. You can not leave him hanging like that.

"If you don't want to lose your virginity too early, you can always use other methods to serve him. You can use your hands, legs and even your mouth. Only your imagination can limit you. Let your mother give you a tip..."

When it reached to that point, Tianshi wasn't listening anymore as her thoughts started roaming elsewhere, imagining her future life with Xuefeng.

'Are we going to... do it today...?' Tianshi thought deeply.

"Tianshi, it is going to overflow soon." Suddenly, she heard Xuefeng's voice calling her and she finally returned to reality. She checked the bathtub which was almost filled to the brim with water and closed the cap. After putting a few red stones into the bath, it started steaming, turning into a hot bath.

"It's ready..." Tianshi called out quietly before turning towards Xuefeng. She saw that he still sat in the same spot, watching her with an interested expression.

"Why are you staring at me...?" She asked shyly.

"Can't I? You are really cute right now. It is hard not to watch you." Xuefeng replied smiling.

"Sweet talker... Come join me in the bath... Just how I promised." Tianshi smirked but still felt better hearing his compliments and entered the bath, inviting him to follow.

'Haha, do you think that I will let you go if you act as if nothing happened?' Xuefeng laughed in his mind and jumped into the bath after dropping his pants to the ground. Tianshi was still facing him with her back when she felt fully naked male body pressing against her. She could feel a hard sword poking her above her tailbone.

"Can you feel it...? You made me like this..." Xuefeng whispered into her ear as she fell into his embrace. She was holding her chest, trying to calm down her ringing heart when he caught her hands, worsening the situation. He bit her ear lightly before beginning to launch an attack on her neck.

"What do you want me to do..." Tianshi called out weakly as she leaned her back against his chest, allowing him to kiss her neck freely.

"Take responsibility..." Xuefeng whispered temptingly and pulled her right hand away from her chest, placing it on his raging staff. She wanted to pretend she didn't know how, but she knew that he wouldn't believe her. Even if she didn't come in contact with one before, she had common knowledge of sex education classes from back on Earth.

"It's hot..." Tianshi commented, blushing all the way down to her neck after feeling its warmth. Following his leading up and down movements, she started playing with it on her own.

They slid down to the water and Tianshi continued to rub the head behind her back while Xuefeng, with his free hands, started tamper with her female parts. Blocking her escape routes with his legs, he continued to massage her bosom and began loosening her crevice with his skilful fingers.

To his surprise, she was the first one to change the rules of the game as she suddenly turned around, looking at his strong weapon and said, "Can I lick it?"

Tianshi didn't need to ask him twice before he sat on the edge of the bath, evening out the levels of his waist and her head. She was the one who proposed it but when it was right in front of her face, it was much harder to start than she thought. Taking a deep breath she gave the tip a small, probing lick.

He gathered her hair so they wouldn't hinder her and proceed to watch as she slowly got better. She had a small amount of theory in her mind which she tried to apply in practice. She was startled that she actually didn't hate servicing him like this as it wasn't as disgusting as she thought it would be.

It was clean, hard and not smelly at all as she read from the adult blog she once read. It actually had a pleasant fragrance and taste which induced her to continue. After licking the head and running her tongue in circles a few times, she started sucking on the tip before gradually reaching deeper.

"Ahh..." Just as she swallowed up the whole head while adding a few hand twists on the shaft, Xuefeng moaned and shot a slimy liquid right into her mouth. She wasn't prepared at all and almost choked on it but in the end, she managed to swallow the whole loud.

"I'm sorry... You are just too beautiful... I was waiting for this day for too long and couldn't hold any longer..." Xuefeng slid back into the bath, apologized breathing deeply and experiencing the moment of ecstasy. If he didn't force himself to last longer, he would already burst after she stroked it gently with her soft hand.

"It's okay. As long as you are happy." Tianshi smiled sweetly, hugging him.

"There is still some left on your cheek..." Xuefeng informed her with a lewd smile seeing something on her face.

"Xuefeng~!" Tianshi exclaimed, hitting him on the chest.

"Haha, I'm not lying, here. Wasn't it tasty?" Xuefeng laughed and picked it with his finger before placing it in front of her. She pouted at first, but still grabbed his hand and sucked on his finger to taste it once again. Tianshi couldn't help It as it was indeed delicious just as he said.