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 Before leaving, Xuefeng stopped near the Twins who already stood up and said while still holding Tianshi in his hands, "Don't worry about the loss, we can still spar again tomorrow. It's good to have someone skilled to compare your skills with."

He saw that the Twins had a weird expression on their faces so he had to smooth their moods a bit. Yu was still in disbelief that they lost so easily two versus one, and even worse because it was her mistake. Yi was in a much better mood but still sad that she wouldn't be able to train with Xuefeng anymore.

When she heard Xuefeng's words and saw his gentle smile, her heart couldn't help but beat faster. In her vision, there was only him, without her Young Princess in the scope. After a moment of happiness, some pain appeared when her brain finally analyzed her situation. There was no way she could be with Xuefeng as he was with her master's daughter...

"Thank you, Young Master, for the lesson and for allowing me to learn from you. We will leave you alone for the evening as per our agreement," Yi sighed and bowed towards Xuefeng, changing her tone back to a polite one.

'What happened to her?' Xuefeng thought, surprised by her change.

"Alright, see you later. I have some business to take care of right now." In the end, Xuefeng nodded, before patting Tianshi's bottom with a grin.

"Xuefeng~!" Tianshi hit Xuefeng on the back while shouting embarrassedly. He totally reacted as if he didn't know that there was someone else next to them.

"Hehe," Xuefeng giggled before turning around and walking towards his room.

Seeing Xuefeng this happy, Yu suddenly thought of something and a devilish smile appeared on her face.

"Young Master, one more thing!" She called out pulling out a letter from her storage ring.

"What?" Xuefeng asked impatiently. He was only a few meters from his promised land and didn't want to delay any further.

Emerald-eyed twin skipped towards them and passed Xuefeng a letter holding it with both hands before explaining. "We received a letter which was addressed for Young Master while we were staying in your courtyard and I decided to keep it until Young Master comes back."

"Tianshi can you take it? I'm not letting you go. You will not run away from me." Xuefeng looked at the letter but only hugged Tianshi's waist tighter.

Tianshi rolled her eyes, leaned over and picked up the letter asking her servant unhappily, "Why you didn't you tell me about that earlier?" Wasn't the standard that servants should listen to their masters?

"It's because I have suspected that the letter is from another woman and we didn't want to distract Young Princess from training. You would be tempted to open it and your mind wouldn't be clear anymore." Yu smiled and told Tianshi their reasons.

"It's okay. We can open the letter together afterwards. When did you receive it?" Xuefeng calmed Tianshi down before asking Yu one last question.

"About two months ago," Yu said.

"Well, nothing will happen if it waits for another few hours then," Xuefeng replied and didn't waste any more time before heading towards his room. He opened the door with a kick and disappeared inside with a beauty in his arms.

"This man is weird..." Yu commented after she walked back to her sister with a doubtful expression. She didn't understand why anyone would like him.

"Yi? Yi..." Seeing that her sister didn't reply, she looked at Yi's face and noticed that she was gazing at Xuefeng's room doors. Even after calling out to her she didn't react.

"What?" Yi finally responded after her sister shook her shoulder.

"What happened to you? I was calling for you," Yu complained.

"Ah, I was just thinking about something. Don't worry. How about you report to the master and I will train some more? I want to analyze my loss," Yi replied with a smile and picked her training sword.

Even if they said they will leave them alone for the evening, they couldn't actually leave Tianshi without any protection. They did it earlier and they were scolded by their master.

"Alright," Yi nodded and left.


After Xuefeng entered the bathroom opening the doors with his foot, he finally placed Tianshi on the ground next to a big jacuzzi. He was surprised to see his usual small bathtub being replaced with a one which can be used by at least four people.

"You didn't tell me, you brought a new bathtub... How do you want me to eat you?" Xuefeng glanced at the bathtub before taking Tianshi into his arms and asking with a lewd smile.

"... I only agreed to take a bath with you... You better tell me what's up with this letter, why does it smell so nice and it's written on a pink paper? Is it a love letter or something?" Tianshi said shyly before recalling the issue of the letter that kept bugging her. She smelled it earlier and it definitely wasn't sent from a man.

"Tianshi... If you don't kiss me in the next five seconds, I will read this letter in private and keep it a secret from you." Xuefeng rolled his eyes hearing her and took the pink letter from her before putting it into his ring.

"But... Mhmmm..." Tianshi tried to complain but Xuefeng silenced her effectively by covering her lips with his. It turned out he couldn't wait those five seconds himself.

Running with his fingers on her back, he started by softly kissing her top lip before slowly switching to her bottom one, leaving a tender feeling on both sides. He was leading the whole operation by slowly opening her mouth with light but subtle touches.

After switching for the third time and kissing the top of her lips he started to add his tongue into the mix. Grazing it in between of her lips, Xuefeng began pulling her into another world. He didn't need to hold her in his embrace anymore as she was feeling her own need to be closer to him.

Their tongues finally touched, slowly and gently entangling with each other, creating a special connection. To tease her into wanting more, Xuefeng started pulling away from her after a few seconds, almost severing the link between them, but Tianshi quickly regained the stable connection by following it.

Learning from his games, Tianshi's tongue also started escaping but Xuefeng's chased each time not letting it go. She even started figuring out new tricks like sucking on his tongue or running it on his teeth, which he strangely began to like.

Their hands weren't inactive during their passionate moment but always roamed around their bodies. Xuefeng was exploring her body steadily starting from her bottom and the legs he liked so much. Diving downwards with both of his hands, he grabbed her buttcheeks, squeezing them firmly.

Even by holding them through her clothes, he could feel their perfect structure and texture, which consisted of firm muscles and a layer of fat which created the shape he craved. They weren't overly big as his hands were almost enough to cover each bun in his hands.

"Mhmm..." Tianshi called out in pleasure, feeling his balanced strokes with enough strength to not bring any discomfort but only pleasure and desire for more. With each of their contact, Xuefeng was giving her one surprise after another at how great he was at handling women.

He made her want more and more with each second she was in his embrace. At first, she was only brushing her hand against the back of his hair, but later she started grabbing his hair while pushing his head towards her, to taste a more forceful kiss.

Her second hand slid underneath his shirt revealing the delicate armour he had received from Yiren back in the Holy Land. It was so smooth and fine to the touch that she would have never thought that it was a protective gear. Only after bypassing it, did she reach her goal by seizing his broad back.

Seeing that his operation was this successful and Tianshi was already wishing for more, Xuefeng pulled away from her passionate kisses and took off his shirt with one swift movement, showing his abundant muscles. Tianshi couldn't help but leave her eyes on them for a second but Xuefeng didn't give her more time.

Her dress was quite long, reaching almost down to her ankles but with the right, light material, it wasn't disturbing her movements. Returning back to kissing her, he gently lifted her arms above her head, caressing them up and down. Tianshi didn't know what he was doing but she was entranced with his sensual touches and allowed him to perform his act.

Only a moment later did she realise what he was preparing to do when he slowly moved downwards and reached out towards her legs. Going up, he slid his hands under her dress and started pulling it with him. Her body shivered as his hands reached up to her waist by only gliding on her skin with the tips of his fingers.

Tianshi had an automatic reaction to stop him from going upwards but she stopped herself, giving in to his demands. She knew it would happen sooner or later and they couldn't bath with the clothes on anyway.

"Close your eyes..." Xuefeng said softly when he lifted her dress up to her neck. After she listened, he started to slowly remove the dress through her head, careful not to hurt her which made her touched even more. When the dress passed through her head, he continued to kiss her, not wasting even a moment just to taste her sweet lips.

"Xuefeng..." Tianshi whispered after he let go of her lips. Her cheeks were in a deep shade of red as she stood next to him, feeling the warmth of his body.

"Shhhh... You are beautiful..." Xuefeng placed his finger on her mouth, preventing her from saying anything and told her honestly while looking deep into the blue eyes.