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 Xuefeng took a deep breath and gulped down the Spirit Awakening Liquid to the last drop. He could instantly feel the warm current that was going down his throat, stomach and finally disappearing into his dantian.

He closed his eyes and focused his mind on the warm stream flowing inside his body. Because of the amount of Spirit Awakening Liquid he had taken, he was soon covered in a white shining hue. It was the Spirit Essence that was escaping his body.

In no time, Spirit Essence was rapidly gathering around the spirit in the middle of Xuefeng's dantian. Nothing unusual happened, the spirit started absorbing the surrounding Spirit Essence and formed into new shape. At the start, it was just a shiny round ball, but it soon turned into a shape of a human and then into Xuefeng.

The spirit will always take shape of the host it resides in.

When the Spirit was fully formed, Xuefeng could suddenly feel it. It was a weird feeling as if he was both the spirit and the body. He willed for the spirit to absorb more of the spirit Essence still lingering in his dantian.

Surprisingly, the spirit listened to him and started consuming the boundless Spirit Essence. After it was full, it spat out a bunch of red coloured Spirit Qi. The process repeated and after a while, the white hue around his body started changing into a red hue.

Xuefeng opened his eyes and looked at his hands. Instantly his heart sank.

'No! I don't want to have an ordinary red talent. I can't accept it! Absorb more and change colour! Absorb more and change colour!' He repeated desperately in his mind.

People around the hall started whispering. They could see the red hue around Xuefeng. That would only mean one thing. Liu Clan Young master had an ordinary Red Spirit Talent.

A wide smile appeared on the Emperor's face. This was the outcome he wanted to see the most.

"You bought so much of Spirit Awakening Liquid, but I guess it was wasted in the hands of your son." He casually commented.

Liu Xiaobei didn't say anything, but there was a frown visible on his face.

Xuefeng was still sitting cross-legged and repeated the chant in his mind. His spirit didn't stop refining Spirit Essence, but all it spat out was Red Spirit Qi.

'Am I going to spend the rest of my life as an average man? Fate, are you that against me?' He lamented in his mind.

He didn't realise, but when he said the word "fate", his Spirit shone brightly with a golden light. Instead of a Red Spirit Qi, the Spirit started to give back a light green Spirit Qi.

When Xuefeng already gave up, he heard the commotion in the hall increase. He opened his eyes in surprise and looked at his hands. He was glittering with a light green light.

'Yes! It's working!' He exclaimed in his mind. 'Absorb more, more! Light Green Talent is not enough!' he commanded the Spirit.

"What?!" Seeing the change in the colour, the Emperor stood up abruptly. But he was not the only one. The whole hall stood up to have a better view of the situation.

Everyone was surprised, but it was still within their scope of understanding. With the help of Spirit Awakening Liquid, you can increase your talent by one level. They just thought that Red Talent must have been his original one and Light Green the improved one.

Who would have thought that in the next minute, they witnessed another change, which made their speculations go all wrong?

Xuefeng's Light Green Spirit Talent increased once more!

Now, his body was covered in a dark green glow.

Zhen Ping, who was happy at Xuefeng's misfortune, looked at him with his mouth wide open. Even Zhen Shan wasn't indifferent to the weird situation and stared with interest.

"Liu Xiaobei, did you do something to your son in secret to make fun of us later? Why is his talent increasing? Did you use a Talent Suppressing Artefact?" Emperor Shang asked irritated. He was very suspicious of this scheming man. In his younger days he was often tricked by him and since then, it was hard for him to have any trust.

"No, I'm also surprised something like that is happening." He denied firmly. After that, he touched himself on the lips with two fingers.

Instantly, as If he gave some kind of secret massage, the Shadow Guards from all around the hall started disappearing from their original position and reappearing around Xuefeng on the stage. This time, they had Spirit Weapons in their hands and were on full alert.

Almost 40 Spirit Kings stood around the cross-legged Xuefeng on the stage.

During their conversation, Sky Blue light started enveloping his body like wrapping on a present.

Inside of Xuefeng mind, he was laughing as his Spirit was refining the Spirit Awakening Liquid from his stomach. His Spirit started to absorb the Spirit Essence in an unprecedented speed as if the Spirit Essence in his dantian wasn't enough.

The Spirit Essence that was being sent from Spirit Awakening Liquid's decomposition process was soon insufficient. Because of that, Xuefeng ordered his spirit to absorb the liquid directly.

A Sky Blue Qi was being pumped into his dantian, filling it up very quickly.

'No! The liquid reserve is going to end soon. I only improved my talent into Sky Blue, I can definitely increase it more!' Xuefeng suddenly exclaimed.

'Think! Where can I get more Spirit Essence?! If I stop the refining process, I might never have a chance to improve my talent ever again!' He was having a brainstorm in his mind trying to think of a solution.

'Father definitely gave all of his Spirit Awakening Liquid to me. He has nothing left. Think, think!'

Just as the liquid in his stomach was about to dry up, he thought of an idea.

'Air! There is a boundless Spirit Essence in the air! How could I forget about that?' He mocked himself.

'Spirit! Absorb Spirit Essence from the air. Absorb from the air.' He repeated in his mind.

Seeing that the sky-blue shell around Xuefeng 's body started to thin out and disappear, the Emperor sighed in relief.

It was already bad for him if Liu Clan had one high ranked talent. If they suddenly gained the second that would be a disaster. Only his daughter had Purple Talent in the capital. With it, she had a chance to reach Spirit Overlord stage in the future, and it was enough to rule a country or even a kingdom. If she was lucky enough, she could even reach the Spirit Emperor Stage.

Everyone was sighing that they didn't get to see another miracle. The only person that was looking at this whole situation with a knowing smile was Manager Wu who was sitting quietly the whole time. She looked like she knew what would happen the next moment.

Everyone present here was from Aurora Country and not many left it to travel. They might've at max visit Sacred Sword Kingdom, but she was sure that no one visited the Central Region.

Although they knew a part of her background, they didn't know everything. When she first met Xuefeng in the restaurant, she already knew that he will be extraordinary. People with fate aura around them will always make a name for themselves in this world. The future of those people is always blurry and can't be read.

Xuefeng was one of them, who was chosen to change history.

When she felt the light breeze on her face, she smiled as the light breeze confirmed her thoughts.