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 The Territory of White Lotus Sect was located in the cold region where the snow was the main element of every scenery. It was also a great place for mastering Water Qi and its variation which was ice. There was no Ice Qi so if someone wanted to have ice arts in their arsenal they would have to master Water Qi first.

For most cold beauties who wanted to follow this path, White Lotus Sect was the ideal choice. They could train, far from any disturbances and desires which could halt their training. This was also the reason why one needs to be a virgin to enter into the sect. Only when one's heart is pure can you focus your time entirely on training.

Of course, White Lotus Sect wasn't that heartless as to force all those innocent female cultivators to stay single for their whole lives. When one mastered Water Element to a certain degree, they could find a partner for themselves. The only rule was that their men couldn't enter into the Sect Territory, so if they wanted to meet, it had to be outside.

Looking at the geography, White Lotus Sect was only relatively close to Sacred Institute and this was probably the source of men those beauties can choose their partner from. Because of that, those two sects became extremely close over the years to the point that it would become a standard for cultivators of those sects to find their soulmates from the other sect.

Of course, Sacred Institute also had female disciples so they weren't that dependent on the other, but still, the friendship continued. Every month there was a meeting between those two sects where disciples could showcase their new arts and improvements but also find their dates.

Due to those frequent meetings, the sects decided to build a small city in between of them, which just happened to be on a border of two kingdoms. It wasn't a popular place everyone knew about in the world until the Trade Union decided to build a branch in there which resulted in an explosive growth of the city.

Many merchants and rogue cultivators started swarming towards the city causing it to greatly expand. Seeing the opportunity in the city, the two sects decided to officially open the city and governor it properly. They gave it the name of the Sacred Lotus City to represent their rule there.

After many years, the city now became the official stop before you wanted to join those two sects as the Entrance Examinations were performed exactly there.

Today just happened to be one of those two sects gatherings that happen every month and every single girl of White Lotus Sect who already reached the stage where they could find love was waiting excitedly. They were chatting about boys as they waited near the transport point for a flying ship towards the Sacred Lotus city.

Of course, taking part in those gatherings were voluntary so not everyone was joining them. There was one female who didn't join the sects exchange even once since she got into the sect.

Her name was Zhen Shan, but many knew her as Princess Shan.

"Look, our Princess Shan is out of their training room. Is she going to join us this time? I heard that the Sacred Sword Kingdom only Prince was still waiting for her to come out last month. Do you think he will give up chasing after her and look for someone from us?" One blond girl looked at Princess Shan and commented excitedly.

"Nah, look, she is going towards her room instead. She doesn't appreciate that great opportunity. If the Prince asked me to be his woman, I wouldn't hesitate this long." Her friend, a teen with long black curly hair and a caucasian skin tone glanced at Princess Shan saying with jealousy.

"Hah, what would you do if he just wanted to bed you?" Blond girl asked as she giggled.

"He wouldn't! A gentleman like him would definitely prefer talking about love while cuddling through the night..." The black haired lady defended her Prince with her eyes shining as she imagined herself in the Prince's arms.

"Yes, as if he would choose you." Blond girl mocked.

"Laugh all you want. You will see later..." Caucasian teen ignored her friend staying positive.

Princess Shan who walked past them heard part of their conversation and couldn't help but shake her head. If she had evidence against this fake Prince she would already expose him, but unfortunately, he was too good at covering his bad actions.

She knew that he looked too good to be true, so after she got into the White Lotus Sect, she did some digging. Princess Shan managed to talk to one of his previous playmates but she only advised her to never come close to that man, which confirmed her intuition.

Just as Princess Shan reached her room, she spotted a familiar teen, leaning by the wall near her room entrance.

"Where do you think you are going? My brother is waiting for you in the city. Can't you see his sincerity? Since he decided to be with you, he didn't have any other woman," the teen called out with a crisp voice.

"Why should I care?" Princess Shan replied with a cold face and didn't stop walking towards her room.

"Stop! Why do you have to be this stubborn? My brother earnestly wants to have only you as his wife. At least talk with him." The teen blocked her way with her arm and proposed.

"If you don't take your hand away, I will cut it off." Princess Shan looked at the teen sharply, warning her. Her eyes turned dark blue and the temperature around them fallen even more causing the thin layer of snow to turn into ice.

The teen stepped to the side feeling the chill on her skin and a looked at Princess Shan with shock.

"Tell your brother that I will kill you if you bother me once again." Princess Shan informed coldly and entered into her room without looking back.

After she closed the doors, her eyes turned back to normal, but her skin was much paler than before and she looked greatly weakened.

"It uses so much of Water Qi... I couldn't even sustain it for a minute..." Princess Shan commenter weakly as she sat down on her bed and drank some water.

'Xuefeng, how are you...? Did you get my letter...? I am still waiting for that promise...' Princess Shan thought as she lied down looking blankly at the ceiling while hugging the necklace she had on her neck.

"... She comprehended domain already... I need to inform brother!" The teen stood outside of Princess Shan room dumbfounded until she finally realised what happened and run towards the Transport Point to join the other girls going on a meeting.

The gathering took place in the big restaurant and looked more like a party with some fighting as entertainment. Girls were talking freely to the guys from Sacred Institute and there were even private rooms which could allow the already existing couples to have some fun and time in private.

"Hmmm... interesting. She is getting more and more to my liking, but it seems I will have to use other methods to get her. Someone should have told a bad word about me else she wouldn't be that assertive towards me." A muscular, handsome man thought out loud after listening to his sister's report.

They were sitting alone by the table while watching the performance of multiple disciples.

He had a thick ponytail at the back of his head made from all of his black hair in a clean manner. His high cheekbones and arched, thick black eyebrows connected with deep-set blue eyes made him look extremely sharp and collected.

He was the man which Princess Shan earnestly was trying to get rid off from her life, the Prince of Sacred Sword Kingdom, Zhen Zhao. Unfortunately, he didn't want to give up.

"I think she just doesn't like people to order her... You can't force her to do anything against her will or she will naturally revolt..." Zhen Zhao's sister said affectionately. She was the teen who was talking to Princess Shan not long ago, Zhen Huiqing.

"You were not revolting at all. You only wanted more and more." Zhen Zhao grinned, showing his white teeth and slipped his free hand under the table feeling his sister's delicate thigh.

"... It's cause I love you, big brother..." Zhen Huiqing called out quietly, not bothered by the strong grasp which caused her pain.

"Tsk, to think I had to satisfy myself with you for the last three months so that she doesn't think bad of me... I guess it's time to find out someone else to play if Shan doesn't want to be mine yet." Zhen Zhao slapped his sister's thigh one last time and stood up from the table.

He noticed that the performances were over and now it was time to socialize with each other. He already chose who he wanted and walked straight towards them after picking a bottle of wine.

"Ah! Prince Zhao is coming towards us! How do I look?" The Caucasian girl asked her blond friend when she saw that her ideal man was walking towards them.

"He will not pick you anyway, why do you wor..." The blond girl assured her, but then her face changed when he saw that the prince was actually looking at them.

"Hello ladies, I saw you glancing at me from afar the whole time. Would you like to taste a glass of wine with me in the private room?" Zhen Zhao smiled warmly and invited them.

"Isn't Prince chasing Princess Shan right now?" The blond lady asked filling it was weird.

"Do you see her anywhere? I don't." Zhen Zhao shrugged.

"Yeah, it's her loss. Of course, we can come with you, Prince Zhao." Caucasian said disdainfully and agreed to his offer without hesitation.

"Well then, you can come with me both then." Zhen Zhao smiled, hugging both of their waists and pulled them into his embrace.

The blond girl thought it was weird to take them both but didn't resist under her friend's begging gaze.