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 About ten minutes earlier inside the guest courtyard, prepared especially for the needs of Xiao Family.

"Do you know where are Little Yi and Little Yu?" Xiao Feng asked Elder Yang, who was the chief of the Xiao Familly's Security, as he looked through the window in his private room. A moment ago he was still thinking about his future meeting with his Queen and imagined multiple scenarios that could happen.

He was also thinking about how he could make this meeting happen quicker and thought of an interesting plan.

"Sir, based on the information I received from the people stationed in the Liu Clan to protect the Princess, they were sent by the Young Princess on an errand yesterday and they just came back about twenty minutes ago. They are already waiting to meet with Sir after learning that Sir arrived." Elder Yang stepped forward and answered.

"Well done. Let them enter and you can leave us alone for now." Xiao Feng praised.

"Right away, Sir." Elder Yang nodded and left. A moment later, a pair of twins entered gracefully into the room. Nothing changed about them as they still looked the same with their identical hairstyle of a straight, shoulder-length chocolate brown hair.

Their high cheekbones faces had a smooth, creamy skin tone with a thin nose in the centre. Both had moist lips with gleaming white teeth and the only thing that allowed others to tell them apart was their eyes. Yi had aquamarine sparkling eyes with straight eyebrows and Yu's, on the other hand, had emerald colour and her eyebrows were a little bit arched on the edge.

Their bodies were fit from the training they did every day, but not as sexy compared to Tianshi or her sister Xiao Wen.

"Master." The Twins said simultaneously as they bowed bending their knees in an elegant manner. They wore their fighting robes instead of their usual servant outfits as they were asked by Tianshi to leave outside the city.

"Why weren't you near my daughter when I came here?" Xiao Feng asked without any anger in his voice but the twins knew he wasn't happy about their actions.

"We are begging for forgiveness." The twins kneeled and apologized instantly.

"I told you to never leave her side... Sigh, you can stand up. Next time if she asks you to do something that requires you to leave her side, you can contact Elder Yang who can assign someone else for that." Xiao Feng sighed and ordered.

"Yes! Is there something you want us to do Master?" The Twins nodded as they stood up and Little Yu asked after the twins looked at each other. They both realised that their master was surprisingly easy on them.

"There is actually a mission I want to give you... but it's extremely hard." Xiao Feng admitted mysteriously.

"We are not scared of hardships." The Twins nodded and Xiao Feng smiled explaining his plan.

"We will do our best..." Little Yu accepted the mission, although there was a small blush on her cheeks. Yi was even worse but nodded with her head in the end.

"I'm counting on you then." Xiao Wen smiled and send them away.


'Why are they back so soon... I wanted to spend some time with Xuefeng alone today...' Tianshi thought as she looked at the two beauties that entered into the courtyard. They were none other than Little Yi and Yu twins from the Xiao Family that served her.

On the surface, Tianshi didn't show any signs of changing her approach to them, but after she realised that it was them that informed her father about sneaking into the Trade Union, she stopped sharing anything with them.

Tianshi understood that they were just her servants to spy on her and inform Xiao Feng about her actions. There was nothing she could do, for now, other than thinking before she says anything in their company.

"It wasn't nice Young Princess. It turns out that you wanted to get rid of us, so you can meet with your man without us knowing. We got quite a scolding from your father. Well anyway, here is the report Young Princess wanted. There are twenty-four rank 5 Spirit Beasts and five of rank 6 in around ten thousand Li in Liu Clan surroundings. In the report, there are all locations with their unique characteristics." Little Yu pulled out a report and gave it to her, explaining it shortly.

"Good job. This is Xuefeng, my man just as you called it. You can call him Young Master." Tianshi took the report and put it inside her ring without even looking and introduced Xuefeng's current Identity.

"Hello, Young Master. We are happy to serve you." Both Yi and Yu bowed down calling out sweetly. They aimed their bow into a perfect angle allowing Xuefeng to see their cleavage as their chests started bouncing up and down.

Xuefeng might have thought that this action was done in an accident, but Tianshi head was full of doubts as she suspected something else.

'They did it on purpose! What are they planning...' She exclaimed in her mind. She never recalled them acting like this to anyone.

"I see you are training swordsmanship. Don't worry about us, we will just stand on the side and watch. You won't even notice us." Little Yu smiled and moved to the side with her sister just as she said.

"Can you leave us alone for now? We would like to train with just the two of us." Tianshi asked helplessly. Even if they were her servants, they didn't do everything she told them to and Tianshi somehow didn't expect them to agree this time as well.

"Young Princess... Why you hate us? You know that your father scolds us when you send us away... It's our job to serve you." Just as Tianshi thought. Not only the twins didn't agree but also pretended to be hurt.

"It's alright, just let them stay. It's just a sword practice." Xuefeng massaged the inner part of Tianshi's hand, calming her down. He already mastered acting the way they did so he wasn't bought by the twins' act but still decided to let them go as he didn't actually mind their presence.

"Okay..." Tianshi sighed, listening to Xuefeng. She wanted to spend as much time with Xuefeng as if they were on dates together but Tianshi guessed that it wouldn't be that easy.

"Pick up your sword and prepare your stance the way I showed you earlier... That's right, you remembered correctly. Now we will practice some basic moves. I will slowly attack you from different directions and you try to defend based on your instincts. I will later correct your mistakes and fix your sword placement. Alright, I'm coming. Defend..." Xuefeng picked up a training sword and started the training the way he learned everything, testing out new things and correcting his moves, to perfect it.

It didn't take them long to immerse themselves in their own world and the presence of two additional viewers didn't bother them anymore. First, it was him attacking as he taught her which attacks should be parried, blocked or simply dodged and after she started to catch up the basic movements, they switched their roles. Tianshi started mimicking Xuefeng's earlier moves but it was much harder than defending and Xuefeng had to perform another round of fixing.

Although this method of training was quite crude, it was effective in the long run. Xuefeng was able to correct more and more of Tianshi's errors as the time went on which was the proof that his method was working.

They treated the training as fun as they sometimes teased each other and joked around which also escalated their enjoyment.

"Let's have a break. We already trained for two hours and my hands are tired already. I don't know how can you still have so much energy." Tianshi was the first to ask for a break as she sat down on the grass and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Hah, what can I say, I just have a great physique. This training could be considered as a warmup for me. You will get there someday." Xuefeng laughed and praised himself.

"Ehem... Can I suggest Young Master something?" Suddenly, an aquamarine eyed twin asked quietly. They stood silently on the side, watching their practice with interest.

"Sure, go ahead." Xuefeng nodded. Looking how nice they were, Xuefeng didn't have a reason to refuse.

"We are also somewhat interested in swordsmanship and I noticed a small detail that could improve your attack. Do you mind if I share it with you?" Little Yi showed a warm smile while explaining her reason for bothering him.

"Alright." Xuefeng nodded.

"What I noticed is that when Young Master attack towards the opponent's right shoulder with a cross cut, you gather your momentum a bit too late and too close to your chest, resulting in a slightly less powerful attack, giving your enemy a split second more to act." Little Yi explained based on her observations.

"Huh, let me test it... I don't get it. It feels normal." Xuefeng attacked with a cross cut into an imaginary opponent but didn't find anything lacking in his attack.

"Let me help you. Young Master should start from here and move with your whole upper body up here with one swift movement before cutting right at your enemy." Little Yi walked behind Xuefeng and putting her delicate hands on top of his, she moved with his whole chest showing him the right pathway only to cut the air the with his hands.

"It actually feels so different... To think that I didn't find that method earlier... Thanks! I guess I still need to train a bit more. I might have missed some better moves." Xuefeng's tested the move corrected by Yi once again after she separated from him and indeed it felt much smoother with her fix.

"Oh, no problem, Young Master. I'm here to help." Yi replied politely.

"You can call me Xuefeng, no need to be so polite." Xuefeng smiled, changing his attitude to the blue-eyed twin.

"Alright, Xuefe..." "I'm done with my break. We can continue. Are you ready?" Yi smiled sweetly wanting to call out Xuefeng's name but was suddenly cut off by Tianshi who stood up from the ground and skipped towards him, asking.

"Yes, let's practice some more." Xuefeng turned towards Tianshi and allowed her to pull him away from Yi.

Blue-eyed twin didn't mind her stolen opportunity and returned to her sister's side.

"Nice try." Her sister praised as she watched their master's daughter start another struggle.

'I just wanted to help him fix his swordsmanship... I actually forgot the mission for a second...' Yi thought as she looked at Xuefeng's back she touched not long ago. She didn't dislike that feeling, but she didn't share it with her sister.