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 "Tianshi... slow down, can you tell me what happened?" Xuefeng asked while being pulled by Tianshi back towards his courtyard. She was looking down with her hair covering her pretty face, without saying anything since they left from Xuefeng's father's study room.

Liu Clan Cultivators walking on the streets looked jealously at Xuefeng as they checked out Tianshi's body, but didn't dare to look too much. They knew she was someone important as many Saint Experts were protecting her all the time.

"Tianshi..." Xuefeng tried to ask once again but she still didn't respond and continued to walk.

When they finally arrived in Xuefeng's courtyard, she stopped, turning around and hit him lightly in the chest with her head still low, pinning him to the wall.

"I am mad at you..." Tianshi said without lifting her head after a moment of silence.

"Can you look at me?" Xuefeng voice softened as he asked while fixing her long black hair.

"No..." Tianshi hesitated for a moment but decided to hug deeper into his chest instead.

"...I am sorry..." Xuefeng reached out with his hands and caressed her cheeks, apologizing sincerely.

He suspected that she might be mad because he didn't tell her that he can actually go back to meet with Yiren. Tianshi already understood the necessity of his relations with Yiren and that didn't bother her as much, cause she thought he won't meet with her anymore.

"You are not sorry at all..." Tianshi bantered.

"I could tell you the whole truth from the very beginning, but I was worried you wouldn't want to be with me anymore... To share your man with other women... Knowing that you are not used to it due to our origin, I didn't know how you would react..." Xuefeng said brokenly.

"Idiot..." Tianshi finally lifted her head looking at him with red eyes and called out, glaring at him.

"At least I am an idiot with a beautiful girlfriend." Xuefeng leaned over, kissing her gently on the lips.

"I want to know everything that you are still hiding from me... I can forgive you anything you did before we met in this world as long as you will... behave from now on. Can you promise me?" Tianshi took a deep breath and finally decided on her resolution.

"I promise you, I will not look for any new women from now on. You can ask me anything and I will answer you truthfully." Xuefeng vowed while kissing her, sealing the deal with it.

"What about those women you have right now?" Tianshi asked with a selfish hope that he changed his thoughts.

"Aren't they your sisters now? You always wanted to have siblings, right?" Xuefeng said happily, hugging her playfully into his arms.

"Tsk, I knew you would say that... So how many girls you actually courted after you arrived here? Is there anyone other than Wuying and Yiren?" Tianshi expressed her annoyance but there was nothing she could do other than moving on.

'Ling, can you create an invisible barrier around us, so no one will hear?' Xuefeng asked, worried that Xiao Feng would actually hear them.

'Done.' Ling replied after she released a thin Golden Qi barrier around them.

"...Actually, there is another one..." Xuefeng said after he took a deep breath.

"Oh, what a surprise...Tell me. As long as it is not someone like Yiren's mother, I can take it." Tianshi didn't know why, but she expected this answer. She thought of possible women he could meet during his stay and probably only Yiren's mother was problematic for her.

"..." Xuefeng avoided her gaze as he scratched his nose.

"Wow... You kidding me, right? Not only the Elf Princess but her mother, the Queen, as well?" Tianshi looked at Xuefeng in disbelief, exclaiming. She wanted to separate from Xuefeng to show her stance but he was faster and hugged her tighter instead.

"I'm not letting you go. You said you will forgive me no matter what." Xuefeng reminded her.

"I indeed said that but..." "No, but's. I promised you something, so you should keep your words as well." Tianshi tried to defend her point but was cut off Xuefeng.

"...Fine." Tianshi finally dropped her objections.

"Believe me, if I knew you came with me to this world, I would definitely search or wait for you... Did you calm down already?" Xuefeng smiled at her warmly, looking into her eyes with their noses almost touching.

"Yeah... But no more hiding the truth anymore in the future, okay?" Tianshi nodded helplessly and said quietly.

"I promise," Xuefeng vowed once again, diving for a kiss. She wanted to punish him by turning away but in the end, she received it, forgiving him for his sins.

She knew that she can't blame him for his previous actions before he met her again and can only judge him for the present and the future, but it was still hard for her. It was the first time she has been in a situation like this.

She wanted to be with him, no matter what, but also desired to be his only love. Looking at the current situation, she could choose either the first option without the second one or none.

"So... how did this happen? You and that Queen..." Tianshi asked curiously after a deep kiss.

"..." Xuefeng paused once again, detecting another drama. Tianshi didn't know what she asked for with this question.

'What should I tell her... That I had a threesome with both of them...?' Xuefeng felt speechless.

"No hiding!" Tianshi saw he wanted to hide something and reminded him, poking Xuefeng's chest with her finger.

"...Do you remember when I told you that I needed to do it with Yiren at first, to leave that land?" Xuefeng asked, deciding to just tell her everything once and for all, being done with it.

"Mhmm..." Tianshi nodded, turning red from imagining it.

"Well, when we were cuddling with Yiren, the Queen just happened to join us and you can imagine the rest. She is also much stronger than me, so I had no way of resisting anyway..." Xuefeng said, acting helplessly.

"Poor you... It must have been awful, right?" Tianshi acted differently than what Xuefeng speculated and caressed his cheeks instead.

"It actually wasn't that bad... oh..." Xuefeng said unconsciously but then realized that it was only her sarcasm as she rolled her eyes and walked away successfully.

"You are sleeping on the floor tonight..." She added without turning her head.

'Shit... I knew it.' Xuefeng hands dropped down and he followed her.

It took him some time to smooth her mood back to normal, but he wasn't mad at her behaviour. He knew it was hard for her to get used to the new situation, but there was nothing else he could do. He couldn't just leave Wuying or Yiren cause that would be against his own integral rules.

After eating something, Xuefeng decided to test Tianshi's skills with a sword, only to realise that there were no skills, to begin with. Of course, she knew some basics she inherited from her predecessor memories but without practising for almost three months, she already forgot most of the moves.

She didn't have Ling's help like Xuefeng did, who could help her learn most of the arts as if it was nothing, so she needed to spend the time to master an art just as normal people. For most people, it took usually three to six months, depending on difficulty, but because of her hard work, she managed to cut on the time.

Her Heavenly Steps art was also much harder than the usual arts as it involved Elemental Qi.

"Your feet should be placed like this, about shoulder-width apart from each other with your left leg in the front. You need to balance your weight so it is evenly spread between both feet, else you will be easily knocked to the ground... Yes, that's it. Tilt your body more to the right and bend your knees a little bit. You can't be this stiff." Xuefeng stood behind Tianshi and began teaching her the correct stance for sword fighting.

He, of course, didn't lose this opportunity to punish her a bit for her previous questioning and stood as close to her as possible with his hands roaming on her body. Their waists stayed connected as he began to adjust her legs and upper body placement.

He acted like a professional swordsman to not arouse suspicion but Tianshi still felt something was wrong when the whole adjustment took more than fifteen minutes already and Xuefeng started touching her chest to correct its place.

"Isn't it fine right now? Why do I think that you just want to touch them...? If you want to touch you just need to ask..." Tianshi was already blushed from all the touching and proposed shyly.

"Cough... Can I really?" Xuefeng coughed after being exposed and asked, reaching out to feel her firm bosom once again, even though he knew it was probably a trap.

"No. You were supposed to teach me, not have fun with my body... You can leave that for the night..." Just as he thought, she slapped his sticky hands away, scolding him.

"Okay! You said it. Make sure to stay on the balls of your feet for better balance and mobility. This gives you the ability to rebalance yourself no matter which way your enemy comes at you." Xuefeng's eyes lit up hearing her words and finally let go of her, finishing the stance lesson.

Just as he ended, he heard two sweet voice called from the courtyard entrance, "Young Princess, we are back!~"