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 'Damn you Xuefeng... so you already planned to return there and you didn't tell me... you will see how I take care of you after we are alone...' After Xuefeng left with her father, Tianshi couldn't keep calm anymore and cursed in her mind.

If he comes back into that land then it naturally means that he will meet with the elf girl called Yiren there. She knew that he will explain himself when he comes back, but couldn't help getting mad for not telling her.

"Sweety, come here for a second. Let your mother give you advice." Xiao Yiying called out to Tianshi seeing her smile vanish from her face.

She held Tianshi's hands after she approached and said quietly, "There are a few methods of stopping your man from looking after other women. You can either make him fall madly in love with you, so he won't let any other girls break into his heart or you can fulfil all of his desires."

"So what do I do..." Tianshi asked worriedly. It would be best for her if Xuefeng was only her man, but it wasn't an option anymore.

"Looking at your situation, you will have to follow the second options just like the two of us. Men are just horny pigs and unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you can control his desires, you will have to suffer." Xiao Yiying sighed as she caressed Tianshi's cheeks.

"I agree. If I didn't control my husband I bet he would fill his life with multiple women already. Looking at my son, he certainly inherited his father's character in this area." Mu Lan nodded as she joined their conversation. She also wasn't a supporter of sharing her husband and that's why she was very strict with Liu Xiaobei.

The only man in the room naturally heard their conversation but didn't have a choice apart from listening silently. When Liu Xiaobei met Mu Lan he knew what he signed for and accepted it.

Knowing that they are linked to each other with a special past, Tianshi knew that he won't leave her, but still felt worried.

'With so many beauties around him every day, if I don't satisfy him, he will eventually succumb to another woman... They are probably very willing to do it for him...' Tianshi thought, adding to her helplessness.

"Don't worry, sweety. We can give you some tips and you will definitely stop him from chasing after other women in the future. If we did it, you can make it as well." Xiao Yiying comforted her.

"Wuying is a nice girl and I doubt Xuefeng would leave her, but you can always stop him from getting more." Mu Lan added.

"Okay..." Tianshi said weekly.

"Then, listen up. When you first take it into your hand..." 'God, kill me...' Liu Xiaobei rolled his eyes wishing for Xuefeng to come back already when he heard Xiao Yiying actually start giving her tips to Tianshi not bothered by his existence at all.


"... Well, I indeed have seen her and even talked with her... but Sir, don't you have a wife already...?" Xuefeng admitted and asked with an awkward smile. He decided to play it safe for now.

"Cough, you are overthinking... I just want to know how is she doing right now." Xiao Feng coughed and denied.

The truth that he was hiding inside of his heart all this time is that he still sometimes recall the time he spent with her. The Queen was his first woman and she brought a great impact into his life. He still yearned to meet with her once again even after marrying Xiao Yiying and having two kids with her.

What Xiao Yiying said about having control over him was just what she could see on the surface. In his heart, she was only in the second place.

"She is doing well I suppose. I had more contacts with Yiren... your third daughter... so I don't know how she feels about Sir. Yiren, on the other hand, was very interested in meeting Sir." Xuefeng replied, talking carefully while watching Xiao Feng's reactions.

"Hmm, I figured that out already. So you actually want to date two of my daughters? Don't you think it's too much?" Xiao Feng asked with a smirk.

"Yiren's mother already chose me as her son-in-law. If she didn't, I wouldn't be able to change my race to come back there. As I said, only elves can leave and enter as they wish." Xuefeng shrugged explaining. Knowing Xiao Feng weakness to the Queen, he decided to use it.

"Oh, she did? Well, you are not that bad I guess but you still require a lot of work to inherit the family... Wait, did you say elves can go in and out of that place?" Xiao Feng indeed changed his attitude hearing that the Queen liked Xuefeng but then suddenly realised what Xuefeng just said.

"Yes..." 'Damn I messed up again.' Xuefeng confirmed but in his mind he cursed. He knew what Xiao Feng next words will be.

"Can you contact the Queen and convince her to meet with me then?" Xiao Feng asked excitedly.

'I knew it... There is no way she will agree to meet you fool... Cause she is already my woman.' Xuefeng thought, lost what to do.

Xiao Feng mistook Xuefeng's helplessness for his unwillingness and couldn't help but get anxious. If he forced him to do that, Xuefeng could say some bad words about him to the Queen and he didn't want that.

"If you convince the Queen to meet with me, not only will I support your relationship with Tianshi, I can also allow you to date my other daughter, Wen. What do you think? She is of great beauty as well." Xiao Feng tempted, even trading his oldest daughter for his unfulfilled love.

"She is indeed pretty... But that's not the issue. Even if I contact the Queen, I don't have the confidence to make her listen to me..." Xuefeng imagined Xiao Wen being his girlfriend but quickly shook his head, clearing his mind. He couldn't switch his woman for another as that wasn't in his nature.

"Well, just do it for your father-in-law and I won't be stingy to reward you later." Xiao Feng winked at Xuefeng while patting him on the shoulder and they teleported back into the study room.

"... and then when you finally put it ... Hi honey, welcome back. Did you have a nice chat with Xuefeng?" Just as they appeared, they heard Xiao Yiying explaining something to Tianshi, who was red all over her cheeks, until she saw they were back and stopped, greeting them.

"Yes. We had a great chat and we are definitely on good terms, right?" Xiao Feng stated with a smile.

"Of course..." Xuefeng nodded out of choice.

"When do you plan to return to that land to... cultivate?" Xiao Feng asked casually, trying to confirm how long he needs to wait for meeting his Queen.

"I'm not in a hurry... I plan to spend some time with Tianshi first. It has only been one day since we reunited." Xuefeng approached Tianshi and hugged her into his chest without her resisting.

"... How about we also stay for a few days then? What do you think darling?" Xiao Feng asked his wife after he was left speechless by Xuefeng.

He thought Xuefeng would listen to him and leave in a bit, but realised that Xuefeng actually just came back. It would be weird to send him back there again.

"Sure. I don't mind, but I thought you had an important meeting planned later this week," Xiao Yiying replied, reminding him.

"Canceled. We can't neglect our family issues, right? We need to spend some time with our future son-in-law," Xiao Feng said determinedly causing his wife to agree without suspecting anything.

Suddenly, Tianshi grabbed Xuefeng by the hand and started pulling him towards the exit without saying a word. They left, leaving their baffled parents alone.

"Why did she leave?" Xiao Feng asked, not understanding the situation.

"Don't worry about her. Give them some time together. We should rather be more concerned about their marriage. It will definitely create a lot of controversies and it may gather a lot of hatred towards Xuefeng. How are we going to solve this issue?" Tianshi's mother assured her husband and change their conversation to another topic.

"How about we only get them engaged first and after Xuefeng makes a name for himself, we will proceed further?" Liu Xiaobei proposed and the rest nodded, agreeing.