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 They were inside the tailor shop when Xiao Feng arrived inside of his warship. Everyone in the city already got used to seeing it come and go from the Liu Clan Territory about three months ago. It was from that moment that Liu Clan fame raised dramatically.

The news of Liu Clan hosting important guests spread far and wide even to the bordering countries and kingdoms. The sight of multiple Saint experts patrolling the sky above the Liu Clan for the last three months only confirmed everyone guesses.

It was also because of this, that Sacred Institute sent an invitation for Xuefeng. Everyone wanted to be connected to them and receive a slice of the pie. The whole operation could be considered as an investment from their side.

More and more clans wanted to cooperate with Liu Clan and Liu Xiaobei was extremely busy because of that. Even the Royal Family issued an apology while also sending gifts by the emperor himself after investigating the real identity of the guests.

"How big is your family exactly...?" Xuefeng asked while looking at the giant warship hovering above the Liu Clan Territory which was decreasing in size and landing. He knew the answer but still couldn't help but ask.

"Haha, let's see how are you going to bully me again. My father will beat you up," Tianshi laughed as she hugged into Xuefeng's arm while entangling her fingers with his.

"Are you going to hurt your husband?" Xuefeng asked fainting a pain in his heart.

"You need to be one first," Tianshi showed her small tongue cutely, teasing him.

"Let's go, your parents are waiting. I will give you a lift. Hold onto me tightly," Xuefeng smiled at her playfulness and suddenly picked her up like a princess. She reached out to wrap her hands around his neck the moment his Air Qi Wings appeared and he launched into the air.

Saint Experts followed them and they headed towards the landing place of the warship. It was too big to fit into the storage ring so the only option was to make it smaller and place it in the Training Grounds which was the most spacious place in the clan.

When they flew back into the clan, the same Saint Expert informed them that Tianshi's parents are already waiting in Clan Leader's mansion causing them to redirect their destination.

They had to teleport straight towards Liu Xiaobei's study room taking into account all those Liu Clan disciples gathering around the warship to see who is coming.

Unfortunately, they couldn't fulfil their dreams as they were long gone.

"Young Princess, Young Master, you can enter inside. Your father is waiting." When they arrived in front of the study, the guard greeted them and let them pass.

Xuefeng could feel Tianshi squeezing his hand harder out of nervousness and he himself had to admit that he was a little bit anxious. The first time he met Tianshi's parents on Earth, he wasn't prepared and in the end, he got cornered with multiple questions asked by her father. He knew that the first impression was the most important and he wanted to do it right this time.

"Haha, who would have thought that you would recover this fast! Now you can quickly catch up to me and we can enter the Heaven Realm together. That's great news!" They entered into the room and the first thing they saw was Xiao Feng bear hugging Xuefeng's father.

"Ugh, that hurt. It will take me some time to regain my previous strength but sure." Liu Xiaobei massaged his arms and agreed.

"I see our love birds finally arrived. Tianshi, take your man and sit down next to us." Tianshi's Mother was the first one to turn towards them and invited them to sit with them. She was very interested in this boy that her daughter chose as her husband.

"Tianshi, you didn't tell me that you had another sister, other than Xiao Wen. Can I know sister's name?" Xuefeng scolded Tianshi as they approached their mothers and Xuefeng asked sincerely with a kind smile.

"Haha, Lan, what a nice son you have. Boy, I am Tianshi's mother." Xiao Yiying laughed hearing Xuefeng's mistake. Even though she knew it was on purpose, she still felt happy. Which woman didn't want to stay young and pretty forever?

"Oh, I could not tell. Madam looks so similar to Tianshi, that for a second I thought Madam is her twin. It must happen often, right?" Xuefeng opened his mouth in wonder pretending he didn't know which caused Xiao Yiying's smile to widen.

"Heh, not at all but thanks. You are sweeter than I thought." She replied humbly, accepting the compliments.

"And Sir should be Tianshi's father, right?" Xuefeng winked at her and turned towards Xiao Feng who stood to the side, offering a handshake.

"Indeed." Xiao Feng nodded watching Xuefeng's movements carefully and accepted the handshake.

To his surprise, even after he used a bit chunk of his strength, Xuefeng was still smiling and even putting some pressure on him.

"Strong hand. I can feel like this hand have been victorious in many battles. Father, did you lose already to Sir Xiao?" Xuefeng praised after giving it a proper shake and asked his father curiously.

"Hahaha, even your son knows who is the strongest. Good brat, I like you." Xiao Feng burst out laughing as he patted Xuefeng on the shoulder, praising.

The only ones in a worse mood were Xuefeng's parents as his dad turned red after recalling his defeat in the past and his mother as Xuefeng never complimented her like that.

Seeing Xuefeng quickly got both of her parents on his side, Tianshi breathed a sigh of relief. She approached Xuefeng and held him by the hand, smiling towards her father.

"This is Xuefeng I told you about. Isn't he the best?" Tianshi said sweetly cosying her head on Xuefeng's shoulder.

"Cough, that's still too early to say. Boy, tell me, what is your cultivation stage and which elements you mastered already?" Xiao Feng's face changed back to his usual stern one and as asked.

"I am still in the Spirit King but I should breakthrough very soon. I mastered Air Qi and Lightning Qi. Adding my Black Flames Slayer I have access to Fire for now as well. I also have a way to quickly master Water Qi, Fire Qi and Earth Qi. The only problem is the last three, but I will figure it out somehow." Xuefeng didn't mind telling the truth as he knew that Xiao Feng was testing him.

"What?!" Everyone in the room exclaimed hearing him act so confidently about mastering more than half of the elements. Some people can't even get a hold of one and he wanted all nine.

"I want to know the details of that space. Tell me everything." Xiao Feng called out interestedly.

Xuefeng already told the story to his parents, so he didn't mind repeating. He told him with details about the dense Elemental Essence in the air and their knowledge about cultivating. He didn't say anything about Fate Stones and Wisdom tree's as that was too much of a secret.

Tianshi's mother was the only one who heard about this story for the first time so she listened fascinated.

"If you want to quickly master other elements, you need to go back into that space right? So you actually have a way to do that?" Hearing the story once again and connecting it with Xuefeng's earlier statement Tianshi's smile froze as she realised something.

"Right! You must have a way right?" Xiao Feng asked excitedly hearing Tianshi idea.

"Actually, I do. But it would only work for me. I didn't tell you the whole truth but my appearance change is due to the change of my race... to change my affinity with nature I took part in the ceremony that made me a half-elf, half-human. Only elves can travel to and from that land." Xuefeng had no other choice but to admit.

While explaining, he could feel the change of the Tianshi's mood and he tightened his grip on her hand to calm her down.

"That's a shame... Boy, come with me for a bit, I need to ask you something." Xiao Feng sighed regretfully and then suddenly pulled him to the side. The moment Xuefeng let go of Xuefeng, he disappeared from his father study and appeared on top of the warship.

"Boy, did you maybe talk with the current Queen there? I happen to have... unfinished business with her." Xiao Feng asked with a longing in his eyes.

"..." Xuefeng opened his mouth wanting to say something but didn't know what to say.