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 "Good morning sunshine..." Xuefeng kissed Tianshi gently on the lips, seeing she started to wake up. Xuefeng was already awake for some time and enjoyed watching her beautiful, sleeping face. They fell asleep fully clothed, but that didn't stop him from feeling all of her delicate curves.

"Morning... I don't want to wake up yet... It's so comfortable..." Tianshi received his kiss, greeting him before she laid back down on his chest.

"We have a lot to do today, so we better get ready." Xuefeng caressed her cheeks and said.

"What are we going to do today? I will just follow you." Tianshi wiped her eyes and looked at him asking.

"For the start, we will visit the Trade Union. I need to get some information and buy some Spirit Artefacts. Later we can find the tailor in the city and make him create a few sets of clothes for us. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like walking in robes and those weird clothes all year round." Xuefeng introduced today's plan to her. After a week in the Wisdom Tree's space where he could wear comfortable clothes from Earth, he didn't want to go back to the standard of this world.

"Oh! Great! I want a few dresses as well. Let me take care of it. I will plan those for you." Tianshi exclaimed as she got excited hearing his plan and took this job on herself.

"Also, if you wanted to buy Spirit Artefacts, why don't I ask my father for that? My family is the biggest supplier of Spirit Artefacts in the Central Region. He will give you a huge discount if I ask him." Tianshi continued.

"Really? Wouldn't that be too much to ask?" Xuefeng asked worriedly.

"Silly, you are my boyfriend. My father even knows your father and he even proposed marri... cough... As long as he finds you a good match, there shouldn't be any problems." Tianshi giggled but coughed afterwards dodging the subject she started herself. She didn't want Xuefeng to get cocky knowing that her father already wanted to marry her over to him.

Unfortunately for her, Xuefeng didn't miss that detail and instantly grinned. He grabbed her by the firm bottom and pulled her further on top of his chest, giving her a deep kiss on the lips.

"So my dear wife, when are you going to perform your wife duties?" Xuefeng asked with a cheeky smile, not wasting the chance of giving her butt a few sensual rubs.

"You bully me again... Give me some time, okay... we only just met once again..." Tianshi hit Xuefeng on the chest and hid her head shyly in the pillow, only to whisper into his ear quietly later.

"It's okay, I was only teasing you. But you have to know that it's hard for me to resist eating you up when you look so beautiful..." Xuefeng turned to look at her and said, looking at her red cheeks. He couldn't help but steal yet another kiss from her.

Tianshi knew that Xuefeng was telling the truth as she could feel Xuefeng's strong erection, poking her in the belly. She felt it rubbing against her since the moment Xuefeng placed her butt on his waist.

It was also the reason why she was shy when he grabbed her. Even if Tianshi was still a virgin, she had her basic knowledge about these matters and knew what it meant.

"Well, if the case with Spirit Artefacts is settled then I only need to solve the issue of earning a lot of Spirit Stones... Hmmm..." Xuefeng left Tianshi with her thoughts and continued his planning, thinking about different methods of earning money.

He could hunt for various Spirit Beasts, gathering their Spirit Artefacts to later sell them, but that would take him a lot of time. Xuefeng could also do missions posted by Trade Union, but that would waste a lot of his time as well and the return was insufficient for his needs.

The other options were to master Alchemy or crafting Spirit Artefacts but he didn't know how long it would take him that.

"If you need Spirit Stones, I can give you some. My family is rich, so I can always ask my father to provide you with some." Tianshi offered after she regained control over her thoughts.

"I appreciate your offer but I can't accept it. Are you going to ask your family each time I need some? You father would look down on me if I asked him for money." Xuefeng rejected her offer and she nodded realising her mistake. Her father wasn't a person who would give out money for free.

"Don't worry, I will think of the solution at some point, let's get ready and find the tailor then." Xuefeng stood up while picking Tianshi up with him and walked towards the bathroom.

"Thanks for the lift, now you can wait outside until I am done." After he put her down, she gave him a small kiss as a payment and closed the doors to the bathroom before his nose.

When Xuefeng heard the water being poured towards the bathtub and the clothes drop on the ground, he reached with his hand toward the knob wanting to peek inside but was stopped by Tianshi's next words.

"If you go inside, I will scream." She simply said.

"Tsk... you won't be able to run for long..." Xuefeng snickered at her tactic and muttered under his nose as he left to take a bath in the guest room.

"You couldn't give me the relationship memories on Earth then you will have to make it up here..." Tianshi smiled as she whispered, walking into the bath. She wanted to do all the things normal couples do, but it would be a challenge while living in this world.


They left the rooms almost simultaneously and Xuefeng spawned his wings as he approached her.

"Did milady ordered a lift?" Xuefeng asked as he held her by the waist.

"Heh, you think you are the only one who can fly?" Tianshi snickered and they suddenly started to rise from the ground. Xuefeng looked down and saw a dense cloud forming underneath his feet which shocked him.

"You have Air Qi! Great!" Xuefeng exclaimed with happiness. If Tianshi was strong enough she would be able to join him in his journeys, without him worrying about her.

"Catch me if you can." Tianshi grinned and escaped from his arms, running swiftly into the sky. With each step, a small cloud was forming under her feet before disappearing after she jumped forward.

Before Xuefeng could react she was already out of the courtyard, heading towards the city.

"Haha, challenge accepted." Xuefeng laughed, launching in the air. The Saint Cultivators saw them flying out of the Clan Territory and instantly followed them both.

Even if Tianshi was running extremely fast, it would still be hard for her to escape from his pursuit. But that was only high in the air. When Xuefeng almost caught her, she dodged his hands by dropping down and running in between the buildings.

In the end, Xuefeng's challenge ended with his failure when Tianshi finally stopped running in front of the tailor shop. Compared to him, it was easier for her to manoeuvre with her art.

"Impressive. Did you try using that art in the fight?" Xuefeng asked curiously. He could imagine it had great potential.

"Not yet. I was only training the movement aspect of it. We can train together and you can teach me." Tianshi replied with a smile while wiping a drop of sweat from her forehead. She had to overexert herself to escape from Xuefeng, but it was worth it after hearing his praise.

"Of course. I can also teach you how to make those Air Qi Wings. It is much more convenient as it doesn't waste much Air Qi. Are they always like this?" Xuefeng agreed as he already had that in his plans. He then looked at the Saint Experts who were blocking the streets, clearing the space around them from people and asked.

"Yes... At least I managed to send my two personal guards away on an errand, else it would be worse. They don't leave me from their sight even for a moment. Anyway, let's take care of it before we will become an inconvenience for too many people." Tianshi sighed, explaining and entered the tailor shop.

Xuefeng couldn't do anything about it, so he followed her inside. The tailor turned out to be a young man in his twenties. When he heard that they wanted him to make a personalised set of clothing based on their designs, he was quite sceptical, but when he saw the sketches Tianshi started to make, his eyes couldn't help but shine.

"What interesting designs. How did you think of it?" Young tailor watched the drawings with a desire in his eyes and asked curiously.

Xuefeng and Tianshi looked at each other and smiled wryly not answering. Tianshi sketched a few more designs for herself and Xuefeng. She wanted a few types of dresses while he picked a cool leather jacket, a few pairs of pants and a couple of plain v-neck T-shirts. They knew they wouldn't be able to recreate the original as the same materials were quite hard to get but it should be a problem to get something similar.

"Give me a week and I will present you with some prototypes. You can pay me after I'm done. I will get to work immediately, so if there is nothing else..." Young tailor looked quite eager to start so he tried to politely kick them out.

When they left, Xuefeng suddenly recalled one thing and went back inside after telling Tianshi to wait. He came back after a few minutes with a grin on his face but he didn't want to tell her what he ordered.

"Young Princess, your father arrived and called for you." Just as they wanted to plan what to do next, one expert approached them and passed the message.