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 While cuddling with Tianshi, Xuefeng recalled that he can increase her Spirit Talent and that's what he did. Now that he had an additional supply of Fate Qi, he didn't need to worry about using too much of it, and running out of it later.

Tianshi followed his instructions and after a moment of Ling's effort, her talent increased from a black one to a perfect golden one. He was only worried that her father would learn about his ability, but as long as she was careful, there shouldn't be any problems.

Only recently he learned that Spirit Cultivation is just one part of Cultivating. Spirit Qi was one of the nine elements that can only allow you to use Spirit Artefacts.

A person with two elements, fighting against a Spirit Cultivation Cultivator of the same stage, would definitely have a higher chance of winning.

As he was in the subject regarding lifting talents of his close ones, he decided to increase his parent's talent as well, so they can also enjoy part of his blessing. He knew they wouldn't betray him by telling anyone about it.

It was almost evening already, as Xuefeng spent the whole afternoon telling stories with Tianshi, but they still caught Xuefeng's parents busy with the clan matters. Seeing Xuefeng walking inside the room with Tianshi while holding her hand, they realised their son already accepted Tianshi as his woman.

Liu Xiaobei couldn't help but smile jealously at his son. His wife wouldn't even allow him to think about getting a second lover.

"Do you remember when I told you that I can increase your Spirit Talents? Well, I can do it now." Xuefeng stated his reason for intruding.

"Good! What should we do? Do we need to prepare anything?" Xuefeng's father's eyes lit up and he asked excitedly. Mu Lan also looked interested as when her husband told her about it, she had a hard time believing it. She would rather believe in the Seven Petals Lotus Flower than this mysterious ability.

"Well, you just need to touch this crystal and don't resist its powers." Xuefeng approached his mother and leaned over with his neck.

To her surprise, the moment she grabbed it, she could feel foreign energy invade her body. The whole process took only a moment before the energy withdrew back into the crystal.

"That's it?" Mu Lan asked sceptically. She didn't feel anything change.

"Try producing some Spirit Qi." Xuefeng smiled and said.

His mother did as she was told and her face turned red from excitement after a few moments. The Golden Qi started to flow into her dantain and when it reached the barrier blocking her from advancing, it broke through it without much effort.

"It works! I have Golden Qi now! Thank you, son." Mu Lan called out to her husband and hugged Xuefeng.

"Why wouldn't it work. Dad, it's your turn." Xuefeng found Mu Lan reaction funny and turned towards his father who was already ready. He still didn't give up on his life and his ambitious soul was still within him.

The outcome was even better compared to Mu Lan breakthrough as not only his talent was increased, Ling healed all hidden injuries that were still left in Liu Xiaobei's body. When he scanned his body for any changes and spotted that he was fully healed, he couldn't help but look at his son in wonder.

"Just improve your cultivation and make your son proud." Xuefeng teased as he patted his father on the shoulder.

"Haha, don't get too cocky! You think I won't beat you up?" Liu Xiaobei laughed and jokingly kicked towards Xuefeng, who dodged it with ease.

"Tianshi let's go, they probably want to celebrate now. We can go back." Xuefeng picked Tianshi's hand and pulled her towards the exit.

"Wait, take the letter. You got invited to the Sacred Institute. You can enrol earlier with this invitation. You can decide what you want to do from now on as you are old enough." Liu Xiaobei called out and threw a letter at Xuefeng.

"Alright. I still have a lot to do so I will postpone going into the academy, but it can come in handy. Can I get a few more of these if Tianshi and Wuying wanted to go with me?" Xuefeng asked after catching it.

"Well, I guess I can always ask but given their skills, it won't be a problem for them to pass the entrance exam." Liu Xiaobei smiled at Tianshi, assuring her.

"Okay, then we are off. Have fun." Xuefeng winked at his father and left with Tianshi.

"Tsk... just cause he got stronger he is... mhmm..." Liu Xiaobei sneered, wanting to complain but Mu Lan threw herself at him and quickly covered his lips.


"Princess is there anything special you want to eat today?" Saint Cultivator asked bringing food for Tianshi just when they entered the courtyard.

"Just bring the usual, but add another portion. Xuefeng will eat with me." Tianshi commanded.

"Yes, right away." The expert nodded and flew away towards the Golden Phoenix restaurant.

"I see you have it good here. Now that I am finally your boyfriend, I can share your fortune." Xuefeng grabbed Tianshi by the waist, pulling her into his embrace and said shamelessly.

"Pff, who is your girlfriend..." Tianshi's face reddened as she looked to the side but she was secretly happy he already thought of her as his girlfriend.

"You are already mine. I'm not letting you go. I'm not going to lose you for the second time." Xuefeng held Tianshi's chin, forcing her to look at him and declared with a clear determination in his eyes.

"Okay..." Hearing a confident declaration like this, from a guy you love, left Tianshi no other options than to agree.

"Ehem..." Suddenly they heard someone clear his throat and they found the Cultivator was back with the food.

"You can place the food on the table in the room, we will eat in a moment." Xuefeng smiled and told the guard. Tianshi wanted to separate from Xuefeng, but he held her in his steel arms making her give up struggling. She had to stay in his arms with her red face buried in Xuefeng's chest under Saint Expert's gaze.

"Yes, Young Master." Confirming that Tianshi was alright, he nodded, leaving the food for them before leaving.

"You are a bully..." Tianshi complained.

"Why? I'm just showing everyone that we are together. Are you ashamed of me?" Xuefeng asked faking a sad look on his face.

"I'm not... Sigh, you can do what you want..." Seeing his sadness, Tianshi gave up resisting anymore. She knew he was faking it but still couldn't resist it.

After they ate a light supper, they spend the rest of the night cuddling and talking with each other until Tianshi fell asleep. Looking at her sleeping soundly in his arms, he couldn't help but wonder if this reincarnation wasn't a blessing in disguise. If he stayed on Earth, the chances of him becoming Tianshi's boyfriend so fast were close to zero. Now he could enjoy her company and ever uncovered her hidden love.

As Xuefeng was still awake, he started planning his nearby future. He had to use access to the Holy Land to his greatest capability. To gather more Fate Stones in the Holy Land, he needs to have something for trade. The perfect candidate would be Spirit Stones and Spirit Artefacts which he can exchange with elves for Fate Stones.

His initial plan was to sell them a cultivation technique and later provide them with Spirit Stones as the Spirit Essence is non-existent there. While selling them convenient artefacts like Storage Rings, he could make the elves forced to trade their Fate Stones. The only problem to this method is how to gather so much Spirit Stones.

He didn't want to take them from his father as first, it would definitely be insufficient in the long run and second, he didn't want to bother the clan for his personal business.

Aside from securing the steady afflux of Fate and Spirit Stones, he also needed to work on his elemental Cultivation. He could learn six out of nine from Yiren or the Queen but the problem was the other three. Xuefeng planned to visit the Trade Union tomorrow to find a way to earn a lot of money and search for information about the other three elements. There are bound to be people who already mastered those types.

He knew that to create Spirit Artefacts, you needed control over Metal Qi. He suspected that one needed to master Ether Qi if one wanted to create Storage Artefacts. His only concern was Blood Qi but he decided to take care of it after he masters all of the others.

His journey to Sacred Institute was the last thing on his mind and recalling back into the past, he still had more than eight months until the entrance exam will start. With the invitation letter, he didn't need to worry about it anyway. Xuefeng decided to put it at the back of his mind and focus on the main priorities.

Hugging Tianshi into his arms, he also fell asleep with his mind full of different paths he can take in the future.