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 Meanwhile, in the main study room of Tang Family, the medicine god, Tang Fei, Master of Tang Family was sitting relaxed on the sofa when his son entered the room with an annoyed look on his face.

"Dad, I can't wait anymore. Did you find out what is going on from this moron?" Tang Taizong call out as soon as he entered the room.

"Sit down. Don't create a nervous atmosphere. Don't you see I'm smoking my pipe?" Tang Fei took another puff from his pipe and pointed towards the chair opposite him.

"How can I stay calm when Tianshi is already away for three months and no one knows where she went. Now her father once again left the capital." Tang Taizong complained as he sat down reluctantly.

"Well, do you know how much I had to pay to get that information from Manager Kong? A box filled with Rank 7 healing pills." Tang Fei said as he slowly exhaled the white smoke from his mouth.

"What?! This many? Doesn't he know how much one of them cost?!" Tang Taizong exclaimed loudly hearing the price. One Rank 7 pill had a cost comparable to the yearly revenue from a small country. It wasn't weird that he was surprised by it.

"Yeah, he knows and that's why he dictated such price. Trade Union sells all kinds of information they can get and its value is based on the work they had to do, to get this information, multiplied by the risk of offending the person this information involves. If someone wanted information concerning our family, they would have to pay the same amount." Tang Fei explained calmly.

"Then what did you learn? Do you know where is she right now?" Taizong asked without patience.

"I know everything, but they are not good news. It turns out that she found herself another man. He lives in a small country in the Eastern Region and she stayed in his clan for the last three months..." Tang Fei paused allowing this information to sink into his son's mind. It's a great shame to lose a woman to another man, so he wanted to use this opportunity where the opponent appeared to temper his son.

To his surprise, Taizong wasn't a little bit bothered.

"Uff, I thought it was something serious. How can a small clan from a backdoor country compare to us? We can just destroy the whole clan and the problem will be gone." Taizong smiled as he thought of a quick plan to get rid of his problem. Using his family influence was his solution.

"Idiot! Use your brain for once. How am I going to leave you to lead the family if you are so stupid? If Xiao Feng decides to take revenge, do you know how big the consequences would be? Even if we match them in power, our fighting strength isn't on the same level as them. Even without knowing all the details, you already made up your decision." Tang Fei cursed at his son throwing his pipe at him.

"What did I say wrong? We can always sneakily assassinate them and no one will connect it to us." Taizong massaged his forehead after getting hit and defended himself.

"Well, what if I tell you that the father of that man is actually Xiao Feng's old friend? There are probably many experts stationed all around in the clan, protecting Tianshi. There is no way you can kill anyone without them knowing." Tang Fei revealed crucial information.

"... I can send an assassin to kill this guy. As long as that bastard leaves his clan, I don't need to go through all of them." Taizong called out after thinking it for a bit.

"I am not going to give you any family resources to settle this. You are old enough and this is your problem. Also, one last thing. I am not going to make you the head of the family unless you can make Tianshi yours. I am already ashamed you can't make the girl you like, yours. To think I, Tang Fei, would have such a failure of a son. To even force a girl to commit suicide because she doesn't want to be with you..." Tang Fei sighed, glancing at his son disappointedly.

"... Don't worry... I will take care of it..." Taizong gritted his teeth wanting to curse but didn't dare to in the end.

"Good. Here you have all the details. Don't disappoint me again." Tang Fei didn't care about his son mood and threw him a ring. If such a setback affects him, then he just isn't a good choice for leading the family.

Taizong caught the ring and left after checking the content. He decided to settle this issue right away and he already had a perfect candidate for this job.

After leaving the family territory, Taizong walked towards the famous bar where all the mercenaries gathered. His father didn't want to provide him with any of his experts, then he will find the best one himself.

He walked into the bar and looked around. It was noisy and crowded but Taizong knew who he was looking for. He walked to the table in the corner of the room, and suddenly the bar turned silent, with only the sound of Taizong's footsteps in the air.

He stopped by the table where only one person was sitting and even the tables next to him were free.

"I have a mission for you. Check the content and tell me if you agree." Taizong simply said and threw the storage ring towards the man without wasting time. Taizong knew from the rumours that he didn't like unnecessary gibberish.

Half of the man's face was covered in the shadows with only his wicked smile being highlighted by the light of the lantern. He grabbed the ring and looked inside it while playing with his dagger with the other hand.

"Double it." The man threw the dagger up in the air which suddenly multiplied into two and grabbed them both skillfully before he said in a playful, husky voice.

"Deal." Taizong was already prepared and threw another ring towards the mysterious man.

"Then you got yourself a deal. I will inform you when I finish." The man smiled once again and both rings disappeared into his own. When he accepted, the people in the bar began to talk once again. Earlier they didn't want to disturb him.

"To think that he actually managed to convince Thousand Blades to do something for him" Other mercenaries changed their conversation topic into the deal from a moment ago.

"Yeah, I wonder how much this kid offered him to get his approval."

"We will never know, but taking into account that he has one hundred percent success rate, I can imagine that only a big sum would move him."

"I guess we will have another corpse under Thousand Blades records. He doesn't accept jobs he isn't sure he can accomplish."


Hearing that Tianshi already knows about Yiren, Xuefeng didn't have a reason not to tell her everything from the beginning. He brought her to his room and while hugging her on the bed, he started telling her about everything that happened since he arrived in this world.

He told her about his life in the clan, the awakening ceremony, and even Ling. He made sure that no one was spying on them, before telling Tianshi about fate fragments and special powers he can get from killing other fate fragment holders.

She didn't like that concept but she couldn't do anything about it. They weren't on Earth anymore and killing was on the agenda here.

He also mentioned Princess Shan whom he took his second ability from, and about his promise to her.

"Now that I think about it, I didn't get any news from her, so maybe she already left for the White Lotus Academy." Xuefeng thought out loud.

"Well, you should do at least this much for her after stealing her fragment." Tianshi agreed with him on his promise. If he just stole from her, she would definitely bash him on the head.

"You are not jealous?" Xuefeng teased.

"Do I have to be? You are already playing around with other girls... what else can I do? I can only blame myself for forcing you to get that stupid picture, else I would have you all to myself..." Tianshi made a sad face, blaming herself.

"It's not your fault. Let's look forward instead of the past. We can't turn back time." Xuefeng hugged her into his chest, calming her down.

"What happened next? Tell me about this Yiren girl." Tianshi asked after regaining her composure.

"I met her not long after I woke up from losing consciousness. She was..." Xuefeng smiled and continued to tell her the story. He mentioned almost every detail, but in the end, he refrained from telling her about his affair with the Queen.

He decided to postpone informing her about it, till everything settles. Too much news at the same time would be too overwhelming.

When it was time for Tianshi to tell her story, his mood instantly worsened. He wasn't happy learning that another guy was pursuing after Tianshi and she almost ended up with an arranged marriage.

"You should stay with me from now on. I won't let him touch you with even one finger." Xuefeng pulled her closer towards himself and promised.

"Mhmm..." Tianshi nodded, finally feeling safe with Xuefeng.

"If he is the way you described him to be, then I guess he won't stop chasing after you. Another annoying guy, gosh." Xuefeng sighed, noting that he has to be on guard once again.