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 Tianshi recognized that voice and instantly tried to push Xuefeng away from her, but didn't expect to meet such resistance from Xuefeng's sturdy body.

Even with the increase of her strength due to starting cultivation, she couldn't move him even one bit. Without mentioning Ling's regeneration ability, after Xuefeng received Royal Elf Bloodline, not only his appearance changed but also his body structure, making his physique even stronger.

"~Xuefeng! What are you doing to sister Tianshi?" Liu Mei tilted her head to the side as she asked curiously seeing the two on top of each other.

"Ah, little Mei. He was just..." Tianshi called out shyly to little Mei, struggling to find an explanation for such an unusual situation, but Xuefeng forestalled her, "I was trying to kill a bug on her face."

Tianshi glanced at Xuefeng with a look as if saying, 'You think that will work?!'

"Ooh, where is it now?" Little Mei approached them but didn't find any bugs nearby.

"Well, I chased it away. Anyway, what are you doing here?" Xuefeng asked, but a second later he heard footsteps of people coming into the courtyard.

"Little Mei, I told you to wait a bit so they can have some time together..." Mu Lan, Xuefeng's mother, sighed seeing her pupil ruined the pair's reunion.

Xuefeng by that time already realised that his intimate time with Tianshi got to the end, forcing himself to stand up while helping Tianshi up as well. He didn't forget to feel her butt one more time with the pretext of brushing the dust away.

With the presence of Xuefeng's parents in the garden, she couldn't do anything other than shooting a glare at him, which he replied with a teasing smile.

"But I wanted to see brother Xuefeng... Did you miss me?" Little Mei pouted and seeing that Xuefeng's arms were free, she hugged him, asking sweetly.

After starting cultivation, her growth gained an explosive boost as she was already higher by a few centimetres.

"Of course, how could I forget about my favourite little friend in the clan." Xuefeng smiled patting little Mei on the head.

"Heh, I am not that little anymore. I already grew this big!" Little Mei giggled and measured herself using Xuefeng as a scale. She pointed from the top of her head towards Xuefeng's chest, showing how much she grew.

"Yes, I bet you will grow into a fine and beautiful lady." Xuefeng nodded.

"Of course, I will be as pretty as sister Tianshi." Little Mei smirked and let go of Xuefeng, switching to Tianshi instead.

"Hello, Mother." Using the opportunity, Xuefeng approached his parents, who stood by the side and greeted his mother with a hug.

"At least you still remember about your parents. Where have you been for so long?" Mu Lan smiled and asked.

"Well, you probably know I was pulled into a different space from Wuying. In that space, there was another race living inside of it. I was staying with them and learning many arts. I didn't even realise that almost three months have passed." Xuefeng explained vaguely.

"What about your appearance?" Liu Xiaobei followed with another question.

"I actually took part in a ceremony that increased my affinity with nature, so I have an easier time to study their arts and it changed my appearance. Take a look at this..." Xuefeng mixed telling the truth with hiding some parts and replied before swiftly creating Air Qi wings on his back to showcase what he learned.

"Wow, you have wings! You can fly now!" Liu Mei cried out as she ran up to Xuefeng to touch them.

"Haha, Yeah. Isn't that cool? How about we fly around as I promised?" Xuefeng smiled and picked Little Mei up.

"You remembered our promise!" Liu Mei called out happily as she wrapped her hands around his neck.

"How could I forget. Hold me tight or you will drop." Xuefeng warned before he launched into the air with a simple swing. After a little bit of practice, he was much more proficient in flying.

Xuefeng's Parents opened their mouths in surprise and Tianshi wasn't different. She wanted to impress him with her mastering of Heavenly Steps, but it turned out, he already knew a better art. Something was also telling her that it was not everything he studied and her skills wouldn't be enough to move him.

When Xuefeng landed a few minutes later, they could see the excited look on Liu Mei's face. For a Spirit Master like her, getting a chance to fly in the Air which only Saint Experts can enjoy was the best thing that happened to her so far.

"So you know Air Arts, great! Did you learn any other?" Liu Xiaobei exclaimed happily and asked in hope. Mastering one element was already a great headstart compared to other cultivators but if you managed to get your hands on two or three, then you basically had the ultimate advantage.

"Well... You can see for yourself." Xuefeng knew that his Elemental Cultivation would not remain hidden too long, so he didn't feel the need to hide it.

He placed Liu Mei on the ground and with a call from his mind, he released the Lightning Qi which was filling his dantian to the brim, covering both of his hands with lighting. He didn't want to shock them by showing his Lightning Armour, so he opted towards a simple demonstration.

"Hahahaha, that's my son." Liu Xiaobei burst out laughing full of pride seeing that Xuefeng had another element under his control. Which parent didn't want their kid to have a successful life?

'How did you make so many improvements in just three months...' Tianshi was shocked once again, but she wasn't jealous. She was happy for him and secretly glad for herself as well cause as his woman, she could share his success. Tianshi believed that Xuefeng was the man who was destined for her.

"Don't take all the credits! He is also my son. Feng'er, tell your mother one more thing. What are your relations with Lady Tianshi? What are your plans?" Mu Lan lashed out at her husband and glanced at Tianshi. She was happy with his improvements, but as a mother, she had to stay grounded and take care of his interests. She wasn't a supporter of polygamy in the marriage as one could deduct from her current relationship, so she couldn't help but ask.

Xuefeng sneakily glanced at Tianshi wondering what she said to his parents earlier but in the end, he decided not to guess anything and just show them with his actions. He walked towards Tianshi without saying anything to his mother causing Tianshi to get a little bit nervous.

It wouldn't be a lie if one said that Xuefeng was a changed man after coming into this world and Tianshi didn't know what he would do. Xuefeng reached out with his arms, getting hold of Tianshi's waist and didn't hesitate to go straight for a deep kiss.

She reacted quite shyly, knowing that Xuefeng's parents were standing next to them, watching, but after realising what that kiss meant, she relaxed, allowing him to do as he pleased. He chose to be her man and she agreed to be his woman.

Liu Mei didn't quite understand what they were doing but was fascinated and looked with them with interest.

"Well, as long as she has no problems with it, what can I do..." Mu Lan gave up separating them as she sighed. She picked Little Mei's small hand and they left the courtyard letting the loving pair enjoy their time.

"Mhmm... They already left..." After a few minutes of passionate action including their tongues playing with each other, Tianshi delicately pushed Xuefeng away, informing him.

"I know, I'm just allowing you to pay me back for all those years I couldn't taste your sweet lips..." Xuefeng smirked as he leaned over and locked Tianshi's slender body in his embrace once again. He didn't hesitate to squeeze her firm buttcheeks allowing her to get used to his subtle harassment.

"Wait a moment, I need to ask you something..." Tianshi once again escaped, but this time she placed her hand on top of his lips, so he couldn't kiss her anymore. Xuefeng still held her in his arms as he gave her a chance to talk.

"You didn't tell the whole truth, right? I want to know everything. Especially about... the girl you met there..." Tianshi demanded answers.

"...How do you know about her...?" Xuefeng asked surprised. He planned to tell Tianshi about Yiren but didn't think she would already know about her.

"I just know! Did you... do it with her...?" Tianshi exclaimed and got to the point that actually interested her.

"...Yes, I did." Xuefeng admitted after a deep breath.

"Sigh, I thought you somehow managed to leave without having to go through that... So you actually got her pregnant..." Tianshi sighed, feeling a bit unwell, knowing that Xuefeng will actually have a kid with someone else.

"What? I didn't make anyone pregnant. Who told you that?" Xuefeng stopped her thoughts before she goes too far and he called out extremely confused.

"Really? I thought you had to make the Princess of that race pregnant to be allowed to leave." Now it was time for Tianshi to be confused.

"Who told you that?" Xuefeng dug to learn the truth.

"My father was chosen just like you twenty-five years and was trapped in that space... Is something wrong? Your face suddenly turned red." Xuefeng started explaining but stopped when she saw Xuefeng's cheeks redden.

Xuefeng's brain worked quickly and he realised how fucked he was. If Tianshi's father was in the same situation as him, twenty-five years ago, then Yiren is Tianshi's half-sister and the Queen is actually his lover.

'Damn, how do I tell Tianshi's father, that two of his daughters are my woman and his old lover is mine as well...?' Xuefeng cursed in his mind thinking of a solution that would save him.