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 Liu Mei parents finally came back to their senses and walked towards her daughter. They were normal Spirit Masters with average talents. Her father was Liu Clan Spirit Stone Mine Guard and her mother was a shopkeeper in one of Liu Clan various shops.

In the day of their daughter ceremony, they could take a day off to take part in it. Who would have thought that their kid will create such a commotion? They both had Red Talent and at most, they could reach Spirit Grandmaster in their lives. But their daughter awakened a Purple talent that everyone dreamed about!

When they arrived at the side of the stage, Liu Mei also noticed them and dashed happily towards them.

"Mommy! Daddy! Did you see me?" She hugged their necks when they crouched down.

Her mother checked her daughter from head to toe as if to verify if she was her real girl. She wouldn't be surprised if she was swapped with someone else. Only after she confirmed that everything was alright, did she say "Yes, you were incredible. Good girl."

Tears of joy dropped from her father's eyes as he hugged them both. It was really a blessing for their family. Because of the Phenomenon, they also in the group of clansmen that broke through. They were Spirit Grandmasters now.

At this moment, Liu Xiaobei appeared near them.

Seeing him, Liu Mei parents both stood up and bowed. "Clan Leader."

"No need to bow, relax. I just want to ask you something. Are both parents of this kid?" He asked politely.

"Yes, we are honoured to." They answered as they wiped their tears.

"That's perfect. I got informed about your statuses a moment ago." Liu Xiaobei turned towards Liu Mei father and said "You don't need to work as a guard in the Spirit Stone Mine anymore. You can work in the Clan territory and stay close to your family. Are you content with my decision?"

"Yes! Thank you, Clan Leader." The man hurriedly thanked, clasping his hands together.

Liu Xiaobei then turned towards Liu Mei mother "You should be one of our shopkeepers, how about I make you a manager of the store you are working in and you will receive part of the shop monthly revenue?" he proposed.

"I would gladly accept Clan leader offer, thank you." She bowed, a genuine smile appeared on her face.

Liu Xiaobei nodded seeing them agree. He glanced at the young lady happily jumping in front of them. When she saw that her parents were happy, she also got excited.

"My wife is currently free without any disciple, how about I recommend your daughter to be taught by my wife?" He dropped a bomb, that they did not expect.

"As long as Mei Mei wants, we don't have any objections." Liu Mei father said after a quick looked from his wife.

"Perfect. Liu Mei, do you want to train together with your big brother in the future?" He asked sneakily. Looking at her with Xuefeng before, he already formed a plan.

"Can I really? I want to!" She answered without any thought.

"Then it's settled. We will talk about the details after the ceremony." He walked towards Xuefeng who was not far away from them and listened to the conversation and said "Xuefeng follow me. Before the ceremony continues, I will introduce you to some guests."

'No wonder he became a Clan Leader. With a scheming mind like that, he has everything under control.' He thought while he followed his father. He looked at the guests sitting on the main table and started preparing in his mind.

"You finally brought your son for us to see." Lu Clan Leader commented as he saw them coming.

"Hello Elders, I'm Liu Xuefeng, nice to meet you all." Xuefeng clasped his hands before everyone as a greeting. His gentle smile caused everyone to nod in approval.

"No need to be polite, we are all friends here." Lu Clan Leader laughed.

Every beauty seating on the table was getting tense when Xuefeng came. They knew what their mission was when their fathers brought them here. They tried to make themselves look good, as they puffed their chests and winked at Xuefeng.

Zhen Shan only looked at Xuefeng from under her veil once before she turned her head away. Before he had his talent tested, he wasn't worthy for her to look at him.

Liu Xiaobei introduced everyone to Xuefeng one by one until only the Emperor was left. In this world custom, you should normally introduce the most important guest at the end. It is done like that because most people will mostly remember the last person mentioned

"And this is our Aurora Country current Emperor." Liu Xiaobei said looking towards Zhen Shang.

When Xuefeng was reading books about this world, he stumbled across a book about local customs. He decided to read it as it might come in handy in the future and he was right. He knows that the customs were different from what he learned on Earth.

For example, when Clan Leaders were greeting the Emperor, they didn't need to bow to him or kneel. If only they are in the same stage as an Emperor, they could greet him normally. The strength dictated the rules.

"Your Majesty." He bowed slightly.

As Xuefeng was as weak as a mosquito, he had to bow his head and clasp his hands as a greeting. But he was from a Liu Clan, after all, so he only bowed slightly. He was smart enough to understand that his father was demonstrating his strength at this event. He couldn't disappoint him.

Emperor nodded indifferently in response but thought "I will let you be arrogant for a moment, let's see how you going to behave after you get a shitty talent."

"Feng'er are you hungry? You can eat something before the ceremony continues." His mother Mu Lan, who was entertaining Clan Leaders when Liu Xiaobei went to take care of the situation, asked as she started putting the food on the plate.

"No, mother I'm okay. Let's eat and talk when everything is finished." He denied her and turned towards his father. "Is everything ready? I'm already tired of waiting. I waited 16 years for this moment." He said with a bitter smile.

Liu Xiaobei nodded in understanding. He looked at the closest Shadow Guard and seeing he nod, he turned towards everyone saying, "The ceremony will proceed."

'Hehe, you are so fast to embarrass yourself. So pitiful.' Zhen Ping mocked in his mind. When he saw the beauties winking at Xuefeng, he already regarded him as an enemy.

As they were walking down towards the stage, Liu Xiaobei whispered into his son's ear "If you create another phenomenon, you can have any beauty from the main table." Saying that he gave him a bottle of Spirit Awakening Liquid and stood by the side.

'Please, I'm not even over Tianshi, and you want for me choose another girl already.' he sighed.

Going up the stage, he sat down in a random place. Seeing that he already had a bottle of Spirit Awakening Liquid, servants didn't come to give him a drop.

"Don't be nervous just follow the instructions I told earlier, and you will be good. You can't change fate." Elder Ming said in a good mood.

He already calmed down from the breakthrough, but the smile didn't leave his face.

'Can't change fate, huh... Maybe if I was the original Liu Xuefeng then he might have little chance. But, if it's myself, I think I can do it. If my reincarnation healed my dantian, it wouldn't leave me with a shitty talent, right?' he thought of a good reason to calm himself.

He opened the bottle and looked inside to check the content. To his surprise, it wasn't just a single drop. He knew his father bought more drops for him, but he didn't expect that he will get the whole bottle of it.

'He bet a lot of money on me.' Xuefeng felt good inside.