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 Xiao Feng pulled out a red crystal after hearing it crack and watched the recording of Xuefeng landing inside the Liu Clan Grounds with milky white Air Qi Wings on his back. His first reaction wasn't happiness but a long frown. Even after the video ended, he was recalling Xuefeng's facial features.

No one would notice that something was wrong if he has never been to that world, but he was. He had seen elvish features and he could tell that Xuefeng had some of them. Even if he didn't see Xuefeng's face, the first thing that everyone would notice, his white hair, was already enough to become a little suspicious.

He was wondering how could Xuefeng stay in that word for almost three months and now he got his answer.

"So you became one of them... interesting... I never thought of this idea. You probably stayed there for a long time to study their arts, hence you have their signature wings." Xiao Feng scratched his chin as he thought out loud.

Twenty-five years ago when Xiao Feng was in the Holy Land, even though he spent all of his time there in the palace, he could see elves flying around on their wings from the balcony. Later he understood that they were using Elemental Qi and regretted, not learning at least some of their secrets.

"Well boy, I hope that you tell me everything you know or else our first meeting will not be pleasant..." Xiao Feng smiled mysteriously and disappeared from his study room.


"Wen, what happened? Are these the news about Xuefeng?" Wuying asked with a rare smile when she saw that Xiao Wen received a message from a masked cultivator.

"No..." Xiao Wen shook her head and watched Wuying reaction. Just as she expected, Wuying smile was instantly gone as she wasn't interested in any other news than the one related to Xuefeng.

'Maybe I should tell her...? She already wasted eight entries, if she wastes the last one, she will lose her chance to get the Blood Inheritance... Well, there is nothing to lose I guess. Maybe she will push herself a little harder this way.' Xiao Wen thought as she watched Wuying playing with a ball of Blood Qi in her hand, transforming it into different shapes.

Each person had nine entries to each Inheritance Ground. After you fail all of them, then it's over. You couldn't enter anymore. Xiao Wen tried the Blood Inheritance and she knew it was hard, so she didn't blame Wuying.

"Okay, I lied." Xiao Wen decided to tell Wuying the truth.

"I knew it! Is he back?" Wuying smile returned as she cried with injustice. She somehow had a feeling that Xiao Wen was lying to her.

"Yes, he returned today. But you have to make a choice. Do you want to go back to Xuefeng right now or are you going to try again to get the inheritance and impress him? Only with strength, you can walk by his side as you roam the world together." Xiao Wen gave Wuying two options, but she knew what Wuying will choose.

"I... I want to stay and get stronger..." Wuying said determined after thinking for a moment. Now that she didn't need to worry about Xuefeng anymore, she could wholeheartedly focus on improving herself, so she can match Xuefeng. She knew that after three months, he probably increased the gap between them even more.

"Good, I hope you are not going to fail on the last step again. This is your last chance. Inform my father that we won't be going with him. We will catch up with him after a week." Xiao Wen warned Wuying before she turned towards the guard who was waiting for her reply and commanded.

"Yes, Princess." The guard bowed, replying, before swiftly flying away.

"Are you going to enter right away?" Xiao Wen asked as she looked towards the entrance of the Blood Inheritance Grounds and shivered. The amount of killing one person had to do in this trial was scary even for her. She was proud of Wuying who wasn't affected at all even after eight tries.

"The faster I finish, the earlier I will meet with Xuefeng. I will enter now." Wuying smiled as she decided instantly and walked forward to the cave. Wuying didn't look like she was going inside to take part in an extremely deadly trial, but as if she was going for a casual walk.

"Good luck... Xuefeng, if you hurt her, I will make your life miserable..." Xiao Wen encouraged her and muttered under her breath after Wuying left. After spending some time with Wuying, she realised how much she loves Xuefeng and even started cheering for her love, treating her like a little sister.

"He already has Tianshi and Wuying head over heels for him, what a lucky guy... Maybe I should also spend some time with him, hmmm..." Xiao Wen snickered thinking about Xuefeng's success with women, but couldn't deny that he wasn't that bad.

Looking at all the young men gathered around the Blood Inheritance, glancing lewdly at her from time to time, she couldn't help but compare them with Xuefeng. At least he treated women with respect which was kind of rare.


Xuefeng lay down on the garden grass with Tianshi on top of him. He didn't let go of her since the moment they hugged and their lips were tightly connected for the whole time. Sometimes he was separating from her, just so he can look at her face for a moment while caressing her soft cheeks before kissing her deeply once again.

Tianshi was overwhelmed with Xuefeng's passion, but she was happy nonetheless. She liked this confident Xuefeng as well. She couldn't imagine Xuefeng being this overbearing on Earth. Pushing his tongue into her small mouth and playing with her own. His hands also roamed around her body, hungry for more intimate touch.

She didn't reject him, though. This was all she wanted for a long time, even back on Earth but she had to hide her emotions, afraid of her strict father. Tianshi was still new to such stuff, but she wanted to try all of them.

"Mhmm...!" Well, she wanted to try them all but not everything at the same time. When Xuefeng's hands started to rub and squeeze her chest, she still tolerated it, but when one of his hands slipped into her underwear, she couldn't help but exclaim, pulling away from him.

"I am sorry, I got carried away. My hands kind of moved on their own..." Xuefeng apologized seeing her reaction. He got too used to such actions while playing with the Queen and Yiren for so long that he forgot himself for a second.

"It's okay... So I guess you already had some fun with other girls here, right?" Tianshi sat down on his belly and asked shyly, looking to the side.

"...Yes, I did..." Xuefeng admitted honestly.

"At least you don't lie to me... So what are you going to do now?" Tianshi muttered and asked quietly, still not looking down at Xuefeng's face.

"Tianshi... Look me in the eyes... I love you. I loved you from the moment I saw you at our school opening ceremony... When you walked out to give a speech in the class, I knew that I wanted you to be mine. My feelings for you didn't falter, even after I died and thought that I will never meet you again... I want you to know that..." Xuefeng sat up, making Tianshi slide onto his lap and reached out, holding onto her face so she turns to look at him.

"I know... but..." Hearing his words, Tianshi eyes turned red as tears threatened to spill once again. She wanted to say something, but Xuefeng sealed her lips in time with a kiss.

"You should understand, that when I first arrived here I was sure that our paths will not cross again. Adding the fact that I inherited memories, feelings and emotions from another person after I reincarnated... You should have met Wuying, right? The original owner of this body was in love with her and after I spend some time with her, I realised that I started to share those feelings. She was lovely, caring and I couldn't find a reason to reject those emotions." Xuefeng explained as he wiped Tianshi's tears gently.

"If I forgot what happened between me and her, I would not be the man you want to love anymore... If you feel like you can't be with me because of this anymore then..." Xuefeng continued but this time it was Tianshi who stopped his speech with a sweet kiss.

"Idiot! If I wanted to do that I wouldn't wait for three months for you... As long as I can stay with you, nothing else matters. I knew about Wuying from the start... I just wanted to test if you are still my Xuefeng..." Tianshi cried out and hit Xuefeng on the chest, only to bury her head in his arms.

"I am still the same. If anything... I might be better now..." Xuefeng rolled over and pushed Tianshi to the ground, catching her off guard.

Just as he was about to cover her lips again, he heard a sweet voice calling him from the entrance, "~Xuefeng!"