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 "I'm Liu Xuefeng, the Liu Clan Leader's son. You probably know I was trapped in a different space, right? I only got out today. You can call my father here or Xiao Wen and they will recognize me." Xuefeng introduced himself and said confidently.

"Where and how did you get trapped?" The Saint Expert didn't change his expression and continued asking.

"In the Moon Lake Forest. I was pulled by a weird wine into a small pool near the waterfall then I lost consciousness after I was dragged through the underwater stone doors. Did Xiao Wen call you guys for help?" Xuefeng explained and asked in exchange.

The cultivator in charge of talking didn't answer but looked at the others and nodded, causing all of them to keep their weapons. They bowed towards Xuefeng and soon dispersed, only leaving the two of them alone.

"I am sorry for stopping you, Young Master, and welcome back. Young Princess will be really happy to finally meet you again. She was waiting for a long time and didn't want to leave until you came back. I will call for your father, the Clan Leader now." The Saint Cultivator bowed as well and apologized. Now that they confirmed he was the real young master he had to be polite to the possible future master of Xiao Family.

Not many people knew what were the true circumstances of Xuefeng's disappearance as they isolated the news. Unless Xuefeng had actually been there, he wouldn't know any details.

Just as Xuefeng wanted to agree, he felt that something was buzzing inside of his Storage Ring. He pulled out the culprit and it turned out to be a Token he received from Senior Wang back in the Spirit Arts Tower. It was shining with white light and suddenly two people appeared next to them.

"Hello son, you are finally back. You took long enough to return." A familiar voice entered into Xuefeng's ears. It was exactly Senior Wang and his father who appeared out of nowhere and Xuefeng finally recalled Ling's words, that the token can act as a portable teleportation artefact.

"Father. Senior Wang. Yeah, I didn't think that almost three months would pass." Xuefeng breathed a sigh of relief seeing his father and finally relaxed.

"Haha, you recognize your son, right?" He pointed at his head and laughed. His white hair was short on the sides and lifted lightly in the middle, just like models in the modern style magazines Tianshi used to read.

"How could I not recognize my son? Let's not stay in the middle of the street, you will tell me what happened later. Also, don't worry about those guys, you will learn what is going on in a bit." Liu Xiaobei smiled as he patted his son on the shoulder.

"I will take my leave then." The Saint Expert seeing that the situation was resolved, bowed his head and flew away to continue the patrol. He didn't forget to pull out a red signal crystal and send a video to his master, Xiao Feng, as he distanced himself from Xuefeng's group.

"By the way, those two guards by the entrance gate are literally dumb. They didn't even give me the choice to identify myself and called me an imposter. No matter what I said they were sure I was fake. I don't think that should be the right behaviour on their position." Xuefeng informed as they walked in the direction of the Clan Leader's mansion. He didn't want idiots to work for them, so he reported it.

"Oh, Senior Wang will take care of it." Liu Xiaobei smiled seeing that Xuefeng matured a bit and gave Senior Wang an eye signal, who nodded, disappearing in the next second.

"But well, you can't blame them. You actually look a lot different than before. Even I had to take a second look to confirm that you are my son." Liu Xiaobei took a look at his son's weird hair once again and continued talking. Liu Clan cultivators passing them on the street gave Xuefeng curious glances but seeing that he was with Clan Leader they didn't stare for longer than a few seconds.

"Eh, it's a long story. I'm still not used to it myself." Xuefeng sighed. He would probably agree to it even if the Queen asked him for his opinion, so this outcome was unavoidable. He can easily imagine Ling asking him to accept Queen's offer.

"Okay, you don't need to tell me now. I will take your mom and come to your courtyard later. Meanwhile, you can go and meet with a lady who was waiting for you quite a bit. She is in your courtyard right now." Liu Xiaobei pointed towards Xuefeng's courtyard and continued to walk forward towards his mansion.

"Lady? Did Xiao Wen really wait for me so long? What about Wuying?" Xuefeng asked looking at his father's back who didn't give him enough explanation but didn't receive an answer.

Walking towards his courtyard he spotted Saint Cultivators acting as guards in front of the main doors. Feeling him approaching, he was scanned by multiple Spirit Awarenesses, but he was left alone a moment later.

"We already received news that Young Master is back. Young Princess is inside." The Experts greeted him as he approached and let him pass.

Xuefeng felt that the situation was extremely mysterious. Why would Xiao Wen wait for him this long? It was definitely not her style. If he wanted to guess, she would withstand a week in one place before she would ditch or find an excuse to travel somewhere.

Xuefeng was now really curious about what is going on, so he didn't wait longer and walked inside. Just as he entered, Xuefeng suddenly heard a melody. It was coming from the garden and sounded like a soft humming. Although the person was quiet, within the silent space, the melody was travelling everywhere in the courtyard.

As he walked slowly to where the sound was coming from, Xuefeng realised that he somehow knew this melody, but couldn't recall from where. Only after he stepped into the garden and saw the back of the person did he finally recall it.

'Right, Tianshi used to sing this song all the time... But how does Wuying know it?' Xuefeng thought, looking at the back of the lady who sat on the stone near the pond. The lady's back looked really similar to Wuying's and even her long black hair looked brighter in the sun, close to Wuying's brown colour.

Being sure it was Wuying's humming, Xuefeng wanted to call out to her but his words stuck in his throat when the lady suddenly started to sing.

When the words of the song entered into his ears, he couldn't help but imagine the last moments he spent with Tianshi before he fell from the cliff. He recalled Tianshi walking next to him and singing the same song, in the same way as the lady before him.

'Tianshi...?' Tianshi's face appeared in his mind and the more he looked at the lady's back, the strongest his desire to meet her once again grew in his heart.

The lady continued to sing and his heart finally broke apart as his leg unconsciously moved forward. He wanted to see her... He wanted to hold her hand once again... He wanted to confirm his thoughts...

Xuefeng knew that the odds of the lady being Tianshi were extremely low, but he didn't care. If there was only a small chance, he would still grab onto it, hoping it was true...

Her hair turned darker and darker as he drew near with each step. Her back now looked so similar to Tianshi's that he had the urge to run up to her and hug her. Even if she wasn't Tianshi, he wanted to believe...

Xuefeng expected to hear the next verse of the song, but the lady suddenly paused her singing just as he was a meter away from her.

"I waited so long, to meet you once again..." Tianshi sang softly as she slowly turned around and looked at Xuefeng, with a gentle smile on her face.

"I have been very strong, but can you finally hug me to release my pain..." She sang even softer as eventually, tears of happiness she was holding back fell from her eyes.

"Thud" Xuefeng's legs suddenly felt weak and he fell onto his knees. While looking at the face he yearned deep down to see once again, he suddenly felt something dripping from his chin. Tianshi couldn't hold back anymore and threw herself into Xuefeng's arms. She hugged into his chest without holding back on her strength, wanting him to repay all the hugs he owed her.

Xuefeng's hands moved on its own, as they slid upwards on Tianshi's back slowly tightening around her. Feeling her body in his arms, he started to believe it was not a dream.

No... He wanted to believe.

Xuefeng wanted her to be the reality so much that he tightened his grasp around her body even harder, afraid...

Afraid that when he let go of her, she will disappear from his life again...

Afraid that when he loosens his hold on her, she will slip away from his arms like hot sand slipping through the hand...

"Are you my Tianshi...?" Xuefeng finally let go after a few minutes of holding onto her and asked still in a little disbelief while holding her cheeks.

"Haha... Are you my Xuefeng...?" Tianshi sobbed laughing and asked back touching his forehead with her.

"How did you follow me here?" Xuefeng asked the question which was bothering him.

"I jumped right after you..." Tianshi said softly, embarrassed. He died for her and she threw her life away not knowing if they would actually meet again.

"Idiot! How could you throw away your life like that? What would you do if you didn't come into the same world as me?" Just as she thought, Xuefeng didn't stay calm and cursed at her stupid move.

"I didn't want to live without you..." Tianshi said gently as she looked at Xuefeng with new tears forming up under her eyes. When he saw that, his heart couldn't help but soften. Xuefeng leaned over and finally did what he wanted to do since the moment he met her.

"Mhmm..." To her surprise, he kissed her deeply stealing away her first kiss. She panicked at the start not knowing what to do, but with Xuefeng's subtle lead, she learned the basic movements quickly.

Xuefeng couldn't be with Tianshi due to her overbearing father on Earth but this time, there was nothing which could stop him anymore. She was right in front of him, once again and he will not make the same mistake again. Tianshi was his woman... and Xuefeng never leaves his women behind.