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 "Xuefeng, Yiren! You are finally back." Just as Xuefeng came down from the altar after complaining about his race change, The Queen dashed through the exit and called out to them.

"When I heard the commotion, I knew it was you guys. I see that the transformation was successful. How do you feel?" The Queen approached them happily and reached out to feel Xuefeng's white hair.

"What do you even mean, don't you see I turned into a half-elf?... Wait, you knew?" Xuefeng pointed towards his face speechlessly, but seeing no reactions from the Queen, he suddenly thought of something and asked in disbelief.

"Isn't it better right now? There is no other way to increase your affinity with nature other than changing your bloodline and cell structure. Now, with your body containing Royal elf bloodline, you can absorb Elemental Qi with each cell of your body. Wasn't that what you wanted?" The Queen didn't understand his complaints and explained.

"So you knew that this ceremony will change my race and you didn't ask me for my opinion in such an important decision? Is that what you want to tell me?" Xuefeng asked with disappointment on his face.

"I-I wanted to surprise you... Now you can stay in the Holy Land as long as you want. You can go in and out as you wish. Isn't that a great benefit?" Seeing that Xuefeng wasn't happy, the Queen finally realised that she might have made a mistake of not talking about it with Xuefeng before the ceremony, but she didn't expect that he would have such a big reaction.

"Really? So we can still see each other? Xuefeng isn't that great?" Yiren's eyes lit up the moment she heard her mother and she grabbed Xuefeng's arm, jumping excitedly.

"Well, It might be great, but I'm still mad at your mother for not consulting anything with me." Xuefeng patted Yiren on the head and looked at the Queen sighing.

"I'm sorry... It's my bad..." The Queen felt wrong under Xuefeng's disappointed gaze and hugged him, deeply apologizing.

"I don't know what you will have to do to redeem yourself, I will think about it later." Xuefeng's gaze softened seeing she understood her mistake, but he didn't forgive her completely.

"What are you going to do now?" Yiren asked.

"Apparently almost three months have passed already. I want to meet with my family in the outside world and let them know that I'm still alive..." Xuefeng said decisively, but seeing Yiren's and Queen's sad faces he added, "But don't worry after I settle everything, I will come back and visit you again. Knowing that I can come back here, I have some plans, so I won't abandon either of you."

"You promise?" Yiren tightened her hug and asked sweetly.

"I would never abandon my women as long as they are faithful and don't hide anything from me..." Xuefeng patted Yiren on the head as he promised, then looked at the Queen when he said the second part of his sentence.

"I already apologised alright... Let's go back to the palace. I will cut your hair to the previous length and we can talk later. You might want to wear some clothes as well, cause your snack is out in the open and you don't want anyone to eat it by accident..." The Queen sighed hearing him still having grudge against her and proposed as she pulled out a set of clothes for them while looking at Xuefeng's naked waist.

"Heh, only those who earned it will get to eat the snack," Xuefeng smirked as picked the clothes and started putting them on.

"..." The Queen rolled her eyes and thought, 'I will still eat it when you come back...'


"Should I leave it like this or cut the sides even more? I don't know why but you look so cool. How did you think of this hairstyle?" The Queen asked as she cut his hair with scissors she made with Xuefeng's guidance.

"Yeah, Xuefeng mind has so many ideas. When we were in Wisdom Tree space he created so many outfits for me and the house he built for us was so pretty." Yiren called out happily from the side narrating Xuefeng's feats.

"Oh, so I guess you had a lot of fun together there... Even though I made a mistake, I was alone for almost three months and I didn't even get a kiss after you guys came back..." The Queen sighed and made a sad face as she complained, brushing through Xuefeng's hair.

"Okay, I know your skills already, you won't deceive me. You will get one each when it's time for me to leave... I think it's alright, we can leave it like that." Xuefeng rolled his eyes at Queen's tricks and stood up after looking at the water mirror, finding his hair back in a good shape.

"Tsk, when are you planning to leave?" Queen uttered after being discovered and asked in wonder.

"Well, I planned to leave today. You just need to tell me how I can leave and return later." Xuefeng said as he scratched his nose. He felt bad leaving them just to meet with Wuying, but he couldn't leave her worried without any signs of life. She was his woman already and Xuefeng never leaves his women behind.

"Can I come with you?" Yiren asked with hope.

"Can I take you next time after I take care of everything there?" Xuefeng sighed and requested as he caressed her cheek.

"Yeah..." Yiren enthusiasm dropped but she still nodded unwillingly while leaning against his warm hand.

"Good girl." Xuefeng approved her good nature and turned towards the Queen.

"Humph, I will tell you after I get my goodbye kiss." the Queen pouted as she avoided his gaze.

"Eh, okay. Come here, both of you." Xuefeng realised he won't get anything from the Queen if he doesn't play in her game and forfeited, spreading his arms apart.

Yiren who was already next to him didn't reject the invitation and hugged him as he covered her with one arm. The Queen wasn't much slower and also cuddled into Xuefeng's embrace. She was also the one who attacked Xuefeng's lips first.

When her tongue slipped into his mouth, it was as if she finally received the drug she was addicted to. She grabbed Xuefeng's hand which was on her back and placed it on her left buttcheek, allowing him to squeeze as he wished. She yearned for his touch for so long that she wanted all she could have.

Feeling left out, Yiren reached out and started kissing Xuefeng on the neck. Feeling softness on one hand Xuefeng slipped his second hand under Yiren's dress and clutched both butts at the same time. Separating from the Queen under her obvious unwillingness, he gave Yiren a deep goodbye kiss as well.

"Are you both satisfied?" Xuefeng asked after Yiren received her fill.

"No... I want one more..." Yiren asked sweetly just after they separated and Xuefeng surprisingly agreed, giving her another delicious kiss.

"What? I want one as well then..." The Queen opened her mouth in jealousy and asked for one as well.

"Well, bonus kisses are only for good girls. You were bad today, so you don't get to have one. Now, tell me." Xuefeng smiled as he slapped Queen's butt for being a bad girl.

"Fine... You just need to go through the portal in the hole behind the throne and think where you want to go. You have Royal Elf Blood so the portal will let you pass. You can basically go into every water source in the outside world." The Queen finally agreed and pointed at the throne engraved in the tree pillar.

"How can I come back?" Xuefeng asked.

"Take this and when you are in the water outside, pour Elemental Qi inside and a portal will take you back." The Queen put a golden token the size of a coin in his palm and explained.

"Then I will be going, okay?" Xuefeng looked at both women in his arms and asked.

"Do you really need to go?" Yiren hugged into his chest not willing to separate.

"I will be back before you realise." He tried to cheer her up.

"Go then. But if you don't come back, I will find you and kick your ass..." The Queen left Xuefeng's embrace and let him go. Nevertheless, she didn't forget to hit him lightly in the chest and remind him that she can always find him later.

"Okay then. Take care." Xuefeng approached the throne and pulled it towards him. It moved smoothly, revealing a hole behind it.

"Just think where you want to go and jump." The Queen said watching him look down the hole.

"Well then, see you in a few days." Xuefeng gave them one last goodbye and jumped just as the Queen told him to. He already knew where he wanted to go and it was the lake outside the Phoenix City.

He didn't think if he could appear in the small pond in his courtyard and also didn't want anyone to know he has such ability yet. He decided to slowly enter the city as if he just came back.

He was dropping for a few seconds as he kept thinking where he wants to go and he finally landed on a shiny blue portal. The moment he entered it, he suddenly found himself in a cold water a few meters underwater.

Xuefeng swam upwards and drew a huge breath as his head broke through the surface.

"Uff, I guess it worked." Xuefeng sighed as he looked around the coastline and realised he was just where he wanted.