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 When little Ming came back to her space, her face was still filled with hints of shock from what she learned a moment ago. The handsome man told her that Xuefeng's lover that followed him into this world, is currently waiting for him to come back from the Holy Land. When he showed her Tianshi's picture, she instantly recognized her from Xuefeng's memories.

"Should I tell him?... No... After he leaves, he will never come back... How about I tell him there is a surprise waiting for him back in his clan and he should come back to me later so I can tell him how did I know about it... No... he still doesn't know that he will be able to enter this world later on... Aaah, I need to think of something quickly..." Little Ming sat down next to the Wisdom Tree and hugged her knees thinking about different scenarios.

She was petite and looked really cute with a pink, bunny design hoodie that she wore like a dress. She had long white hair falling on her shoulders with two small ponytails on the sides. She saw Xuefeng make those for Yiren and wanted to try them on too. Ming liked how they swung around when she shook her head.

Compared to a pair of big round almond eyes, her tapered nose and thin lips looked really small. If not for her height, it would be easy for someone to mistake her for a child, especially with her childlike round face shape.

"Hmm, maybe I should check up on him... they might have already finished..." Little Ming lifted her face from her knees still not knowing what to do and suddenly thought of checking what Xuefeng was doing.

She pulled out a Water Qi leaf from her hoodie's pocket and threw it in front of her. A water screen grew up from the ground in front of her and soon a video started playing, featuring Xuefeng and Yiren.

"Aaah... Aaah... you can be rough... don't mind me..." Little Ming instantly regretted her decision as her pale face turned pink. Yiren's moans entered her ears as she forgot to mute the sounds. She covered her eyes, only looking from between her fingers as Xuefeng continued to ravage Yiren from behind slapping her butt from time to time.

"..." She wanted to look away or turn off the screen, but something was pushing her to continue watching. Looking at Yiren's ample peaks which swayed around each time Xuefeng waist rammed into her, Ming couldn't help but feel her flat chest and fell into her thoughts.

"Maybe Xuefeng will like me if I make them bigger...?" Ming thought out loud as she imagined herself in a different look while touching her chest.


For the next few days, Xuefeng's daily schedule didn't change much. He was waking up every day with Yiren in his embrace, which usually caused them to end up in a cuddle battle for the whole morning.

Afterwards, Xuefeng was training with the Wisdom Tree for the whole day adding progressively to the difficulty. His Spirit Awareness was increasing its effectiveness with each battle as he was able to see movements of each opponent in a three hundred sixty degrees angle. Even when the number of his enemies increased to five, he was still able to skillfully manoeuvre in between them and kill his way through.

He knew that his fast progress was all thanks to Wisdom Tree's space, as he couldn't even count how many times he died during all those days of training. He could push himself to the limits without worrying about receiving a mortal wound and dying. It was the easiest method of figuring out different solutions for the hardest questions. Even if he died trying, he could always repeat by going back to the beginning and practising again until he will perfect it.

After his tiring training, Yiren would help him regain his stamina by giving him relaxing massage on the whole body. One day Xuefeng wanted to repay her by giving her one as well but he wasn't doing a great job causing them to switch back to their usual night activity.

After Yiren properly tasted the pleasures of love for the first time, she didn't want to stop. She was always the one to take the initiative asking for more. After their third night in Wisdom Tree's space, Yiren eagerly followed Xuefeng's ideas of dressing up into different costumes before roleplaying in bed.

One day Yiren was a sexy policewoman which was trying to arrest him and the next day she was a flirty nurse which wanted to heal the injury on his waist. To Xuefeng's surprise, Yiren quickly learned her role making each of their experience a unique journey.

Wisdom Tree sometimes didn't want to cooperate but under Xuefeng's repetitive requests it bent every time.

Today was the ninth day since they entered into this space and just as Xuefeng finished his daily training, Wisdom Tree surprised him with some news.

'Your body transformation was successful. If you want, you can leave at any time.' Wisdom Tree said without warning.

'Oh, this fast? Weren't we here only for more than a week?' Xuefeng asked surprised. He thought it will take a lot more time.

'Well, it might have been nine days in my space, but in the outside world, almost three months have passed already. Time flows about than ten times slower here,' Wisdom Tree answered truthfully.

"What?!" Xuefeng cried out uncontrollably.

'Well, even if I told you about it earlier. there is nothing you could change as the remodelling process already started.' Wisdom Tree said in its defence.

"Did something happen?" Yiren asked as she walked up to him after hearing him shout.

"I got informed by the Wisdom Tree that my body is ready and the fact that we actually spend three months here already." Xuefeng passed the news with a shock still visible on his face.

He thought about the other's waiting for him outside. Wouldn't they think that he is dead after he was gone for three months? In a moment of panic, he totally forgot about the token he received from Senior Wang back in the Spirit Arts Tower, which showed his signs of life.

"Oh..." Hearing the news, Yiren wasn't happy at all as well but from a different reason than Xuefeng. For her, it meant that the day when they need to separate is near and she didn't want that.

"... How about we stay here for a bit longer?" Yiren hugged into his arm and asked with hope in her eyes.

"Yiren, don't be silly... We were already away for three months..." Xuefeng looked her in the eyes and saw them watering, which made his tone lighten.

"...I don't want to separate from you..." Yiren buried her head into his chest as she hugged him deeply, with droplets of love flowing on her cheeks.

Xuefeng tried to say something but didn't know what he should do right now. Thankfully, Wisdom Tree arrived with a rescue.

"Actually, after the transformation, Xuefeng will be able to come back to the Holy Land without problems... He can visit this space as well anytime he wants..." Wisdom Tree called out loud to both of them and added after a pause.

"Really?" Both Yiren and Xuefeng asked at the same time.

"When you leave, you will find out." Wisdom Tree didn't explain anything else.

"Then please send us away." Xuefeng looked at Yiren and seeing her nod he called out to the Wisdom Tree.

"Alright." Wisdom Tree agreed and at the same time, their surroundings turned black. Yiren was still inside his arms and hugged into Xuefeng tighter.

After a moment they heard a buzz of the wind and finally started regaining their vision. Different types of Qi leaves started to detach from their bodies and they were finally left standing naked in the middle of the altar.

'Welcome back.' Ling called out in his mind when Xuefeng finally opened his eyes.

'Did you miss me?' Xuefeng asked hearing her cold voice after almost a ten days break.

'Hur, I didn't. That was a nice break. By the way, how do you like your new look?' Ling laughed denying and asked curiously.

'My new look?' Xuefeng asked troubled. He didn't think there would be many changed in his appearance from this transformation.

"Xuefeng, your hair changed... and your eyes look different too." Yiren brushed her hand against Xuefeng's hair and called out in amazement.

"Can you create a mirror so I can look at myself?" Xuefeng asked Yiren, who nodded and created a water screen out of Water Qi.

Xuefeng could see his reflection and his eyes opened wide from what he saw. His hair turned white and they were longer after three months without cutting and his eyes became sharper and wider. His face had facial characteristics similar to the elves now. Xuefeng still looked alike as his previous look but he felt weird with those new changes.

'Can you tell me what is going on?' Xuefeng asked Ling speechlessly.

'Well, congrats on becoming a half-elf and half-human.' Ling smirked and offered congratulations. She could see Xuefeng wasn't happy and didn't forget to tease him.

"You have got to be kidding me..." Hearing Ling's reply Xuefeng didn't know what to say.