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 'I'm not going to watch while you are playing with her... This is the last request you will get from me until you finish... Call me when you are done...' Wisdom Tree did what Xuefeng required but couldn't get itself to stay and watch what they are about to do.

After seeing what Xuefeng was imagining, it decided to cut its visual connection with Xuefeng for the first time and wait for them to finish.

"You look just as I imagined you would. Many men would kill to see you in such an outfit while having you on their laps." Xuefeng grinned wide as his hands glided on Yiren's slender legs towards her round bottom. His hands entered under her short lace skirt which barely covered her buttcheeks.

"Hmm, It's kind of revealing. I wouldn't mind wearing this if it's only for you. Does woman in the outside world wear this type of clothing?" Yiren looked at the new dress she received from Xuefeng and commented not bothered by Xuefeng's roaming hands.

She didn't know if that could even be considered a dress as the whole outfit consisted of black knee socks with ribbons, black and white layered lace skirt and a short buttoned blouse that only covered her chest area, leaving the whole belly uncovered. The buttons were also undone causing her naughty girls to almost jump out of the blouse.

"Cough, I might have changed it a little bit according to my preference but that's mostly how a maid outfit looks like." Xuefeng coughed embarrassedly seeing Yiren check out her blouse which Xuefeng designed so it will be even lewder than the original.

Yeah, Xuefeng's brilliant idea was to create a maid outfit for Yiren so she could service him. Which man wouldn't want to be serviced by a sexy beauty elf in a maid costume if they got the chance to make her wear whatever they wanted? Well, Xuefeng was one of those who had different fantasies he wanted to try in his life and this was one of them.

"Oh, so Young Master wants me to service him?" Yiren quickly understood what role Xuefeng wanted her to impersonate and immediately adjusted. She leaned over, bending her body so Xuefeng could see her full chest from up close and asked seductively with her lips hovering above his, waiting for him to taste them.

"How can you service me...?" Xuefeng replied with a question as he also tempted her by brushing his lips against hers.

Yiren couldn't resist like Xuefeng did and kissed him deeply slowly pulling away from him. He lifted himself and followed her kiss but she finally escaped as she sat down on his belly. Yiren played with her toes as she sneaked them towards Xuefeng's shorts and asked cheekily, "Mhmm... I noticed you like those thigh-high knee socks. How about something like this?"

She teased his staff that was already erected from her earlier lap dancing as she played around it with her toes. Picking up Xuefeng's hands, Yiren led them onto her glossy peaks and allowed him to squeeze as he wanted.

Xuefeng didn't expect she would get into her role so passionately, but he didn't complain and only rejoiced. Knowing that Wisdom Tree wasn't looking anymore, he didn't bother to call her out when he thought of something and improvised.

"Let me add something. Lean over for a bit." Xuefeng said as he let go of the girls and reached out to her knee socks ribbons. He untied them and fastened them on Yiren's hair creating two side ponytails. Few strands of her golden hair were falling gently on her cheeks while he separated the rest into two.

"Do I look cuter now?" Yiren smiled sweetly and asked as she underlined her face with her hands, trying to act cute.

"You look super adorable right now. Come here!" Xuefeng complemented her and suddenly lifted himself up covering her lips and rolled down on the bed changing their positions. Now it was Xuefeng who was on the top acting dominatingly.

"Wasn't it my job to serve you?" Yiren asked out of breath as they separated with their lips.

"Well, then how about you service me like this?" Xuefeng smiled and took off his shorts with one move, showing his mighty spear to the world. Xuefeng sat across her as he placed it in between her bosom and pushed them together, hugging it like a sandwich.

"Like this? They are quite slippery so you can move." Yiren took over from him and said.

Xuefeng nodded, beginning to slide in and out as the head started reaching towards Yiren's mouth with each movement. She couldn't help but pull out her tongue out and lick the tip each time it was close.

Feeling her wet tongue he started to slow down next to it, allowing her to play with it for a bit longer. It began with subtle licks until it suddenly came into a part where Yiren was swallowing the whole head and played around it in her mouth.

Xuefeng put the pillow under her head so it's less straining for her and moved from attacking her bosom to outright strikes into her mouth. He started pushing deeper, asking for more, but she didn't mind and received him with open arms.

Her throat began to warm up as he thrust his long spear straight down. It was covered in Yiren's massage oil which made it slide more smoothly that normally. It was also edible and added a sweet taste making Yiren enjoy it even more.

When Yiren finally felt Xuefeng's staff twitch inside her throat which signified he was almost ready for bursting out his seeds, she suddenly pulled him away, denying him this opportunity.

"Don't come in my mouth... I want it here..." Yiren pushed him to the side onto his back and she climbed on top of his waist calling out seductively. She didn't wait for his agreement and aimed his spear straight into her soaking crevice, lowering her bottom right on top of it.

"Aaah..." Yiren moaned happily feeling a long object enter deep inside of her. She was waiting for a long time and finally wanted to have proper experience with Xuefeng.

Grabbing his hands as support, Yiren started raiding on top of him lifting her butt up right to the tip before slamming back down towards his hips, creating sloppy sounds with each touch of their waists.

Being almost at his limits not long ago, after Yiren switched to a different pair of her lips, it didn't take long for Xuefeng to return to his previous moment. Knowing that it's just an illusionary space where only their minds entered, he didn't object to bursting right inside her. With her tight movements, she wouldn't allow him to escape anyway so he didn't hesitate anymore.

"Ahh..." Without any warnings, he grabbed her bottom and thrust upwards while spurting the whole load. Yiren couldn't help but cry out as she lied on his chest enjoying him gushing out into her womb.

"Aaaaa, I can't listen anymore! So perverted... I'm cutting out the sound as well!" Suddenly they both heard Wisdom Tree yelling causing them to laugh out.

"You know what does it mean?" They lay connected in each other's embrace and Xuefeng asked after confirming that Wisdom Tree was gone.

"What?" Yiren lifted her head and asked, but deep down she knew what he is going to say.

"It's time for the second round! I bought a full package bundle, okay? The service is not finished yet." Xuefeng grinned, flipping Yiren to the side with him and took her layered skirt off thought her legs. Getting on top of her Xuefeng revived the action not fully satisfied yet.

"Haha, I knew you would say that." Yiren laughed and reached towards his neck, pulling his mouth down towards her lips. Even if those weren't their real bodies, she wanted their experiences to be most memorable as possible.


After Wisdom Tree cut off the connection from Xuefeng's and Yiren's exercises, it sent multiple Earth Qi leaves from the crown to the ground and suddenly a teenage woman in an oversized pink hoodie was created from them. Wisdom Tree must have taken a liking to it after seeing it from Xuefeng's memories.

"Idiot... pervert... jerk...Bad Xuefeng..." The lady was cursing under her breath with a high pitched voice as she recalled the scene she witnessed a moment ago.

She threw an Ether Qi leaf into the air and a space portal appeared out of it. After she entered inside it closed right away.

"Is something wrong little Ming?" On the other side of the portal, a handsome middle-aged man was sitting on a stone chair before a board of GO, He asked without looking back from the board, hearing the lady sit down next to him.

Little Ming puffed her cheeks as she pouted and looked to the side not answering. Their surroundings looked like someone cut the mountain in half and placed a Go board with two chairs in the middle. There was nothing else other than that on the flat ground.

"Okay, I'm listening now, don't be mad. Tell me what happened. You would not come here if nothing was bothering you." The handsome man finally looked up from the board and smiled at the girl, apologizing.

"... I met a nice candidate..." Little Ming started as she looked down.

"Oh, isn't that a thing to celebrate then?" The middle-aged man raised his eyebrow and asked curiously.

"No! Cause he is a meanie! He... he is doing perverted stuff with his woman right now..." Little Ming disagreed immediately then blushed as she tried to explain.

"Didn't you dislike it if men are like that? What's the problem then? You can always find someone else." Handsome man smiled as he said.

"...But he is cool if you didn't count that... He also has an interesting past as he isn't from this world." Little Ming sighed.

"Now I'm wondering how does a person that can make our Little Ming give such high praise look like." The handsome man muttered under his breath and waved with his hand, creating an image in the air. It was surprisingly Xuefeng's face.

"Haha, interesting." The handsome man laughed seeing him. He pulled out a book from inside of his robe and started reading from it.

"Why are you reading the Middle Heaven reports book?" Little Ming asked looking at the signs at the cover.

"Well, it just happened that I had some matters to take care of connected to this boy. I guess I have bad news for you. Your candidate love life might be quite complicated in a bit." The man informed her as he grinned, finding the situation too comical.