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 For the next few hours, Xuefeng was training his sword skills with high intensity. He wanted to learn how to dodge, block and attack during different situations and scenarios. After his first few exchanges, he started to be satisfied with his decision as it seemed that Wisdom Tree was much more experienced in sword fighting than what Xuefeng imagined.

Now that he was unafraid of getting hurt, he could basically practise each defence movement or blocks and perfect it until he wouldn't be surprised by it anymore. He was training this muscle memory which would later help him in the real fights.

Even the sword practise with Princess Shan wasn't that effective as she never attacked him with the intent to kill. Here in this simulation training, he didn't need to worry about getting hurt so the opponent could actually be more aggressive.

After 5 hours of intense training, Xuefeng was considering adding another opponent to the mix as he could easily win fighting one on one. When he finally faced an attack from two combined opponents, Xuefeng realised it wouldn't be that easy as he imagined.

Xuefeng was constantly being attacked from two different directions which made him unable to split his attention. This was the moment where Spirit Awareness came in handy. He could use this technique to feel the enemies around him and dodge their strikes before they landed. Xuefeng began to increase his Spirit Awareness proficiency as he slowly started to move from defence into offence.

But, this method had a disadvantage as well. His mind quickly felt tired and he couldn't help but call out for a timeout. His mind needed a break and spending this time with Yiren was the best reward for her. She was waiting and cheering for him from the balcony, not complaining about anything for the whole time of the training.

"You are improving really fast. You looked so cool fighting like that." Yiren threw herself into Xuefeng arms the moment they appeared back in their house.

Xuefeng imagined themselves back in their bedroom and Wisdom Tree moved them both without any complaints. After Xuefeng disagreed with its methods, it was much more agreeable compared to before.

"Thanks. I am sorry you have to wait so much. When I asked Wisdom Tree to prepare training for you too but it didn't want to even talk about it." Xuefeng hugged yiren into his arms and apologised. When he thought about his relationship with Yiren earlier, he realised that he never had a bad time around her.

She was always sweet and caring, giving Xuefeng no reasons not to like her. He gave her a deep kiss as he sat down on the bed with her on his lap. Yiren, of course, didn't reject his advances and followed his lead.

It was at that time when Xuefeng tiredness from his earlier training kicked in and Xuefeng fell onto the bed without strength.

"I'm sorry, I'm just a little tired after the training." Xuefeng rubbed his eyes trying to push away the fatigue.

"It's okay, you should have a proper rest first then. How about I give you a relaxing massage?" Yiren smiled with understanding and proposed as she started pulling Xuefeng shirt upwards.

"Oh, you know how to make massages?" Xuefeng asked surprised as some powers returned into his mind.

"Well, I used to give my mother massages and she praised me a lot. Maybe you will like it too." Yiren admitted as she threw Xuefeng shirt to the side and started taking off his shoes.

"I definitely want to try it. Should I lay on my belly?" Xuefeng asked as he pulled himself further into the bed. He visited a massage salon with his father once and enjoyed it really much so he was quite excited to get one from Yiren.

"Yeah, I can start with the back and we can later move to the front when you regain your strength." Yiren took off her shoes and sat on Xuefeng's legs.

She pulled down his shorts a bit so that the whole back would be exposed and changed her sitting spot to Xuefeng's butt for longer reach. Seeing that her skirt was in a way, Yiren pulled it upwards and took it off through her head.

'We also need some massage oil... Wisdom Tree can you help me this time?' Yiren thought in her mind and asked Wisdom Tree for help. She was surprised that a bottle similar to the oil she was using back in the palace appeared in her hands.

'I will help you only this once. I don't want you to bother Xuefeng.' Wisdom Tree said to her afterwards. These were its first words it spoke towards Yiren which surprised her.

'Thank you.' Yiren responded politely before she looked back Xuefeng back. His muscles were pretty well built even on the back as each particular muscle was greatly outlined.

"Just relax your muscles and let me do the rest," Yiren said as she used some oil onto her hands. It had a sweet aromatic smell which relaxed Xuefeng even further. He closed his eyes and lied his hands alongside his body leaving himself in her hands.

She touched his back and began spreading the oil across his back with broad strokes. The heat generated from each stroke started warming up the oil making the aroma even more pleasing.

Yiren gently glided with her hands over his skin not pushing too hard into the deep tissue trying to help his muscle to relax. Her technique turned out to be pretty helpful as Xuefeng entered into a weird relaxed state, where he could feel each of Yiren's movement and his mental exhaustion was showing signs of disappearing.

Feeling that Xuefeng's muscles started to warm up under her continuous movements, Yiren started to apply pressure to her palm strokes as she moved her hands along the muscles that run alongside Xuefeng's spine. She tried to avoid touching it as to not hurt him.

"Mhmm..." Her moves were slow but precise causing Xuefeng's to moan under his breath as he felt the tense muscles feel more at ease.

Keeping her fingers together she switched by applying pressure with her fingertips as she moved from the lowermost point on his back up to Xuefeng's shoulders. Yiren was moving further with each stroke adding light rocking motion.

As she approached the bottom of the back she spread her palms apart leaving only thumbs and continued upwards rubbing the muscles on the side as well. Xuefeng didn't expect much from her at the start, but after a couple of minutes, his mind was blown away by how professional she was.

Yiren even started using her arm to apply even more pressure, squeezing the last bits of tense energy out of him. She started from the shoulder by placing her forearm on the inner part of his back and while using her body weight, she glided on top on the muscles outside of his spine reaching the lowest part in a fluid motion.

"How are you feeling? Are you enjoying yourself?" Yiren grabbed onto Xuefeng's hands and slid upwards towards his shoulders before going back to his fingers spreading them to the side. She lied on his back and whispered into Xuefeng's ear.

"Mhmm..." Xuefeng gave out an affirmative sound as he nodded lightly. He was too relaxed to answer differently.

"What if I do something like this?" Yiren whispered as she pulled back her hands rubbing the inside of his arm with her thumb and sat back down. She reached towards her chest and took off her sports bra with her T-shirt, letting the girls out of the cage.

Picking up the oil bottle, she spilt some on her chest before leaning down towards Xuefeng back. She repeated the previous stokes of sliding and rubbing alongside his arm so Xuefeng didn't expect the sudden change of sensation on top of his back.

Yiren lay on his back once again but this time she used her ample chest to brush in a circular motion while she also began to rub the inside of his palm. Xuefeng could feel her nipples sliding across his back making him focus only on their movements.

"Want to turn to the front?" Yiren asked after a while whispering while breathing hot air into his ear. He could feel she was starting to get excited as her nipples were already hardened from all of her movements.

Feeling much better now as he rested for a while, Xuefeng turned around when Yiren pulled away from his back and saw her peaks all glossy from the aromatic oil on them which made him want to touch them.

He reached out, grabbing them into his hand as she sat down on his crotch rubbing his staff. Both started teasing the other with round gently rubs. It was at that moment that Xuefeng thought of a great idea.

"Yiren, how about I make a special outfit just for you? I promise you are going to like it." Xuefeng asked as his mouth formed a lewd smile.

"You mean, you are going to like it, right?" Yiren corrected him as she found out about his ploy right away.

Xuefeng smiled only deepened as he didn't deny, which only confirmed her guess.