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 'Couldn't you be a little lighter with your insults? Yiren is still here, listening to them...' Xuefeng asked in his mind as he blamed Wisdom Tree for her brutality.

'Well, life is brutal. Do you think that your opponent will care that your girlfriend is hurt? I'm sorry to crush your dreams but no one cares about your feelings. If they find your weakness they are going to use it against you. Imagine a situation where, during a battle, someone takes your girl hostage. Are you going to surrender and present your head over to them on a golden tray?" Wisdom Tree lashed out at Xuefeng and asked in a disappointed tone.

"I don't know... I didn't think about it..." Xuefeng looked at Yiren's face who was watching from above and muttered under his breath.

"That's the point I'm trying to make. You reincarnated into a Cultivation World but your brain is still thinking as if you were on Earth. You can get yourself killed here on each step you take and you think this is just a walk in the park. You need to finally change your mindset or one day you will not only you hurt yourself but also those you care about." Wisdom Tree advised not caring about Xuefeng's feeling.

"Enough! I understand..." Xuefeng called out annoyed. He thought he was angry at Wisdom Tree but the truth was different. He was more of mad at himself and the fact that what the Wisdom Tree said was true.

Xuefeng asked himself what would he do if he was in such a situation but he couldn't give a definite answer. Would he sacrifice his life for Yiren or the Queen the same way he did for Tianshi? He would be lying if he said yes while being one hundred percent sure.

'If you understand then prove it to me! Kill or get killed. This is the rule of this world!' Wisdom Tree called out and at the same time, a person started to spawn opposite to Xuefeng. It was the same Crown Prince copy he was facing a moment ago and there was a smirk already plastered on his face.

"How were the views from up there when your head flew to the ceiling? You didn't see, but I already played with your girl when you were gone. Uhmm, her breasts were so juicy and soft..." Crown Prince licked his lips as he started his trash talk again, but this time he still couldn't finish his story as Xuefeng attacked.

"Even if I'm calm now, I'm still not going to listen to your bullshit." Xuefeng cried and threw a ball of lightning right under Crown Prince's legs. Before the ball landed he grabbed his Black Flame Slayer with two hands and increased its length to three meters before attacking him.

Crown Prince had a short double-edged axe so it was only good at melee range. Xuefeng planned to take him down making his long sword an advantage for him. This time he was focused as he knew that Crown Prince will start trash talking once again and he wasn't that surprised like last time.

Xuefeng didn't have to worry about spending his Qi in this space so he activated Lightning Qi Boots and his Spirit Qi Movement Art at the same time making his speed skyrocket.

The lighting bomb landed on the ground and instantly detonated itself but it didn't do much damage to the Crown Prince as he jumped backwards dodging it. Xuefeng didn't worry about that as he already expected him to dodge. Wisdom Tree didn't seem to fancy losing.

Xuefeng chased after him, forcing his opponent into a dead end in the form of a wall and threw another Lightning ball forcing Crown Prince to dodge to the side where Xuefeng already prepared an advance flaming sword strike.

"Puff," A white barrier appeared around Crown Prince body blocking the strike, pushing Xuefeng away a few meters and giving Crown Prince a time to escape from the wall.

"Oh, so that's how you want to play?" Xuefeng smirked and thought that if they fight like that then Wisdom Tree can spawn multiple shields each time he strikes. He had to think of the other method.

He couldn't spawn his clones as it would take too much time and he could be attacked midway. Looked recalled all of his abilities and finally found a solution.

'Right, I can fly. I can use it to my advantage and attack him from the sky.' Xuefeng suddenly thought about what he recently learned.

"It took you long enough to figure that out. You need to think of a strategy which can get you an advantage in the fight. Don't try to win your fights by overpowering your enemy. You need to win without wasting precious resources. Use the brain and make it as easy as you can." Crown Prince called out in Wisdom Tree voice as it smiled at Xuefeng.

That speech didn't stop Xuefeng from what he was doing and he rose high up into the air with one swing of his wings. He wanted to vent his earlier anger, so he wouldn't be stopped by her praise.

Xuefeng flew above Crown Prince and started bombarding him with multiple long-range attacks. He had a few to choose from which included Air Bombs, Lightning Strikes and Black Flames. With so many different types of Qi's, using Spirit Artefacts seemed to be boring now.

Crown Prince was pushed back into a corner with each hit before he was blasted by the continuous range of attacks. He felt better after venting his anger by destroying Crown Prince, but thinking about it from another perspective, he didn't think that this way of winning was satisfying.

It might have been easier but he personally thought it was somehow cowardly to just stay in the air and blast the opponent from afar. It wasn't as satisfying as jumping into a battle with multiple opponents and killing everyone with his sword in close combat.

'Good job, you are learning fast. How about we increase the difficult...' 'No. First, let's get something straight. I'm not going to train with you if you insult my friends, family, girlfriend or whatever. I don't like it and I don't care if it's helping me improve. I already had my lesson and its enough for me to remember it. Are we clear?' Wisdom Tree praised Xuefeng for the fight but before it could finish talking about further details of the training, it was stopped by Xuefeng who stated the rules sternly.

'...Okay, no more insults. Anything else?' Wisdom Tree agreed after a short pause.

'Yes, I will be the one to coordinate our training. I want to practise my close combat with a sword instead of finding a way for an easy win. We will start from a single exchange and you will increase the difficulty of the opponent skills. Afterwards, we will talk about changing the number of opponents. Can you do that?' Xuefeng changed the formula of their training and asked.

'Of course, I can. Meh, I could teach you how to win versus everyone easily but you want to do it the hard way.' Wisdom Tree sighed not approving Xuefeng decision but he didn't care and flew towards the balcony Yiren was standing on.

"Are you okay?" Xuefeng asked apologetically. If he shut the Crown Prince earlier then she wouldn't have to listen to those insults.

"Mhmm, I'm alright. He was just trying to provoke you. Don't worry, I'm not that weak to bother with such things. I was more worried when I saw your head fly... I know its fake but try not to die again... I don't want to see you hurt even if it's not real..." Yiren smiled sweetly, showing him that she was alright and requested,

"Okay, I will try my best," Xuefeng promised, feeling even more energetic to show what he got.

"Let's start again, but please don't put that ugly face of that prince as my opponent anymore," Xuefeng said out loud as he flew down from the balcony and absorbed his wings.

Pulling out his Black Flames Slayer he saw that his first enemy already started spawning. It was time for the real training.