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 "What is going on? Did something happen to Wuying?" Tianshi asked as she landed next to her sister seeing from the sky that her father appeared and Wuying was lying on Xiao Wen shoulder.

Today she achieved a breakthrough in her art and wanted to test it out in the air. Tianshi was pushing herself to the limits so she could master the first stage before Xuefeng would come back and her efforts paid off. She could already run in the sky freely and her Air Qi was on quite a decent level.

Xiao Wen told her what news they just received and that they are not going to wait for Xuefeng anymore.

"I'm not going anywhere. I will wait until he comes back." Tianshi said determinately after Xiao Wen finished. She didn't even need to think about it and instantly decided on it. Xuefeng was her only connection to her home and she is not going to leave just as she found traces of him.

"I knew you will say that. Well, you can stay here in the Liu Clan and contact us when Xuefeng comes back. Your mother wanted to meet him and she has been nagging me the whole week." Xiao Feng sighed and agreed to her decision.

"Are you going to take Wuying to take part in the Blood Inheritance Trial? You took that trial and failed, what makes you feel like she can do it?" Tianshi asked Xiao Wen looking at passed out Wuying. During this week, she became quite familiar with Wuying and learned that she cared for Xuefeng a lot.

From what she remembered with old Tianshi memory, The Blood Inheritance Trial was much more dangerous than others and she didn't want anything bad to happen to Wuying. Xiao Wen passed Fire Inheritance Trial, which increased her affinity with Fire and Tianshi's predecessor passed Air Trial which increased her Air affinity, so she knew how hard it was.

"Wuying can already gather Blood Qi so she definitely has a talent for it. Don't worry, I will take care of her safety," Xiao Wen assured.

Liu Xiaobei listened to their conversation and his eyes lit up. He obviously knew about Elemental Qi's and realised that if Wuying could master Blood Qi then it would definitely help to Xuefeng in the future. Now he was even more pleased with such turn of events.

"Okay, I trust you," Tianshi nodded, hearing Xiao Wen promise.


"Oh, you woke up already? You only slept for two hours. Don't you want to sleep some more?" Yiren whispered seeing him move around and open his eyes.

"Yeah, your thighs are so nice and soft. I am starting to like it more and more. I'm already quite refreshed. I don't think I need more sleeping, but I might need something else..." Xuefeng felt the softness of Yiren's legs which he used as a pillow and then attacked her belly with kisses.

"Haha, don't. It tickles me..." Yiren's laughed feeling ticklish from the kisses. Xuefeng suddenly pushed her down on the couch and appeared on top of her.

He looked at her from above and found her extremely cute lying like that in her new outfit. It reminded him of home as finally everything around him was back to where it had been. She bent her knees with her new sexy kneesocks, showing at the same time what was underneath her skirt. Brand-new cheeky style black lace panties were underlining her bottom curves in a sexy manner

'Damn, It was a great idea...' Xuefeng couldn't help but praise himself as he picked Yiren's delicate feet before placing them on his chest and sliding his hands along her legs. Only after seeing and touching them from up close could he confirm that kneesocks were definitely on the top of his list.

"You know... we still didn't finish our first time from before..." Seeing him going down on her legs towards her bottom, she turned her head to the side and proposed shamelessly as her face turned rosy.

"As you wish my lady..." Xuefeng smiled and dived down with Yiren's legs up on his shoulders.

'Are you going to waste your time playing a woman while having such an opportunity of being in my space?' Just as Xuefeng grabbed Yiren's round buttcheeks feeling their softness in his hands and was ready to discover her fruity garden even further, Wisdom Tree suddenly called out to him, making him stop his movements.

'What do you mean?' Xuefeng knew that the tree can actually see them, but he didn't expect it to know what they were exactly doing.

'Well, you are in the space where you can imagine everything and I can make it happen. I can create opponents for you on different levels of difficulty to fight against which will help you gain the precious fighting experience. You only fought against weak elves and they are not that hard to kill. Humans are sneaky and they use many tricks which could get you killed if you are not careful enough. This is your only chance to fight in extreme conditions without risking your life. You can always play with her later. What is your decision?' Wisdom Tree explained as it started tempting Xuefeng.

"Is something wrong?" Yiren asked feeling that Xuefeng stopped his movements.

"Wisdom Tree just told me, it can help me with my training by creating opponents for me. I could fight without risking my life at all..." Xuefeng started explained and even before he finished, Yiren pulled away from him and said smiling, "Let's go then."

"You are not mad?" Xuefeng asked confused.

"Why would I be mad... I'm happy you have a chance to improve. We can always have some fun later, right?" Yiren said as she rubbed Xuefeng chin and smiled sweetly.

"You are great... Let's go then." Xuefeng hugged her and helped her up. If Yiren lived on the earth then she would definitely be a perfect wife for most people.

"How should we do it?" Xuefeng asked out loud after they left the house. He built it quite close to the Wisdom Tree so the moment they left, it appeared in their view. He decided to communicate with the Tree out loud now so Yiren was also listening to what he was saying.

As if an answer to his question, their surroundings changed and they appeared inside a fifty-meter white cube with nothing in the inside aside from a balcony near the ceiling. Yiren disappeared from his side and teleported there so she could see him training. She realised that Wisdom Tree didn't want to waste its time on her, but she didn't mind. For her, Xuefeng's improvement was more important than hers.

'You can spawn any weapon and armour you want while you will have access to the same ammount of Qi you have right now as to not confuse you later when you leave from here. I will leave your regeneration abilites as a passive ability and it will activate each time you are hurt. Also, I will increase the difficulty each time you pass the current one. I will create opponents based on my experience as I couldn't find battle examples I could use from you, so don't expect an easy fight.' Wisdom Tree informed Xuefeng before the training started.

"Okay, I understand." Xuefeng nodded and reached out with his hand and a flaming red sword appeared in his hand. He already planned to use Black Flames slayer earlier as it was his primary weapon. He took off his T-shirt and created an armour Yiren made for him before placing his shirt back on.

Xuefeng will be using this armour even after leaving the Holy Land so it was good to have it on and he also wanted to please Yiren who was watching him from above. He didn't want to lose any fight in front of her so he was actually super motivated to give it his all.

"Okay, I'm ready," Xuefeng called out, after swinging with his sword for a few times. He didn't have Ling help so he will have to depend on himself in this fight.

'Then, let's start with the easiest difficulty. I don't know about the current state of the cultivators in your world, but it should not have changed that much after checking with your memories.' Wisdom Tree said and suddenly something started materializing ten meters in front of him.

"Hehe," His opponent started materializing and even before his whole head appeared, it started to laugh maniacally.

"What the fuck?" Xuefeng looked at the person in front of him and couldn't help but curse in confusion. Right in front of him spawned a freaking Crown Prince, Zhen Ping.

"Do you think you can protect your girls with that lame strength of yours? Don't worry, I will take care of them when I kill you. I will start with that elf lady you play with right now, haha." Crown Prince laughed as he looked at Yiren and licked his lips.

Xuefeng face instantly turned frosty and his eyes sharp. He didn't like that guy earlier so he knew that this was why Wisdom Tree chose him as his opponent.

"What? You mad? Haha, After I take care of your Elf princess, I will switch to that bitch the Queen. How nice it should be to fuck her mouth while she begs for mercy as I whip her ... " Crown Prince couldn't finish his rant as he saw Xuefeng rushing at him with a cold face and a gigantic flame sword, which caused him to smile.

He dodged Xuefeng's slash to the side before throwing a small ball behind him and cut with an axe he spawned into his hand, forcing Xuefeng to retreat. Xuefeng dodged the Axe but the ball suddenly exploded, pushing him forward with a shockwave making him meet the second attack without a way to dodge it.

"Aaah." Xuefeng's head flew into the air as he heard Yiren's cry before he suddenly returned back to the spot he first appeared completely unharmed.

"...What just happened..." Xuefeng touched his neck and asked in disbelieve.

'You let your emotions take control over your thoughts and you died dummy.' Wisdom Tree simple explained.