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 When Xuefeng thought about the idea of building the house, he didn't think it would be hard. While building a house he had to think of many things, else the house will simply fall on their heads like a house of cards.

He had to think which walls should be thicker, which thinner, what materials should he use, the composition of the rooms and the overall design. There were many things he didn't even know he had to take into account which later caused the house to fall apart. He never thought that building a house would be this challenging, so after two failures, he decided to use the home he knew, his family home from back when he lived on earth.

He still chose to change the design of the rooms as there were only the two of them, so he could add some things for better comfort. He created the foundations and placed the house which he called home for almost 16 years on them. Xuefeng had been to furniture store once, so he also switched all the old furniture, to the new ones he could recall.

It was a one-story house with one floor, as he was the only child and they didn't need too many rooms. Xuefeng merged the bathroom with his own room, making the bathroom slightly bigger and he added a modern shower inside with a two-person bathtub on the side.

He wanted to have a nice tub with hydromassage but he didn't know exactly how it looked like on the inside so he decided against it. Opposite the bathroom was his parent's bedroom, which will be Yiren's and his place now. Xuefeng created a king size bed in the middle and garderobe with a huge mirror on the doors. He wanted to later create multiple dresses for Yiren to wear.

Xuefeng didn't bother to change the kitchen as they wouldn't need to eat anyway as only their minds were in this space, so he only focused on the living room. He placed a spacious L-shaped couch in front of a fifty inch TV. There was nothing inside of it as he didn't know how they are made, but Wisdom Tree said it would be able to recreate the movies and series he watched from his memory. Especially that series with dragons and fight for the throne he watched a few times.

Yiren was walking behind Xuefeng as he created wonders with his thoughts, making her shocked by each new thing he made. She sat down on the couch and it was surprisingly soft on touch making her fall deep inside it.

"Uff, I'm so tired." Xuefeng sat down on the couch next to Yiren, as he felt his head hurt. He spent the last six to seven hours, thinking about the structure of the house, room designs, furniture and other details, making his mind mentally exhausted.

"You worked hard. Come, lie down and get some rest." Yiren praised him and pulled him down, placing his head on her lap.

"You are the best..." Xuefeng called out sleepily, as he cuddled into her thighs. Yiren smiled and patted him on the head and gently played with his hair. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep, as he hugged into Yiren's open belly.

After making sure Xuefeng was asleep, she looked around the place and whispered, "Wisdom Tree, if you can hear me, I hope you can let us stay here for a long time... Xuefeng will have to leave me, after we leave from here... I want to spend some more time with him... I hope you can make it happen."

Yiren looked at Xuefeng lovingly as she caressed his cheek softly. She enjoyed watching his sleeping face.

'Heh, silly girl. Do you think I'm doing this for you? It's me who want to meet with him more often...' Wisdom Tree thought, hearing Yiren's request. It didn't care about Yiren one bit. Xuefeng's happiness was all that mattered.


While Xuefeng was resting on top of Yiren's thighs, almost a week already passed in the outside world. Wisdom Tree didn't reveal one information that was quite important for Xuefeng. The time in the Wisdom Tree's space was actually slower than on the outside.

It was more than ten times slower, so Xuefeng thought he was only away for around three days, but it had actually been six days since he was gone and the seventh day already started.

"Sir, we got some bad news..." Xiao Feng was already tired of waiting, so when the seventh day appeared, he sent someone to check if Xuefeng was back or not. He didn't expect that the first sentence when the servant came back would be like that.

"What happened?" Xiao Feng asked confused, as he looked up from the desk. He still had some work to do even though he was staying in Liu Clan for a while.

"The stone doors are gone... We didn't see anyone coming out. They just disappeared and the boy didn't come out." The expert explained as he bowed.

'Weird... It took me six to seven days to leave from that world. I remember that there was strong pressure on my dantian in the last day. It should be time for him to leave. Interesting...' Xiao Feng thought for a moment while he rubbed his chin, he then teleported away without looking at the expert reporting to him.

He didn't know much about that elf world, but he knew some basics. Something must have happened and that didn't work in his favour. Tianshi fancied Xuefeng too much and he didn't want to know what would happen if she learned that he died.

"Is something the matter? Aren't we supposed to see each other later?" Liu Xiaobei looked up at the Xiao Feng and asked. He also side glanced on the various managers of Liu Clan industry. They had a meeting about monthly profits of the clan, but seeing Clan Leader's glance they stood up and left.

"How is Xuefeng? Is he still alive?" Xiao Feng asked with a serious expression.

"I checked this morning and he should be alright. See, there is still no option to use teleportation but the Token is still sending passive signals that he is alright. Uff, you scared me. Did something happen?" Liu Xiaobei's face changed when he heard his friend but he breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled out the Token and saw it was still active.

"Weird, I just got a report that the Stone entrance at the bottom of the pool is gone. I don't exactly know what does it mean." Xiao Feng shared the news.

"It was you who said he should be out in one week. What are we going to do now?" Liu Xiaobei asked with a thrown.

"Well, I think it just automatically closes after some time. If he is alright then he should have found a way to stay in that space for a while longer. Another exit should open when it's time for him to leave." Xiao Feng theorized.

"What are we going to tell the girls?" Liu Xiaobei asked thinking about Wuying who was asking him every day if Xuefeng is alright.

"Well, we should tell them the truth as we can't lie to them anyway. Tianshi won't agree to leave from here and I don't want to force her anymore. If I return to the Central Region, can she stay here? I can't stay here for much longer. I will leave some experts to protect her." Xiao Feng shrugged explaining and requested. He knew Tianshi won't agree to give up waiting.

"I understand, no problem. She can stay as long as she wants. My Liu Clan will take care of her." Liu Xiaobei promised.

"Okay then let's go inform our wives first, they should be chatting in the garden." Xiao Feng suggested.

"Sure." Xuefeng's father nodded and Xiao Feng teleported them both.


"Nice Wuying, you almost got it. Try once again." Xiao Wen smiled as she encouraged Wuying who already could casually form blood into different shapes. This time she wanted to harden the Blood and use it as the sword, but it broke soon after it took shape.

"Uff, it's so hard. I only have this much Blood Qi so it's hard to manipulate blood with it. If I could absorb more of it, It wouldn't be that difficult." Wuying sighed gathering the blood back to the bowl. It has only been a few days and she gathered only a small amount of Blood Qi.

"That's why I wanted you to come with me and visit the Blood Inheritance Altar... It will help you a lot. Do you want to be strong enough so Xuefeng can be proud of you?" Xiao Wen advised as she shook her head. She tried to convince Wuying but she wanted to wait for Xuefeng to come back first.

"Yeah... But shouldn't Xuefeng come back in a moment? It has already been a week." Wuying also sighed. One part of her wanted to go, but the other wanted to see Xuefeng once again.

"You don't need to wait anymore, as we think there will be some time till Xuefeng will leave." Suddenly they heard a sound from behind and saw Xiao Feng and Liu Xiaobei appearing.

"Why?" Wuying asked first.

"Because the stone entrance disappeared. Don't worry he is still alive. Xiao Wen are you coming back with us?" Xiao Feng asked after assuring Wuying.

Xiao Wen didn't say anything and looked at Wuying to let her make a decision.

"I want to wait for..." "Bam." Wuying knew what she meant, but hearing that Xuefeng can't get out, she didn't want to leave. Before she could finish her sentence, Wuying felt a slight pain at the back of her head and passed out. Xiao Wen appeared behind her in a blink of an eye and silenced Wuying, before catching her.

"I will take Wuying with me. She doesn't know what is best for her. If she stays here, she will just worry too much. What do you think?" Xiao Wen said as she picked wuying up and placed her across her shoulder. She looked at Liu Xiaobei and asked.

"Okay." He didn't say much and nodded. He knew that he could trust Xiao Wen while leaving Wuying in her hands.

"Then, its decided." Xiao Feng smiled and said.